Weekly Update 12.10


@Konstantinos what factory defects, problems etc have you managed to improve since HEB?


You should have done your “persuading” much earlier. Now you deliever us a “partial” solution - just meaning a further delay. Very bad management from your side for months, a real company leader should be better at convincing partners. And especially, shouldn’t misplan funding. It is time that you bear your consequences. Meaning, step down as CEO. Step down, Konstantinos.


nice. konsta is eve… if he steps down there will be just 4persons left… did you think this is a multi million dollar company with 10persons just waiting to become ceo if the existing one fails?


Well, your proposal looks at present to be the most sure way to end up with nothing for everybody. :scream:


Thank you for your updates. You don’t mention anything about the other investor who was having delays funding (unless I missed it which can happen to us old guys! hehe). Did they get that situation fixed? Have they funded their portion yet? If not, when will they? Glad the major investor and the manufacturer were willing to work with you to keep things moving, but I am concerned about the other investor, hence my question regarding their funding. And I am glad you are prioritizing shipping V’s over refunds since I’ve been without a working laptop for awhile now. On that note I am also curious if my extra accessories will be shipped with my V or separately. I’m in the U.S. if that makes any difference. Could you let us know? Thanks,


Closer to the end.
I don’t remember this video about the Eve.
This is where all money gone - on a good promo video ?:joy:


It literally is a multi million dollar company. And there’s a compelling case to be made that the existing CEO has already failed.


if I were you, I would make a new ticket at support with this request. Here it gets buried…


It’s Not a public company!
It is a private company, and Konstantinos and his partner started it.

I think you’re a little misguided on what you have been reading on the internet.

You have No right to ask him to step down, neither should he.

Elon Musk was asked to step down as Chairman, but he will still direct and drive that company.

Steve Jobs had to come back to make Apple become what it has.

Steve Jobs was Apple, Tesla is Elon Musk, as Eve is Konstantinos.

Without these people, these companys and many like them would not have started or will not exist.

Being a founder, innovator or entrepreneur does not necessarily or naturally make them good managers.

But people like them shake and shape our world.


I have a feeling that V is about to ship soon

I had this feeling last month, last two month… And ten months ago :sleepy:


Trust your feelings! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Same here! I truly want to believe this is the time it’ll all finally happen but until I get a dispatch email I’m not letting myself think it’s all good news. Being pessimistic I guess we could still expect more delays if the full investment doesn’t actually come in on the 15/10, obviously I really hope this isn’t the case but as you know we’ve had so many different shipping estimations and the like only to have more delays I can’t help but feel that way.


Is there a difference with only 5 working days more to go this week since u mentioned before?

Q: I only interested to know the realistic shipping date for my replacement with no further delay.


I had opened a support ticket approximately 5 months ago for an issue with hardware and was told I will get a replacement device. How is distribution of replacement devices being handled with the assembly of the remaining devices happening?


And the person’s waiting for a replacement unit. When will they have EVE ? I’m waiting for almost 6 months



Glad to hear the investments should hit your accounts soon.

I canceled my order back in June (and I didn’t change my mind). I was wondering:

Q: Why wasn’t my refund request acknowledged by an email ?
Q: Why does my order on the webshop still show as “unfulfilled” with an estimated shipping date ?

This makes me a bit concerned as to whether I will receive an Eve V that I don’t want anymore, and have to ship it back.

Thanks for clarifying these.


Week of Oct 15th is here.

This is the week money should arrive in accounts based on the update from the 5th.

Let’s see how this pans out.


Replacement devices should be shipped when the remaining Vs are being shipped. If the investor money is transferred today without complications, then it should be roughly between 2-4 weeks from now.


at this point, the only difference between your company and someone stealing my money is that you tell me what you are doing with said stolen money.


LOL. Yes!! This is exactly it. Plus you are promised every week that your money will somehow come back to you at an indeterminate time and in an indeterminate form :wink: This ponzi would put even Madoff to shame :slight_smile: