Weekly update 14.12


Hi community,

The case of the missing accessories, continued

People will start receiving tracking numbers for their missing accessories next week. We are doing all we can to make sure everyone waiting for a missing accessory or warranty replacement is taken care of as soon as possible.

Other accessory news

Also by next week, accessory sales will start through the web store for the items we have in stock. This is also good news for the people who have been waiting to use their discount codes.

And for those waiting for their V…

Next week we’ll start sending out requests to confirm shipping information for Vs, just like we did for accessories last week. We should be shipping Vs again soon after.

An update of few words

It’s a short update this week, but things are moving in the right direction. I’m sure there will be those chomping at the bit to reply to this topic and point out how everything’s taking too long, and how we’ve failed repeatedly to deliver. We know. We agree. And though we cannot change the past, we are doing everything we can to make good on our commitments and to do better in the future.

More news, of course, will follow. Until then, have a great weekend!

Weekly update 07.12

There were plenty of questions in the earlier thread. If you don’t have updates, maybe you have time to answer those questions. People even used the Q: format.


So warrenty replacement customers expect what?


@Helios I would like to hear what projects the investors want to see start taking place at this point. As one who wishes he could get a screen replacement, even I am tired of hearing about people complaining of delivery and junk. Tell us something new, and tell the investors to stop being shady stupid and take some pride in helping/backing your start-up so we can know who they are. I think the V was a great product for the time that I’ve used it even with a broken screen. Give us a taste of what the next project will be, other than the usual update about slowness of shipping or financial transfer issues.


Well, just be careful with choosing the word “next week”, “we should”. I’m sorry but per week the message sounds more and more like Konsta’s (lies).

I guess people who want accessories are happy, but for people with Eve V and refund in mind, this update is just AMBIGUOUS. What does it mean for: request to confirm shipping information, that it would be shipped soon after.

Does that mean that the “investor” settlement has been done… or something changed?

@jollygrin Based on previous threads, they seem to not reply to anything relevant, a one way street I suppose.

Next week is practically Christmas Eve, would be some kind of miracle that any product could ship within that very busy time of the year.


:thinking: Well I am still waiting for my missing accessories since last February (so $300 paid almost 2 years ago) and nothing so far… I mean no email to confirm my postal address either


Weren’t they confirming shipping information in like, October? I remember adjusting shipping info after they said something. Immediately regretted it, because it might throw off their scent and confuse EVE, but now, I’m afraid to change it back. Not to unbalance the delicate ecosystem of the company.


lets face facts
I love eve the company, my eve v is great.
the customer service I have received from them is the best from any company ever. Sadly for those still waiting for their eve, though, I recognise that my experience is the minority.
so how are you ever going to sell v2 with all these unhappy people around? When you’re doing marketing etc, they’re going to be commenting everywhere. Complaining and it has to be said, justifiably - about their v1 experience.
I wish everyone a peaceful christmas and hope for reasons for positivity in 2019


Hey @bleach

I’m with you on my V, it’s an awesome device, and my experience with the company was really good as well.

Though I’m also quite certain we’re not a minority at all.
Most if not the vast majority of happy customers have moved on and don’t visit here very often.

I’m still hopeful that the sad and angry minority here will get taken care of eventually.

Have a great Christmas one and all.


Wow, next week!
I wasn’t really expecting it. What about refunds? Next month?

Eve V, the revolutionary tablet that comes out next *.

  • week (every week), month (every month), weekend (every weekend), Friday (every Friday)


Are you serious? Next week? Finally I’ll get my replacements! Finally my V will be in a working conditions. I’ll by a spare kb for the next time.


I’m sure they must be a great company.

I have narrated to them the loss of my career as I lost the computer I was waiting to replace the Eve with and am now working at a liquor store to pay the bills.

They have sent me no V dispite my immense and dire need and have only sent me automated responses and censored me on this board.

I feel laughed at and tortured by this company.

Like, they’ve ripped off and abused their only supporters, what’s to love here?


I just got an email last night asking me to check my address on the website which I did and replied that it was correct this morning when I read it. They said they were issuing a tracking number after the 18th and would forward it to me. They stated my shipment is estimated to go out next week and that the tracking number would allow me to follow the shipment.
Sounds like maybe light at the end of the tunnel which I certainly hope so, it’s a drag with only an older tablet and my android phone to use. I hope others begin to get these emails as well.



Lmao they are still a royal screw up.


As I mentioned in the thread specific to this video, it is a feel-good thing at best. It will have little-to-no impact on Eve cause humans have very short memories. If Eve can fix its money and communications problems along with a great 2nd gen product, it will be a good company and after a short while, no one will remember the problems at start-up.


Keep the Faith! Shipping adress confirmed, now waiting for my tracking code…
Never had any fears… oke, small ones only


I ordered my V and paid for it and accessories in full 12/4/17 … so far all I ever see when I check the status is a new delivery date posted. Status updates are waste of pixels at this point. I cannot believe how inept this company seems to be.

But I blame the computer review mags and online folks - it seems they were just as buffaloed. Kos must be one snake oil salesman. But it seems he got a very nice honey moon out of this deal!!!


That may be true, but right now its fresh and on an influential channel no less. It will have its effect no matter how fleeting you think it’ll be. All it takes is a constant reminder. I saw that linustechtips added no longer available to their Eve V video titles. What’s stopping new consumers from doing research since the V has been out for a while? What’s stopping them from finding Unbox therapy’s video and deciding that those in their ivory towers know better?

I’ve heard this song for a year with every update, there’s no faith in it for me personally, and if I were still waiting, I most likely would have gone mad.


Am I the only one who concerned that Konsta doesn’t even post anything anymore?

Honestly, I can’t believe he is so busy with investors and it’s 24/7 hard working so that he doesn’t have 30 min in a week to put an update.

Just imagine, couple more “checking emails and promises”, and even Helios will dissapear…:man_shrugging:t2:
And we will be lost here, on this forum, which is not even on the official website…forever…