Weekly Update 14.09


It already has been delayed a few times, don’t bother about this time more than the previous times. What’s important is that they got investors and as it seems we have a realistic chance of getting our refund now.
Late, but better late than never.


Calling a group of (unknown IQ) people as idiots isn’t better. Youre accusing people of attacking you when it’s precisely what you did before.

Addressing your other statement. No, I don’t have any more information than what’s already provided. I could echo and be parroting what’s already been said, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Maybe non-idiots (lest I assume) like you would find it amusing.


I see that I made the sad and unwanted right choice asking for a refund.
I needed a device last December but it seems like if I haven’t had asked for a refund I would have had it it for next December, with a good amount of luck.
I’m now owning a Surface Pro 2017, i guess (and I’m sure) it’s not good as the Eve V, but at least I can use it.
I’ll wait for the refund, and perhaps I will think for an eve v in the future, to replace the Surface.


What I really not understand: why are funds withhold by the payment processor? It is your money!


To cover risk, purchases made with credit cards, aren’t made with your money.
At the end of a month/fortnight you get charged by the credit card company and you have to pay them back.

TLDR; CC companies are very expensive arbitrators.


I could be wrong, but my understanding is that it’s to cover things like charge backs. If a company really messes up, and people start going to their CC company for charge backs, and they get one, that money has to come from someone. If The company is in a lot for trouble, they may not have the liquid funds to cover those charge backs, or may refuse to offer it up, as they likely refused to offer up refunds if the customers are getting charge backs rather than refunds. This means that the payment processor would need to pony up the cash for those charge backs, which means they’re no longer making money. And big companies don’t like it when they’re not making major profit at every turn.
And Eve being a fairly small company doing a large scale, high value production run for the first time, and having suffered delays before that point with the product, it probably made the processor cautious. It likely didn’t help that Eve used crowd funding, as not all products kick started with crowd funding work out. And some are borderline scams.


Good to hear your public response for all of eve community.
At this time, I hope to receive your reply for me on my own issue, too.


As long as I get my money back, everything is fine.


Before i have to read eveything here. I still waiting on my Refund from Flash Sale last December. You promised to pay it back in september. is it coming or not?


So is there an opportunity that we get our refunds before every single device is shipped? And by the way, really nice update!


Thank you @Konstantinos!
This is the kind of update that helps.
Also thank you for keeping the weekly update timeframe. As much as little to no information can be frustrating it is still far less concerning than radio silence.


I hope I’m able to share some positive news about EVE in a week in german tech news :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos Any update on people who still waiting for missing accessories? Do they expect any update about that any time soon?


Seeing as it’s ridiculous for paying customers to contact support inquiring as to the status or their order (apparently), what part of the Eve organisation would you suggest those folks who have been waiting 9 months should contact instead?


I spoke to support, and the official word is that refunds are final.
So while they didn’t want people cancelling their orders, they don’t seem to want people un-cancelling them either.

Though you’d think that since they [presumably] have parts ordered and in the warehouse, and still “have” the money from the initial order (in that refunds are the last thing they address), then even if that initial order must remain cancelled, then they could at least create a new order, even one at the bottom of the stack, and just not refund the money. Though the support person I spoke to hasn’t mentioned anything beyond refunds being final, and it’s just pure speculation on my part.


A very strong typhoon called Mangkhut, just passed through Philippines, southeast China including Hong Kong, may cheer because even if all Vs in HK are ready to be shipped, this guy would still cut off the timeline

Now V still sit in warehouse, Shenzhen, should be safe

Be optimistic :joy:


Thank you, I honestly didn’t know how to respond to that.


Eve does not care anymore.

This is literally the most accurate statement in your entire post.

I genuinely cannot wait to be rid of this company once or if I actually get my money back.

(1tb i7 HEB)


Good update at least…
But to be honest, process of refund really needs to speed up…
If u could post all devices in time, i think existing problem now will only be device maintenance etc. (at least not so many refund)
Hope we can get a clear date/deadline for refund


Why is no one bringing this up. I was absolutely shocked to see @Konstantinos confirming they are running a straight up ponzi scheme.

They leave up sales on the front page and use that money to ship a device for someone who’s been waiting almost a year. So then what happens to that individual who just ordered? Using new suckers to pay the old ones is illegal.