Weekly update 16.11


The real question, will you all hold out over black Friday deals?


This is a very good question to ponder for those in countries that have “Black Friday” deals to take advantage of.

Hindsight being 20/20, I was one who passed on a really good deal on a competitor solution in hopes of taking advantage of the December flash deal last year. I was eventually forced to seek a refund 6 months later to meet personal/family/school computing commitments.

People will seriously need to put this into consideration as they look at what next steps to take (if they have similar options later this week).


Ohh… I could see Black Friday, Cybermonday as some sort of coup de grâce for eve.

I haven’t found a product yet, that ticks all the right boxes, as eve does… but yeah… eve V does not tick any boxes as long as I don’t have it. Oh oh… I am getting weaker. I don’t wanna falter and buy some other random product :roll_eyes:


Luckily, it is monday allrdy, but weekly “update” seems like beeing without any real information so far.
Atleast there is no more timeline now, so nothing to guess wrong, or nothing to take back for eve… sadly


Chinese New year not too far off now. An old excuse that may well be taken out of the excuse box and reused.

Why not, it’s better than most of the other explanations.

Maybe Konstantinos can raise the money through sales of a new book

“Bull-shit-isms that every CEO should know”
“How to tell your customers to go to hell while making them look forward to the journey”

How could mere mortals such as us understand the intergalactic nature of transferring money from the outer nebulae of Europe to the inner gas giants of China? Maybe the Russians stole it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. It confirms this process is out of control. And as others have said what assurances do any of us have that anything forthcoming will be concrete? Why not just refund us all our money you have had for 11 or 12 months! That would be the correct, ethical, and reasonable action to take.


Hopefully the meeting with the investors and manufacturers will be taking place ASAP, hopefully this will finally yield a positive update that we are all reasonably happy with.


I will not be suprised if next week the news is, it seem our investor has trouble meeting up etc…

I mean this delay doesn’t make sense… what’s the point in meeting where we can teleconference in this day and age. There’s a heavy intention on “SHOULD” on the update.


Maybe they are transferring the money in raw goods :wink:


Oh, great, when are things going to move again? I just want a replacement for my broken keyboard. If anyone has a spare US keyboard, functioning, I would purchase it.


I received an e-mail from support, it has been 11 days since I asked a question.
The content is fixed phrase.
I wonder if it will correspond to individuals properly.
EVE team do not answer a any question.

EVE team fund shortage was due to delayed development.
The too sweetness of the estimate of the development period.
Our funds became the pay of the EVE team while the development period was delayed.
The only thing left in my hand is frustrated feelings. . .Not PC.


I held out over black Friday for the dec 4th sale last year…I will not be waiting on shit this year.


No concrete update @Konstantinos? Golly, I’m taken aback. Didn’t see that coming…


OK guys, I, for one, am done. Once I have a tracking number I’ll consider withdrawing my police report.


Yep, nearly half way through yet another week and still nothing, not even a “I’m meeting with the investors, manufacturers etc today” kind of post.


Wow! So glad I have my V since January. I was sure then that by now EVE would be a fully funded company, operating & growing. And it seems the situation is even more uncertain now than when I was waiting for my V for almost a year - but at least I bought it through Kickstarter and hence was kind of aware of what I was getting into.


Try waiting the delays of the crowdfunding phase and then use V for a few months before it bricks on you and you enter the 2nd phase of Eve delay/communication/etc frustration… Still waiting on a warrenty replacement, seems like I get to enjoy 3 Christmas’es with the EveV expectation fever…


I still remember 2017 and waiting for updates only to be disappointed over and over again - and then the huge relief when I finally did get it. And overall I have to say that while it is a fine device (and I love the display & many ports) I think next time I will buy from a more established supplier. I seriously hoped EVE would be such by now, it is really sad they are not.


I also got an email from the “support Team” and it said “we’ll let you know when your replacement is ready to ship”

That’s what they said in June 2018.

Nothing of real substance.


Still got no eve :frowning: sad


I can predict the next update would be in the ballpark of "we are trying our best, investor is positive (or not). More update coming soon as soon as investor does abc "