Weekly Update 12.10


I reckon that we post our questions regarding progress regardless of what @Konstantinos plans to write. We should hold their feet to the fire like they’re our employees. Sick and tired of people delaying on me.


Q: Has the wire gone through? If no, what is the reason and when will it be done?
Q: What is the timeline for next steps as of today? Please provide estimated amount of time that every task/step requires. Shouldn’t be a problem since you probably have it somewhere near.

You better not failed to plan because I don’t like the thought of you planning to fail.


but the brexit discussions are still ongoing, I guess “they” still do not know how it will work!
“they” = meaning the politicians of the EU & Great Britain.


Yeah probably not worth worrying about till it becomes an issue or not!


Possible explanations…

  1. One of the investors must have their account in one of the following jurisdictions

    North Korea
    Sri Lanka
    Trinidad and Tobago

  2. They are on an AML sanctions list

  3. They are selling assets and are unable to complete the sale

  4. They no longer exist.

Honestly can anyone imagine an investor wanting to cause greater harm to the company they are rescuing because of their own delays. Money moves in seconds, with a a small clearing time added by the receiving bank to counter fraud. By small I mean 2-3 weeks. How many months has this been going on now…


The wire transfer was supposed to happen during week 39 but got delayed to this week (week 42). So it would be within your estimated 3 week limit. I am worried though that we haven’t heard anything from Konsta about it, implying that there most likely has been an issue. We’ll know tomorrow what’s the case, when we get the weekly update.


I’d be more surprised (considering the lack of an update already this week) if the money has already gone through all ok.


I wonder what time the update will come in today…


Konsta’s profile shows his last post as from the 13th. As he usually pre-posts the update as hidden 1-2 hours before it goes public I suppose it hasn’t been written yet / needs to get evaluated by the team. In other words: Expect a late one today.


Hang on to 2019…


Ah wasn’t aware he did it like that, I do get the feeling its not going to good news though or you’d expect them to be eager to share the news with us all.


Good catch on the pre-posting of hidden updates. His profile now shows last post 25 minutes ago and last seen 10 minutes ago, so if the 1-2 hours hidden before being made public holds true today, we’ve got less two hours till we see our update today…