Weekly update 16.11


Working fine so far … no complaints except for the “ghost touch” issue and never expected the speakers to output fine music either. Love the fan less aspect and the total silence of the laptop. :slight_smile:

But the waiting period is a killer :frowning: … I was actually thinking about buying another one for my wife … but can’t justify splurging when I pay now and maybe receive in 12 months.

Also … if I were to buy now then I’d expect to get a 4 core 8 series chip as opposed to a 2 core 7 series chip.


when did you order your V? My status is the same as “unfulfilled”.


Mates! Be realistic! If no message has appeared so far (during the week) it means that Konsta has nothing to give us today. I think if he had, he would write in a week instead of waiting until today. We will get a message according to what Rzabadabadoo wrote.


We still deserve an update, even if the update is “nothing new”. Why don’t people get that?! @Konstantinos needs to stand up and do a Q&A with the community but he doesn’t have the guts. He is just a kid and acting like one. I don’t trust him.


I hope your right! :slight_smile:



I don’t think that the Order Date had any thing to do with shipping order. Some of the Units reported shipped by the users were ordered at latter flash sales.
EVE’s shipping order never made any sense and when asked by the community EVE never bothered giving an answer or explanation.


Thanks for the info and glad you got your money back.


Get the feeling we won’t even be getting our usual Friday update at this point.


New update topic here.