Weekly Update 15.02


Hey Guys!

A lot of you have received tracking information this week and some have already received the devices! Can’t wait to hear your feedback about your Vs!

We are very very very sorry for those of you who do not yet have their Vs in their hands. We do not want to keep you waiting for your V. We do want you to receive it and enjoy it as soon as possible!

These are the facts we can confirm:

  1. All of the IndieGoGo Vs were produced. (This includes HEB (1st batch), LB (2nd batch), 1TB upgrades, backer swaps, etc.)
  2. All of the IndieGoGo Vs were handed over to our shipping company and they are doing their best to get them delivered as soon as possible.
  3. The first Vs from these shipments are already in the hands of backers!
  4. We have uploaded more tracking numbers yesterday. As of today 90% of all the remaining IndieGoGo customers have a tracking number.
  5. Talking to pretty much everyone at 4px (from CEO to warehouse managers) we have learned that the remaining 10% of tracking numbers will come second half of the next week. The reason these units are taking longer is that some devices headed to Europe got forwarded for special customs audit. This is normal and happens from time to time (it’s a random check essentially). Those Vs will arrive at the local warehouse on Monday the 19th and will then be quickly processed. People from outside Europe who don’t have the tracking info yet will receive it next week as well! This is caused by the big volume of shipments leaving at once and not all of them got tracking processed at courier company.
  6. Those of you that have tracking info but are not seeing any update in status, that’s normal it does not mean that the parcel is not moving. DHL takes couple of days to update tracking info when a lot of orders are dropped off. Most of the Vs with tracking info should arrive next week. Vs that don’t have tracking info yet should arrive end of next week or week after that!
  7. We are doing everything possible to make sure you receive your V as soon as possible. We have no interest of making you wait any longer. Our goal is to be a company that creates great products with community and provides great user experience. We are not there yet but we will reach that goal!

Thank you all for your awesome support and wish you magnificent weekend!
We are excited for upcoming QnA session with you! We will be happy to share our plans and any other information there!

LB Shipping Corner
LB Shipping Corner
Weekly Update 23.02

Ahhh, waiting for the first guys to scream at you that you should have foreseen special customs check and speeded it up.


Thank you for the update, but it does not cover my case unfortunately. I’m in southeast asia (Thailand); still I have not heard any news about my tracking number, while some others from the same country already got theirs. Do they perform random checking here as well, or is it just my speculation that they do?


So I’ll prepare myself for waiting another two weeks… like I did since December…


i am in china. i haven’t received any tracking for my LEB.

Sorry, skipped over the outside europe bit


Good question. We did not send devices out regionally this time. So it is normal that some
other people in your region got tracking already. You will get yours shortly too. Only units in Europe went for special audit the rest of the units are waiting for update from Courier/Shipping company.


Uh, wouldn’t Thailand fall in the ‘outside Europe’ category, as mentioned in 5.?


I bolder this now! Thanks for pointing out!


Ah, I didn’t notice that section! Apologies! Have a good day Konsta :smile:


@Konstantinos I hope this time you packed the V with bulletproof box :stuck_out_tongue:


AAARRGGGHHH!!! I don’t blame Eve for the random customs checks (I’m in the UK) but this is SO frustrating. I’m an HEB, having ordered within the first hour of the Indiegogo campaign going live - will I get the record for the longest wait I wonder??


Don’t worry, HK buyers will beat you :rofl:


Thank you for emphasizing.


I must have missed it, thank you for pointing out.


Special customs audit… And I’m in these random 10%. Of course I am! Unlucky as I usually am, I should have guessed that by myself. Sigh…


@Konstantinos I could suggest the next time, eve should overestimate the delivery date so as to give oneself some leeway and time in case things don’t proceed as planned.
Like let’s say all delivery to be completed before CNY, just add a few more weeks; maybe on the 1st week of March. Clients will be even more pleased that things managed to deliver before the set deadline. Just like that it will make me feel pretty good without the weekly bummers of under-promises.
Just getting it off my chest since I feel pretty bummed out now that I’m the 10%. But thanks for the update anyways :frowning:


true… this is so extremely frustrating! :unamused:

from the 24th of February I’m off skiing until the 9th of March, probably my V will be sent back to Hongkong.
the only hope I have, that Switzerland is outside of Europe, as we are not in the EU?


I think, like many of you, we have been hoping and anticipating the elusive email from Backerkit telling us that our eVe is on the way. It has all the thrill of a child waiting for santa to come, which is a good thing because it teaches us patience and resolve.

I have had the experience of that dreaded email telling me that my investment has come to naught and the idea I backed will never come to fruition; this is so much different, and has been from day one; because of the community aspect of the venture.

I know my eVe exists.

I know my eVe is on the way and I am happy to wait particularly because it’s delivery is not in the control of the company.


Does every country in Europe (I’m from Norway) get their V shipped from England? Because according to 4px tracking site my V is in Hong Kong, and DHL says it’s pending.

Used this tracking site from 4px: http://track.4px.com/query/“tracking_number”?trackNums=“tracking_number”

And used this from DHL: https://track.aftership.com/dhl/“tracking_number”

For people clicking these links I have remove the tracking number. Just replace “tracking_number” with your tracking number


No not every country. In your case your V is shipped direct from HK. To be honest logistics process is not that straightforward and it is very hard for us to make generalizations as they create a lot of confusion in community!