Weekly update 11.01


How many people still don’t have their eve?

Months ago you said 65% have been shipped. Yet there hasn’t been any numbers or accountability since.

Re: refunds–radio silence :mute:


Me waiting for refund. Need money for ktm 790 adventure r.


I can’t tell Nirut as I ordered a V plus additional charging cords, adapters, etc. But I can tell you the accessories don’t weigh 11 pounds, so my shipment has to include my V.


UPS Quantum View "pkginfo@ups.com"
I hope this is okay to post. I original did a search in my gmail for “ups”, “fedex”, “federal express”, “dhs” really any major shipping company I could think of. It was in my gmail “Update” mailbox. Hope this helps TannerPR.


I received the email and confirmed my shipping address, hopefully I will get everything that I ordered, and not just the tablet.


Open a support ticket?


Did you just ignore my post?


For what it’s worth, I received my V in Feb 2018 (Early Bird Backer). It shipped with missing accessories, which was a common problem with the logistics partner they had then. On Dec 11 I received an email confirming the accessories. On Dec 20 I received 2 emails that my shipment was about to ship and on its way. And the first delivery attempt was on Dec 23rd (it was A Sunday and my office was closed). It was successfully delivered on Dec 24. I can’t say what that means for folks waiting on V’s but movement is happening and shipping is much quicker than it was before!


Quite probably and highly likely.

Many will only see and think what they want.

Reasoning, practicality and common sense have no place alongside, anger, vengeance and the desire to be proven right.

PS Since researching privately by email and PM, I know of several other forum members who have received packages lately. And they have all agreed that they can’t be bothered to post that news here for fear of being ridiculed, questioned or attacked as as fanboys. I can’t say I blame them.


I didn’t Recieved any mail we also appreciate if any on who received when your order is made so we know that they following FIFO or just to shut us up by sending a for a few randomly and tell us again about Chinese new year to wait. Thnx


How many shipments are ready to ship by next week.


@Masters888 well Russell that assumption is just ridiculous.
If they do feel that way then they just need to speak up. How the wind did change in this forum do you think between being a forum(like many communities) where you can’t ask something who would goes against the company like my first post ever on this forum to the way where people is asking for accountability of managers ?
We just spoken up, and we did continue to do it to point fingers at the problems . Problems that neither do you ( who claim to be a CEO), even if I asked questions to you, nor any of the Team did answer over the months. Maybe you have an ego problem where we can’t ask accountability ever, maybe you have such a problem with reality than you felt more and more despise against me and others, but still the facts remains.
To my knowledge, if you are not being cryptic (like you have been with your package’s post) by not answering simple questions or that you don’t give enough details, you are not considered as anything negative. It’s just another facts’ post that’s all.
They won’t be treated as fanboy or anything. It’s just you. Because you deserve a special treatment my dear that’s all. You should actually be honored to have such importance in our lives :wink: be fearless, be proud !


Well, I opened a few dozen and they actually always came back to me with some reasoning, but since mid december there was no answer anymore.

I submitted a few new tickets, but still didn‘t receive an answer


That’s unfortunate I usually get a response within 48h, most of the time.

Just to mention it, do you reference your previous tickets?


@Konstantinos What about repair units? I sent mine in at around mid-2018 and I have been waiting ever since.


Any updates on refunds ?


Yes, I did. They offered proactive communication to get the case going beginning of December.


No, yo.

I generally think Eve’s strategy to quitely end this business nightmare is:

  1. Deliver accessories
  2. Ship the Vs
  3. Refunds (maybe)
  4. Acquire V’s and accesories to fix (e.g. warranty handling)

In that order.
I mean people gotta do what they can first y’ know. With all the negativity and clear hindsight that they haven’t settled on:

  1. Acquired a single investor that they promised (that has not been named due to NDA or none at all)
  2. The investor asked for a 2nd project after Eve ‘V’ but nonetheless the people of the forums wouldn’t be interested if the ‘V’ project isn’t settled.


finally, a good news. Thanks for the update! now i can wait for my tracking number

can’t wait for my eve!!!


I just received a email from Eve with a Usps number that my missing accessories are in transit, will keep this post updated =)