Weekly Update 14.09


Thank you for the through update.
What is a realistic estimate for when the refunds will be issued?


Great news to wake up to. It’s good to see info finally flowing again that can alleviate some anxiety and asure people that Eve does have a future. The explaintion on how the funding situation developed and then progressed is very helpful. I know parts of it have been talked about before but it helps to see it all in one place.


That’s a pretty harsh blanket statement.

I think @IsaacB clearly summed up why some people would want to cancel their refund request. It’s not the right choice for everyone but it is for some. There are plenty of people who opted to not request a refund and choose to wait for their V.


Thank you for the update, this does give me hope that I will see a device. I suspect your major company is foxconn, or someone of that ilk. I hope you are working with a reputable company that does not violate human rights, as that would concern many of us in this group. We are willing to wait for a device, but we would not feel like it would be such a bargain if it is at other peoples physical expense. One of the things, I am still concerned with, and you did not mention was that your delivery estimates have not been addressed currently. You still claim end of September, even though your are seemingly laying the groundwork for another delay.
"Shipping estimates on the website and newsletters have been based on the investment situation and amount of funds frozen. Our shipping estimator hasn’t been always accurate, but it has always been based on what we know, what we see and what we have been told.

We are ready to move super fast the moment it happens. The only thing we are waiting for is an actual wire transfer."

I hope you get the wire transfer soon, and this devices ship this month.



That exists in china in that sector ?


puri.sm offer stuff like this


Is this statement of a senior creator true?
Will you once again break your word or can we expect refunds by the end of September.
Else my patience is finally at an end and I’ll hand in the required police report and fraud claim that bank assistant who handles VISA affairs has asked me to fill in.
I cannot believe you (@Konstantinos) have never even attempted to answer neither my private nor public inquiries about this issue.
Quite some transparency and customer service along the lines of your claimed ‘EveTech does care, our actions show our concern’.
Yep, they sure do.


Thanks for the update, yet why does this information have to trickle in 1 week at a time? Especially when these updates don’t even contain numbers or any accountability? While it sounds nice, this update doesn’t provide any more accountability then the last feel good updates. Throughout the summer it was “for sure” going to arrive in August, if not weeks sooner.

You must forgive me for being skeptical.

I still think you should be more engaged in these forums. You have people’s money and they are asking a ton of valid questions. As CEO of a community focused product, which you plan to continue, especially questions regarding the device become outdated (what happens when Intel’s bios update is applied?), Shouldn’t these get attention?

When will you and the team be active on the forum? Will this change in the future and when?

Additionally, I hope one of these updates address how you’re going to compensate people who will have waited an entire year without access to their money (no refunds) or device. Regardless of how we got here, it is borderline illegal and absolutely incredible how far you’ve stretched customer’s good will.

PS: it would be nice if you answered any of my support emails btw


Nice to see but sorry, refund requested. Will have to go with the spectre x360 instead


If I wasn’t clear i apologise. I understand the sequence of events is as follows;
-investor funds arrive, eve pays the necessary people.
-Windows is installed on any of the devices built devices that need it.
-devices are whipped meanwhile any outstanding devices are being built.
-orders arrive as do warranty replacements
-left over warranty devices whipped
-refunds issued.

I dont know how long itll take to reach the refund stage but regardless I’m trying to make the point that you will receive a V sooner than you will receive a refund.

Most people asked for refund because they thought eve wouldn’t deliver, seeing as Eve has a crate-fulls of devices ready to ship and are awaiting for inventor funding I think they pretty damn close to fulfilling orders. Hence people may have renewed faith in eve and would reconsider their refund request.it was merely a suggestion.

You are asking for something that is rightfully yours, im trying to help you get it sooner if your still interested in the V. if you had read any of my past post you’d realise that I have no horse in this race.


Thank you for this update! The situation makes sense now. While it has been very frightening on my end, I can only imagine how frustrating this must have been for you. I hope you ship the outstanding orders soon (I’m still really looking forward to my V) and can get on with the next chapter of your company. Here’s to a better future!


I understand how you feel. I too have gotten a little heated at the suggestion of trying to cancel my refund application.

But if you look at it objectively, they’re not suggesting that you cancel your refund application, or trying to convince you to do so (though some of them may be). Instead, they’re simply stating the fact that refunds are at the bottom of Eve’s priority list. Many of us sought refunds as a quick way out of the situation we found ourselves in, but with the current priority list, a refund will not get you this.

If you want to be done with Eve forever, or at least for this product run, keep your refund application in tact.
If you want the quickest possible resolution to the situation, keep your order. You will be taken care of quicker than if you want a refund rather than a tablet.


Thanks for clearing things up. It is now clear that the promise of refund by end of September is already broken, like all previous promises. I am speechless and hopeless…


All we can do is keep waiting and hope that the end is better than the middle.


Now we almost see the end’s light of this very long tunnel…

@Konstantinos Good luck, hope everything on track


Support emails?

…for the device that you have yet to receive?


Thanks from me for the informative update. As you have since probably learned, an update like this, showing and explaining the process of funds withholding may have forestalled the “run on the bank” scenario that happened. It may have kept at least some from cancelling orders, inadvertently increasing the funds withheld. But none of this can be blamed on the people who decided to opt for refunds. In my almost 40 years in the business world (accountant and tax accountant here in the U.S. and internationally), communication is priority number when dealing with anyone whether investors or customers. I think you earlier could have stated approximately how many companies you were talking to about investing and to what percentage in the process had been completed. You could even state that you had an investor deal ready to be signed when an investor threw out a deal breaker that you as a company felt went against your principals and thus the deal went bad at the last minute, therefore, creating another delay. I think most of your prior correspondence was to little and very vague, feeding customer worries and creating a snowball effect with the fund withholds, a self-fulfilling prophecy so to speak. We just hope it has been a well-learned lesson and we can look towards the future and not wallow in the past. Of course, like others, I’ll be upset that it appears September shopping may well be out of the realm of possibilities, mainly because I’ve had no laptop for weeks now (I tried but my old hp finally bit the dust before I could get my V), but I’ll keep hanging in there and wait like others. I have no priority over anyone else cause of my bad luck! LOL
I may be wrong but not much has been said about the compensation to those who have waited, but that may be something outside of potential investor ears due to cost, etc. That’s okay by me so long as it is discussed after the money is in your hands. I don’t know why but I still want to root for you guys. I still want to believe there is a company out there that actually cares about how they treat customers and employees when so much of today’s business world is run for short term greed. Please keep up these types of updates and give us as much info as you can without violating any legal agreements. I’m sure much of what I have said has been stated better by others here, but being disabled I need something to do! LOL And please let us know, on the day it happens, when the investor funds are in your hands. I believe that will go far to comfort those of us who have been waiting as well as refund folks.


It already has been delayed a few times, don’t bother about this time more than the previous times. What’s important is that they got investors and as it seems we have a realistic chance of getting our refund now.
Late, but better late than never.


Calling a group of (unknown IQ) people as idiots isn’t better. Youre accusing people of attacking you when it’s precisely what you did before.

Addressing your other statement. No, I don’t have any more information than what’s already provided. I could echo and be parroting what’s already been said, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Maybe non-idiots (lest I assume) like you would find it amusing.


I see that I made the sad and unwanted right choice asking for a refund.
I needed a device last December but it seems like if I haven’t had asked for a refund I would have had it it for next December, with a good amount of luck.
I’m now owning a Surface Pro 2017, i guess (and I’m sure) it’s not good as the Eve V, but at least I can use it.
I’ll wait for the refund, and perhaps I will think for an eve v in the future, to replace the Surface.