Weekly Update 19.10


Well, it looks as if we share the same realm of curiosity.
I must own a V shirt or a V bag if I remember right, it came when the V was delivered. But still no Eve team membership :joy:

Please don’t feel forced in a specific kind of answer, that is not at all the aim of the question. Just state facts. :hugs:


I’ve been at work this evening so I’ve had plenty of time to think over the once again disappointing news from Konstantinos today re the investors actually getting their investment to Eve. After thinking on and off for a few hours (quiet evening tonight!) I’ve decided to put my request for a refund :cry:

I think I included the information needed to get the process going (order number and email address used to purchase the V).

I’ve been on the fence about whether to put in my refund request or not for a while now and today’s news tipped me over the edge I guess. I feel like I’ve tried to stay positive throughout this tough time for us all but even I’ve become a bit fed up with it all.

I’m not saying I won’t ever buy from Eve again in the future as for all their problems that they’ve faced through this process they’ve still made a superb looking device in the Eve V and I believe they have the scope to make other great products in the future. They also seem to be tenacious (not too often I get to use that word!) in achieving their end goal of shipping the V and moving onto the next project. I’ll certainly be checking in every now and then to see what’s up (and obviously to see the latest on the refunds) and if anything can tempt me to spend a bit of money on.

Also I have no hard feelings towards @Konstantinos or any of the Eve Team, while not much seems to have gone their way in recent months hopefully they’ll come out of this better and stronger! :smile:


Yes, facts would have been fine. Welcomed! But this update was a sham! Diversion. :frowning: We are protected by EU laws from this kind of treatment.


You have done the right thing. I just hope we do get our refunds and can move on.


It is just a deflection! Which tell me that things are not good. :frowning: Thank you for the great comment! :slight_smile:


Maybe the right thing but certainly not an easy decision to make.


Unfortunately there will be no refunds unless issued by your payments processor or paypal. There is no capital within Eve-tech to issue funds.


Not currently, but the capital should be there once the investment finally comes through.


The subject was not about the last update, but about the conclusion quoted above.
But it is totally understandable that the last update (another extension) is hard to bear.


I really understand your feeling, also lots of others understand that too.

Hope you can get your refunds as soon as possible, and beyond V there are much choices now.

For me I will still wait it, maybe wait until it gets it anniversary…


Thanks, I imagine like myself a lot of other people have been on the edge between waiting for their V and going for the refund since the update gave the option back at the end of June.

I’m not expecting my refund anytime soon (relativly of course), certainly not before any of the folk who are waiting for their new V or a replacement V for their broken devices.

Meanwhile I now find myself in a bit of limbo, plenty of options out there to choose from (and there’s the event Apple are hosting at the end of month which I will be keeping an eye on, as I always do with Apple events), just deciding which to go for. I’d say currently the HP Spectre Folio is sitting pretty highly :smile:


I’m not surprise why I’m so calm about the delay. I just know that I wait one thing longer than the V, FFVII remake. (Gaming guys will know what I’m talking about.) :joy:


The smartest thing I ever did was to get out of Eve in 2016. Periodically I receive an update reminding me what a nightmare eve is. In the meantime I bought a Lenovo X1 tablet 3rd gen. 8th gen i7 core, 16 g ram, 1 ter SSD, 3x USB-C, shipped within a week. Yeah a couple hundred more than Eve but also a couple less than a Surface. Flawless performance. Decent support. Don’t be chumps.


Oh thats really dissapointing. My personal deadline for this project was already 3-4 weeks ago and i set it to yesterday in the hope they will get everything fixed. But now i want to refund it altough i still belive in this project and wish the guys all the best.
Does anyone know where i can get to the refund? Is it on the Eve website under the Contact Support topic? And there on the Button Select Topic just need to select others or how does it work?

Wish u all the best!!


What I did (which I believe is what they need to get started) is drop them a message via the contact support tab on their support page. I put the topic as ‘other’, the subject as ‘refund request’. I then put in the bottom box my order number and the email address used to purchase the V.

As far as I’m aware the information they asked for when the survey was opened for refunds back in the end of June/early July was the order number and email used, hence why I included both pieces of information. I got an automated response saying my request had been received and they’d be looking into as soon as possible but that it usually takes up to 5 days. Hopefully I’ll get some sort of correspondence from them over the next few days to say that I’ve been put in the queue for a refund although I have no idea if anyone works weekends so I doubt it’ll get seen till Monday at the earliest.

Hope this helps.


I’m pretty sure someone brought it up before, but is it not concerning to anyone else the these so called “angel” investors that were supposedly gonna change everything are now having the same issues as Eve? Suspicious much? Does Eve have a contagious “steal yo money” virus that is spreading to the investors? This is beyond unacceptable as a business, start up or otherwise. My sympathy goes out to all those waiting or hoping to get a refund.


One of the Investors has this issue.
There could be a multitude of reasons as to why it’s not working out.
Probably the money comes from some tax heaven and is going through a few other accounts first before hitting the right account.


Well that’s my request fully submitted, Eve have been in touch already (I wasn’t actually expecting anything from them till Monday at the earliest!) with the survey giving me which refund option I’d like to opt for (I chose the full refund rather than store credit).

Thanks for the speedy work on this front, should I expect an update on my order page saying I’ve opted for the refund or not? It also seems to imply I should have it by the end of October, if that’s the case then great, if not then I’ll have to wait a little longer :slight_smile:


I’m wondering that there is the possibility for refund still available… the V’s should be already assembled…


I think the devices are fully assembled reading the update but at the end of the day they’ve not been dispatched yet so I presume that’s why the refund is still an option.