Weekly update 16.11


Hi community,

I’ll be meeting in person with all investors and the manufacturer next week, and it looks like things should start moving again soon. Once we have more specific information and can plan ahead concretely, we will update you guys. Until then rest assured that the team is still hard at work to make sure all customers get what they’re waiting for.

Some people are worried that the community is being shut down. The community is a core part of Eve, and we are not doing away with it. There will be changes before the next project goes live, but for now our focus is on shipping Vs.


the whole situation is very prolonged. Can you give us more details? bluntly saying: evidence?


What exactly do you mean by ‘things should be moving by next week’? Are these the funds from the investor, or are V’s meant to be shipping? Why do you feel you need to meet with them rather than getting things done over a conference call?
Peoples faith and trust are slowly getting stretched here and this nothing update that doesn’t even answer the basic question about why the funds haven’t reached the accounts that would unlock any barriers to releasing V’s or refunds doesn’t settle any of our nerves moving forward. And probably this will be the same result when next weeks update is posted.


Ok…then the investors (again, we are the original investors) start their transfer the next week, and it takes a full two weeks for that to “arrive.” Then some kind of processing delay in HK. So, another four weeks before shipping even begins?

Keep in mind, this is the accelerated timeline with no other unforeseen tomfoolery.

But yes, as Artur mentioned, some kind of evidence would be nice. i.e. A screenshot with sensitive information covered.


I’d be amazed if they could show any evidence, not because they can’t but purely because it’s sensitive information, unless you blur everything out. We just have to take their word on it, does this mean the money has come through or are we waiting further still?

Best case scenario is V’s start shipping in the next couple of weeks. Will it happen? Not a clue :stuck_out_tongue:


Not telling why the European investor finally didn’t send the money is a big red flag here.


Well, it’s back.


I cannot believe the things you are saying.
I’m tired of waiting.
I will fix PC by myself.
Please sell LCD module to me.Right now!!
There is no reply from support.what is going on


Next week = next week2 = next week3 = next month.

Idk, what gives man…


As someone who very nearly bought a top-end model when the campaign was live, I’m really glad I didn’t.


Why are you still here then?
curiosity & popcorn ?


Basically, yes.

I’m curious how this whole mess sorts itself out, and I’d be interested in any other products they’re developing, but I don’t think I’d be ordering them, based on past experience.

It’s a pity, because I really did like the direction the V took.


No worries, buy with a CC and you’re fine. Just remember to back out asap if they can’t deliver again.


I have been waiting since December 2017 for my computer so I am charging Eve for the use of my money on a daily basis at a rate of 5% above base rate.


What is the base rate ?
Actually at this point I’m happy if I get my money back.


Yeah, I asked about cracked screen repair since I’ve witnessed that the screen is clearly not gorilla glass. My support request fell into their hole and I asked a few months later and they sent a canned response. Good luck getting a better reply from support.

I just wish they’d release more information about the digitizer and the corning gorilla glass as well as the housing of the unit’s body so that the possibility of ordering a replacement digitizer and doing self repair would be easier.


EVE’s LCD is exactly the same as using DELL Latitude 7285.EVE V uses LQ123Z1JX31. maybe

Touch panel. . . .
It is a special item. . . .

I can paste together if there are parts. . .


Does this mean we can use touchscreen complaints fixes (running mouse cursor and so on) from the Dell Latitude 7285 to cure same V complaints?


The touch panels of two PCs are completely different.
Latitude 7285 is wacom’s AES. maybe
EVE V is MPP (N-trig).
So EVE V can not use dell’s fix.

It might be possible to use the surface’s fix.
I could not apply because I do not have any knowhow of software. . .

I think it’s correct,but Tell me if I’m wrong.


I understood you were indicating the screen panel :roll_eyes: