Weekly Update 14.09


Seemingly, bank transfer is the only method of payment. Just a bit risky and insecure. Not very reassuring. If they have funds coming why are they worried about future cc and paypal hold backs?


I suppose that was decided before the investment.

Also due to their history those providers would continue to be subpar.


Because they have a trail of chargebacks from this year. PayPal ain’t suddenly going to wipe the slate clean :grin:

Bank Tranfser not ideal for a consumer that’s for sure. Trying to think if I would have used this method. Maybe but not sure.


Cool update, glad stuff is coming together. :muscle:


I’m sad about hearing nothing about SERVICE and SPARE PARTS yet…
It should work in any case, no matter waiting for Investors or not, because it’s nothing about money transferting.
Yes, its logical stop selling / sending etc. but it’s not logical stopping whole service, just makes your “customers” less and less…


So I guess, this would have been a great time to inform the community about this problem. Give a realistic estimation of the postponement (Realistic!). Tell people what is really going on, preventing them from getting mad or doing something stupid like asking for a refund.

Or just make up some random problems each week to explain the occurring delays of the devices.

Maybe try to limit orders significant to prevent such a situation? Less orders, no need for an increase in frozen funds. No delay, no unhappy costumers. No cash-back situation. Strange why costumers would ask for cash-back, after being put on hold for months only hearing that everything is absolutely fine and nobody should worry at all. Receiving no device, but could see how the store is still open for everybody to order.

How could they possible get higher over time? Because more people opt for the cash-back solution? Or did you increased the total amount of orders even further? What kind of percentage are we talking about? If so many people went for the cash-back solution, how many orders can there be still open??

I cannot believe there are still people out there waiting for the 4th December Flash Sale V?! I guess the same would be true for me, but I sadly asked for a refund 3 months ago!

Well, that is good to hear! Refunds were promised until September. There are some days left. Looking forward to finely receiving my money :slight_smile: Show us some acting!


They already said they were just kidding about refunds in September, they totally meant to say October this time.


True… Actually whether they can ship all the units before the end of Sep is a problem, so the refund after the shipping can be even later, my estimation is at least Nov :expressionless:

Quite don’t understand why they put refund process after shipping, they may overproduced some units… and may leave these units be until next sales


I suspect the refunds are the last in the line for them to deal with, as some people (myself included) would have probably opted for the refund had they been available immediately rather than wait it out for the V to arrive so I could purchase another device. With the refunds being last in line (and nothing else on the market having tempted me away yet) I’m kind of stuck waiting for either my V to ship or something release that makes me start the refund through Eve.

Sounds slightly unfair on Eve, but it they haven’t got devices shipped by the time Microsoft unveil some new hardware (probably just a refresh to a good chunk of their line up) at the event they are hosting on October 2nd a few more people may opt for the refund if anything takes their fancy as they’ll probably get it before the V at this rate.