Weekly Update 19.10


Eve promised a refund option for everyone not receiving their V until the end of June.

I suppose when it comes to the leftover devices, Eve will just do a micro flash sale to clear them out.

On a side note, should Eve choose this option, I’ll be very envious of the people who will buy one, as essentially they will receive their device within the time span it takes to ship it. (vs some of us waiting 10+ months now)


An investor who has trouble releasing money for over two weeks is not a reliable investor. As someone mentioned earlier in the thread, if even one investor had paid it should be in the hundreds of thousands at least. Shouldn’t this be enough to at least partly ship?


@Konstantinos even after repeated request to your service team with all Video proff of faulty keyboard causing windows to crash frequently, and also being 1st HEB user I am, and to send the faulty keyboard along with sleeve that I paid (2 years back) they are even responding to any emails or correspondence. What the hell is happening with the support, you said all faulty piece not working will have 2 years waraantee and I paid for the same, and not even respecting to reply me back is not acceptable. What’s your action on these people working in support.???


If you have been reading the updates you would know that nothing is moving, because they have no substantial liquidity to execute anything.


If you read the updates you would know that Eve still has to deliver 35% of Vs from the last december flash sale, with the delay being caused by payment processors freezing funds. Now during the last months Eve got themselves an investor and are now waiting on the wire transfer that was supposed to arrive last week. In the meantime they at least got the manufacturer Emdoor to finish production of the Vs. Of course Emdoor won’t release the devices until they see the money.

All in all this has caused a lot of complaints and support tickets, meaning that support appears to have quite a bit of backlog on the support tickets. The common recommendation in this forum is that, should your ticket not be answered within a week or two you should submit another one (and maybe reference the old one too).


You believe that only 35% left?
I think it’s more than that. Honest opinion - around 35% were shipped, not left


…and on top of that no As to the Qs…


Taken from here:


I know. I remember that. But considering all factors together I doubt it’s true.


On a sidenote, where did @Odin_go’s posts in this thread go? I understand flagging a post as spam or similar especially as they were quite toxic but seeing them removed all together is a bit unsettling to me.


You have been given the middle finger by Eve! That is what this means…sorry, but the time to sugarcoat has passed…


Definitely a hard week to wait, as this update is basically nothing…

Maybe Kons just don’t want to let us be worried so he do all the hard work but just say little, but actually this action let more people be frustrated. Imo instead of making untrustworthy estimation, he should put up more solid things - - may be not about investors, just what you did this week is quite OK. There are still lots of things to say besides the company conceal.

This week is about to touch the end of October…


I checked the page three weeks after my last visit. still same as usual.

It would be funny if a device ordered before christmess2017 will arrive before christmess 2018 but I doubt it will happen.


OK, now it’s “next week”, so - as promised - the money will arrive and my V will geht shipped. I’m sooo excitet…



no i don’t think it s a middle finger by EVE, what i am complaining is a simple response for any of my 3 reminder i have sent for the keyboard that if attached is crashing the OS (even after windows rest to clean OS), what i at least expect is an reply (since the main unit is totally useless without the keyboard) to suggest alternative keyboard or supply from existing stock, etc. I hope someone from @Team is decent enough to suggest a work around, and not act like they dont have any thing to reply with. Insn’t?


nobody has to physically show you the middle finger. (In)Actions speak louder than words!


when this subject line message poped up in my inbox, I was assuming that there was a solution to my ordeal from eve or concerned people from this forum, but instead saw again your middle finger PhD. thesis. I am being rude here :slight_smile: to suggest this, “If you don’t have any solution or suggestion, then please refrain from replying things that do not help my issues”. Hope you understand this. I already have EVE 14 members deaf team, i dont want to add another 1 more having an different issue in communication.

@Team are you reading this?


Here is what has probably really happened

There is no investor

Paypal put a 180 day block on releasing funds from Eve’s paypal account.

Eve was waiting for the 180 days block so funds could be released and then for emdoor to get paid.

The investor story is a ruse. However paypal has extended the block based on the number of requests for charge backs coming into them in relation to the Eve paypal account. The increase in charge backs coincided with the the end date for the block so this triggers paypal anti-fraud algorithms.

Net result Eve still has no funds to pay emdoor. The investor story was a delay tactic to try to reach the 180 day mark. Why 180 days, you can’t make a charge back to paypal after 180 days so paypal is no longer liable for any fraud if there was any fraud in the first place, which we all know there was not.

If you want your V and you are waiting for it, start emailing Paypal en-mass asking them to release your money directly to eve. Eve has no power here anymore, only the people who made the payment have the power now.


While I too am developing doubts about the investor after current events I’m not sure how well your theory holds up. After all, 180 days after the flash sale would be the beginning of June this year. This would at least explain why around April Eve said they will have all Vs shipped by the end of June.

Either way with the lack of update so far I’m really starting to develop some doubts about how it will all play out well this week :I


I mean you might not be wrong re the investor but as I said before (well I might have, don’t quote me on it!), we kind of have to hope that the investor is legit and will come through on the payment at some point so we can either get our devices or our refunds depending which option we went for.

Sad thing is we’re nearing the halfway point of the working week and still no sign of funds/movement from said investor :frowning: