Weekly update 16.11


I hope you be looking for funding for the next generation of V with i9 processors. Gen 9 Intel processors are the the only family that are Spectre and Meltdown proof. Picking gen 9 generation will be a good business decision.


Glad to hear.
I’ve been sort of disconnected form the comunity as of late but is reasuring to know is not going away any time soon.
Fingers crossed, lets hope the whole ordeal with the investors finally ends.


@jttc the 9th génération are not spectre nor meltdown proof.

@Neti you certainly didn’t read a lot then and you are a walking dreamer.

Gosh, sometimes it’s like to be among teenagers taliking rubbish and things they don’t know about, on this forum


I don’t think gen 9 is spectre proof.
Also i9 CPUs have 6 cores wich rly are impossible to passively cool in this size factor.


“Oh look mommy there is the word hardware next to protection, this means we are covered right?”
“My beautiful boy, I think you have still some progress to do in English”

If anyone can make me a beautiful graphical meme about that, I won’t say a single bad things about eve-tech for at least a month.

Stop spreading your ignorance around the world please @jttc


Well, 3/5 of the way through the week, not expecting anything till Friday now :frowning:

It’s getting to the point where I’m finding it harder and harder to actually stay positive about all of this. Surely I’m not the only one who presumed a meeting of such importance would be pencilled in ASAP rather than letting probably another week go by with nothing but silence until (what feels like) the inevitable Friday update saying not much has changed. On the meeting front shouldn’t there have been a concrete date for it anyway? Not just “meeting next week”? Just seems slightly odd.

I sincerely hope I’m completely wrong on this front.


Ha this is still a thing…?!:rofl:

Only been a year of saying the same thing over and over…keep up the not so good work :rofl: @Konstantinos


My take on this is that @Konstantinos will keep posting breadcrumbs for the community to stay just barely hopeful until the 1-year mark. Maybe they have a loophole claiming that afterwards, it’s safe for them to file for bankruptcy or some other mambo-jumbo saying that under this and that law they are legally pardoned from having to return funds.

I don’t know what their endgame is, but I don’t believe it’s the original one that we all presumed at first.

No updates, no answers, no concrete info or even hints. At this point, we know more about the Avengers 4 movie than about this endeavour.

Friday update: Hey guys, the investor had his calendar full this week, we are staying in [PLACE] for the next week to have a meeting (read: spend the leftover money on gambling and hookers, EVE is dead).

Or: Hey guys, we had a meeting with the investor. They don’t know what’s the hold-up with the transfer. They will check with accounting next week. More info then.

next week–> Hey guys, the investor found out what was the problem. They will resend the money next week. It will reach us in two weeks. More info in three weeks.

3 weeks later --> Hey guys, there’s a holiday season hold-up. Santa closed all trade and money wiring. Go spend time with your families. Your loving hearts will thaw Santas anti-capitalist heart and maybe then the funds will reach us.

Then we have New Years. If it’s not the 1 year mark or New Years that they are waiting for to disappear with our money, they have CNY to play with. Maybe they want the community to die down organically. More and more people impatient, less and less bothering to write here. Maybe one day they will have ghosted us succesfully and will wake up on the beach without having to issue a smokescreen statement about their efforts to make EVE ship again.


This gave me a good laugh :joy:


I’m waiting on the same warranty replacement… although my eve is still struggling along ish


Just realized that today is my anniversary of my first post for this forum.

Yay! Time really flies!:upside_down_face:


Hey for all the guys still hanging in there maybe a bit of news. EVE-Tech may be finally doing something. I had contacted my CC back at the beginning of June for help on a refund of my money. After I explained what was going on they said they would ask EVE-Tech for their side of the story. My CC informed me that EVE-Tech never answered their inquiry or disputed a charge back so they gave me a temporary refund and said it would be permanent after 3 billing cycles so EVE-Tech could have a fair opportunity to dispute the charge back. After the time elapsed the CC made my refund permanent since EVE-Tech never disputed the charge back.

During all this time my order status remained unfulfilled and with a promised future delivery date.

This made me think that nobody at EVE-Tech checked their bank accounts or order status. After all this time today (22/11/2018) my order status finally changed to “Cancelled by Customer Action”.
So for the members still hanging in there it looks like finally EVE-Tech is looking at their pending Orders.
Good Luck to All and a nice Thanksgiving to all U.S. members


Despite opting for the refund back in mid October my order still says “paid, unfulfilled”, I was presuming it’d change slightly to reflect the fact I’ve opted for the refund.


I got a signature mail for Dr. Weekly. K Update.
Pls let him know ASAP


Well, I just got off the phone with my bank, they said they’ll get in contact with the company and that they’ll have 45 days to responded but gave me my money back already … I can’t lie I’m really hurt that I couldn’t have an eve and, to be honest even if they work out the kinks and get everything going full speed I would never try and purchase from this company again. The constant uncertainty that @Konstantinos and his team gave me was so unprofessional that I don’t even want to try. Even if they were to ship next week I would still want a full refund.


I’m feeling very similar now after hanging in there for almost a year. Have you made your mind up what you’re going to get instead?

Having already bought a monitor with a built-in USB C hub (and a skin and a screen cover for the V that may be wasted!) the Microsoft surface pro six is not an option for me (even though it would otherwise have been my first choice despite the cost, what were they thinking on the ports!). The Lenovo X1 tablet looks good but I would end up with an i5 instead of an i7 for the same money and even that may not be fanless :frowning:

Nothing yet ticks all the tech boxes but Eve are not ticking at least three big boxes either: reliability, support, and bl**dy DELIVERY!!!

[end of therapy session]


I’m actually writing a reply to your message on my top-of-the-range V. :slight_smile:

Mind you … I nearly had to wait one year to actually get it after paying :frowning:


And is it all working OK? Was it worth the wait?


i’m trying to guess what this week’s report is gonna be…love guessing games!


Konsta’s profile shows his last post as 3 hours old so I’m expecting an update soon(ish).