Weekly update 14.12


Your shipment is for acessories, warranty replacement or a V from a flash sale?


Oh, I hope so! Thank you for the update.

The one year anniversary of my order got me thinking more about the V than usual, and how much I still want to own one. Money is a lot tighter this year so there’s no chance of buying another computer. Please come through guys. I know it’s too late for Christmas, but it would be just as great to receive the V as an amazing present in January.


Flash sale V plus extra accessories I order look like extra charging cables and int’l electric outlet adapters.


I’ve lost the number of email I’ve sent since June !!! There is no support, there is no company and there is no customer care at all. Hope you just don’t have a 1500$ brick like I have at home… A faulty HD not recognized on BIOS and I simply cannot do anything with this device


Little update here: I’ve got a package from Eve V in transit and in coming to me in Canada, with FedEx.
I suppose things are really moving :thinking::smiley:

Edit: I’v got my V already, it’s probably the replacement keyboard and kickstand I was waiting for.


good for you mate. We need a lot more of information like yours!


This “No money = no send= no service and so on” has to change in “Not anymore”
Hoping more of the kind of messages you received will show up soon !!!
Even “why not” :thinking:



Just say like it really works and say true words!
Here is an example:

Dear Consumers
You might get your Eve while 2019 but prepare yourself to get it in 2020.

If you would say that, you finally would give the first correct information this Year!


To be fair, the last time Konsta “disappeared” it was due to talks with the investor and shortly after he “came back” we got the good news, that Eve had found their investor. So it could be both a good and a bad sign. My suspicion is that he is just taking a break from posting updates due to (understandable) negative backlash from the community.


On the other side, money still didn’t come.
I am pretty sure that most of flash sale customers waiting their device, including myself.
All HEB etc received theirs.
And Eve already said that new project needs to come by investor request. So seems like even investor doesn’t care that much …


To take that one step farther, Eve has overcome every problem they’ve faced so far. This one is taking a lot longer to sort out but that doesn’t mean it won’t get fixed. That also doesn’t mean things don’t suck right now but I’m confident that they aren’t giving up.


Every problem? What about unusable (lose) upper USB-C port?


I think it’s very obvious I was referring to every problem they’ve faced as a company. And honestly man…you’re still going on about that? I’m sorry, I know it’s not ideal but that is such a minor thing with readily available solutions. Shave a little plastic off of your cable end or buy a cable that others have said works perfectly. IDK, maybe your case is different than mine but from my experience it is entirely unfair and simply untrue to call the port unusable. I use mine all the time. Charging, port expander, etc.


Shaving some plastic from USB-C dongle is not an option and this dongle doesn’t like docks - so not many options here.

My is totally unusable - even slight movement/touch unplugs it.


Fair enough. It’s definitely a valid issue that needs to be addressed in future production but it’s not relevant to the current situation or conversation. It’s off-topic and we should discuss it in a different thread or at a time when it can be a constructive part of the conversation.


Right. So it is a problem. All of which eve have fixed. but although it’s a problem, and the conversation is about problem’s Eve have overcome, this is not relevant to the current conversation. Got it


I replied to your statement (untrue) that EVE fixed every problem …


Hey Goes that’s awesome news, just so we can get an idea. When did you get that notification and when is the estimated shopping time?

Just trying to figure out of they’re using sea, air, fed ex express, etc etc etc.


Seriously wtf are you talking about. I’ve been waiting a year without device nor refund. That’s quite a fundamental “problem” that continues indefinitely.

Additionally you give heaps of praise to the company that never delivers while constantly belittling customers who have problems.

Time to lay-off the koolaid.


About 3 weeks ago I received automatic emails with free invoices for my broken parts (kickstand and keyboard).
I received an Eve email about 2 weeks ago to confirm my actual address on the store website.
And about a week ago a FedEx email for a delivery from China. It’s definitely air as the ETA was about a week or so.

But relax guys, I have little doubt that they are sending what they got back from the 4pixel stock that was held. So accessories and stuff.
But it means they are still trying to do things. They didn’t left for the Bahamas obviously.