Weekly Update 12.10


I hope for Eve’s sake quite well, I think if another delay is announced even some of the more patient people will seriously start about opting for the refund and going for a different device.


I bet one whole doll hair the next announcement will be another excuse about the vendors…

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My guess is all bad news. Lol I’m so optimistic i know.


Based on previous updates I kind of expect it’ll be bad news…… Obviously I hope for good news but who can say? I was kind of expecting a small update to say they had the money in their account today but alas, its not to be (today at least anyway).


Hi, Hellooooo…


can’t beliEVE I went from checking this website often in anticipation of the product being shipped to checking this site often in anticipation of the refund. Thankfully and I hope I remain right, Konsta seems to be honest and will be fulfilling orders and refunds…just please, don’t do it at the 1 year mark from when we ordered this product.


I’m not sure whether we should be worried or not that we’ve not heard anything about the investment actually coming in yet, I know Konstantinos only said it’d come in the week commencing the 15th but with the previous delays you’d have thought they’d have been eager to get it sorted nearer the start of the week rather than later.


Actually, Konsta mentioned the week of the 15th. He did say that he’d report from the frontlines prior to Friday if things started moving.

What, you don’t believe that?


Yeah I know Konstantinos said it should come in at some point this week, probably just being pessimistic about it more than anything else!


it’s already Wednesday, I’m assuming it will come on Friday with deepest apologies of another minor hiccup but the team is doubling down, not gonna leave China until all is sorted!


:thinking: Just wondering how they will compensate for that almost 1 year delay, they are not going to cover shipping and obviously they can’t afford that.

But 1 year is not short, if they are not going to use money to compensate, what else they can do to match that significant time…


May be the investor has another delay, or if the money has hit Eve’s account, still need to wait about 2-4 weeks to transfer all the devices to shipping warehouse. The point is, according to

The assembly even hasn’t finished, they haven’t even start to transfer. Kons is positive as he knows everything should be done soon, but that doesn’t mean shipping is soon…

I am a little bit sorry to be that realistic, imo shipping at least need to be in next month

Almost there, but still need to wait longer


As far as I know this is the video from indiegogo.


For what it is worth. I received this via e-mail from support on Oct 4th.

"Combined with the amount of refunds requested, we are now expecting your refund to be issued by the end of October."

I hope they are right. We will know in a couple weeks and I WILL post weather I get it or not. Either way. :slight_smile:


Hello Dibadibadu,
thank you for your sharing your experience - I dont know how strict Import Authorities are at the Black Forest. The experience I have in Munich is that for every parcel I get shipped from outside the EU (and I have bought quite a few things over Ebay and Kickstarter over the last years), is stopped at their warehouse and I am notified with the request to visit their offices within one week.
They ask the receiver to open the parcel and explain what is the content, how much it was paid for it and show it with an invoice and a proof of the payment (i.e. paypal charge, receipt from Ebay/Kickstarter, perhaps even charge record from bank with actual amount paid in EUR currency)
If I get over there and I just say that the european taxes were paid at purchase, I can expect that they ask for an invoice with the VAT number of the entity that collected the VAT and the amount of money corresponds to the VAT paid - and looking at the invoice I can download from the eve shop, there is nothing of that reflected in it.
I would be very interested to learn more about those things you mentioned you found in the internet that helped in your case with your purchase… although I am skeptical anything else than a proper invoice with a clear indication on how much VAT corresponds to the total price paid, and the european tax ID of the company that issued that invoice can proof to the import agent that the european VAT has indeed been paid already, and therefore no further import duties are due


it’s really rare, but the internet connection to Google worked here in the outback for some minutes… as you can read in the link above (found after 2Minutes of research) tablets and smartphones are “duty free” in Germany… V is a tablet… and AFAIK I paid some bucks extra to eve for a “vat-handling” by DHL… they manage those things at the customs office.


VAT is still to be paid. What you don’t have to pay is an extra Payment for Custom: German Custom

The way Eve handled it, was that they brought all V’s to Europe (England in my case, could be a problem soon :wink: ) for doing customs etc. After that they send it to you, which means you get a package from the EU, means no Custom or VAT has to be paid.


Speaking theoretically of course (as surely all V’s will have been shipped and refunds paid by this point), what would happen if the V’s still haven’t shipped by the time the United Kingdom has left the EU then? Would there be additional taxes to be paid on them? Or would it be left as is for the people who’ve already paid the import taxes?


Aren’t we supposed to get the updated on the 15th of October at least, about the shipping and as important as it, the refunds, how and when will this occur?


We are supposed to receive that on the week of 15th October. Usually we get updates on Friday nightISH depending on where you live and that if something good happen before the usual update, he was going to post as an update sometime during the week of 15 October.


Some people (myself included) were probably expecting/hoping for a quick update even if just to say the money has gone into their account as considering the recent months this would have been fantastic news even if it means we’ll be waiting a bit longer for our V.

Sadly I can’t help but think this might mean we’re in line for another delay re the investment, I really hope I’m completely wrong on this and everything is going smoothly though.