Weekly Update 12.10


Dear Community,

I am writing to you from the front lines. We had very intense meetings between our manufacturer and the investor. We managed to persuade the investor to make a partial payment for Windows licences so that when the rest of the payment arrives shipping would not be slowed down. We also manged to persuade the supplier to finalize the assembly of the remaining devices so nothing is holding us back. They will resume assembly on Monday. There are still a few discussions we need to have before we are able to ship out the Vs, but they will be shipped directly from Hong Kong once the other part of the investment arrives (as mentioned in previous updates).

At this point I can tell you that we are almost there. Hang on!

Thanks for posting the questions! Q&A:

Q: When will you be able to give us names of the investors? Under what conditions?
A: Once they are comfortable with this. They are high profile investors and we can’t disclose their names yet according to our agreement.

Q: Are you still planning on some form of compensation for the people who’ve been waiting nearly a year when we actually get our V’s? Or is the previous voucher it? I understand this question sounds kind of petty and maybe a touch sarcastic but it’s not meant in that way.
A: Yes! We are working with the investor on figuring out what the best compensation can be.

Q: Did you guys manage to get rid of the anti-glare coating being scratched off by the keyboard?
A: Under normal circumstances the anti-reflective coating may wear down over time. Should any customer experience damage to the coating beyond normal wear and tear, we recommend that they contact our support team who will look into it.

Q: What about Shipping (DHL Express) for €50.00. Hope do you return that too. Almost a year if its come before is not really what i think for Express…
A: Express shipping does not mean the devices are sent out faster, but that once the device is sent, it gets to you faster. It speeds delivery, not production time. As we still need to ship out the remaining orders, the shipping charge still covers those costs.

Q: Would you issue an update earlier in the week if things started to go smoothly?
A: Yes, we will be updating you on the big solution and roadmap forward as soon as we can, even if it’s not on a Friday. Without clear details or for normal news, we will continue to update you on Fridays!

Q: What is the actual CPU part numbers that are going into these units?
A: Specifications remain unchanged from before, the CPUs used are the Intel Core i5-7Y54 and Intel Core i7-7Y75.

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Looks like delivery is rescheduled for December 2018!! 4 months of using my Lenovo…no regrets!


Happy to hear that there are no further delays!

Q: When will the support be upgraded so that the process of support requests will be fastened ?


@punter happy to hear you are enjoying your Lenovo. V is on track to be shipping in October.

@VanillaThunder301 as we get Vs shipped out we will get more people to support and experience will improve substantially! Very sorry for not living up to standard just yet!

Guys I am very positive now after meetings here in Shenzhen. We are very close to finally getting out of this sittuation fully and being the reason you joined this community.


I’ll await news from Monday (when the full investment should be coming in) before letting myself get too excited :smile:

Definitely moving in the right direction though!


Did not suspect such a positive update after not hearing anything from the meeting from Wednesday.

I’m glade you you guys could persuade both manufacturer and investor. Brightened my day a bit. ^^

Combine that with answers to all questions from last week I’m feeling you’re spoiling us a bit today @Konstantinos <3


What happens with taxes and import duties?
Having a closer look to the invoice it does not say anywhere that the taxes and duties are already paid (as it was indicated here When, Where, How and For How Much You Can Buy Eve V! )

Getting in Germany a parcel shipped from China and not having an invoice it shows duties have been paid already…means I will be asked to pay again import duties!

Thanks for your answer!


Taxes and duties for EU, US, Canada, Australia,Japan and some of the other countries are included in the price. So shipping from HK does not affect the price in that case.


Q: Will the accessories that were ordered with the V be shipping in October as well?


Not for Canada based on Revenue Canada investigation.


In which city are you located?





how can I prove to the import/duties official that are indeed paid? Just my word is not enough, and the invoice I can download from the web portal is not showing any information on paid taxes/duties…
Will you provide a different invoice showing that had been paid?



I had those questions a year ago when my V was on the way. I searched a bit in the internet and found some interesting content. There are options for Chinese tech, delivered directly from China to german private customers which are very easy to handle… you don’t need a invoice to prove your taxes…


@csaiz we are changing a shipping compnay now fir faster and more reliable service. They will be able to provide more detailed invoice.


Hi Konstantinos. Good to hear there’s progress.
Q: Can you please give a detailed plan of execution regarding refunds done to customers who returned their V’s April-May?


Q: Are there some news on the refund front?
Nice update by the way!


Q: A refund update would be really nice. Thank you!


I’ve issued a cancellation order months ago, still waiting for my money back.
You can’t deliver and you can’t even cancel and reimburse customers :frowning:


Dear Konstantinos,

Please kindly separate my order into 2 shipment as I instruct before;

  1. eve V in one shipment
  2. Other accessories in one shipment

I already pay for the separate shipment.

So, please let your team to check every order special instructions since so that they don’t have to deal with Customs extra charge.