Weekly update 11.01


Dear Community,

We are preparing to send out Vs and accessories to the people who have confirmed their shipping information, they could start seeing tracking numbers as early as late next week (but expect them the week after that, just to be sure). Our first shipments with our new shipping partner show that most of those parcels should then arrive in a matter of days, which is a big upgrade from before!

Of course we’ll also keep sending out address confirmation emails over the coming weeks so that everyone can get their orders shipped as soon as possible!

Weekly Update 04.01

How many of you actually received this email?
I didn’t receive any.
And yes, I checked spam box etc.
and yes, I am waiting for the actual order, not accessories or replacement.


I actually received one today, imagine my surprise


Wait 5 days and then make a support ticket to check back that they didn’t misplace your order.


Imagine my face when the refund hits my account. I’ll come harder than blue sky


When can people who opted for the refund expect any form of update? I get that we’re at the back of the queue but if all goes well that queue should be gone in the next few weeks? So should we expect an update on refunds next week? The week after? When the next project is for sale?

Not going to lie, when I opted for the refund nearly 3 months back I thought I was jumping ship just before V’s started to get shipped and everything would start to work out. Yet here we are, 3 months later and still the same situation for the most part.

It’s all starting to get very long in the tooth :frowning:


I received a mail today about our “new” status.


Again, nothing for myself in my inbox or spam/junk, anything worthwhile?


I received an email today with a ups tracking number states the label/tracking number were created on thursday, January 10th. I had purchased additional charging cords/cables and other adapters as well besides my V. Says the shipping weight is about 11.0 pounds and is shipped via ups ground.
Not sure how long it will take to get to the southwest United states but hopefully not more than a few days. Getting excited.
P.S. I did a search for “ups” in all my email boxes (i.e. inbox, spam, trash) and that’s how I found it. Just fyi for those who expect an email coming but haven’t seen it yet.


What was the email address I should be on the lookout for? Please send it to me in a private message in case they’re removing posts with the email in it.


Received my order confirmation email for my missing accessories today (a year later!!)… what a surprise!!


Seems like a good update for me! Still waiting for my refunds but at this point in time i can wait a month longer i guess


AS I have already posted in the last update thread.
I had received the email update, I got a UPS contact by phone and text and then subsequently received my parcel 24 hours later.


I have not received any email to confirm address yet.


I got the email.

However, from the sound of those who got the email, it’s about accessory right?

The V will come after this?


I haven’t received either address confirmation email nor UPS tracking number email. Is this for any missisng accessories shipment or eve V plus accessories shipment?


Might be worth it to inform the support that you’re not on the subscription list or maybe they have different lists.
Anyway here you go.


As promised, I am informing you on status of your refund.

Unfortunately, we have not received the investment yet and could not process the refunds. Despite of this, we are working on alternative solutions to speed up the payment back for your order. Currently we are moving forward with shipments which allow us to resume sales and get the money to issue the refunds. Also, our funds tied up as deposits to the suppliers, we are working on unlocking those funds as well.

We will be prioritizing the refunds. And at the moment it is critical for us to keep on fulfilling orders and to resume sales, to keep the wheels in motion and in order to get the funds needed. Of course, securing the investment is also a high priority.

We understand your disappointment for such a delay, and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Please allow us some more time to resolve this issue.



I got an an email Friday morning asking me to confirm that my shipping address is still correct in the web store (and to confirm with Eve that it is correct with a SurveyMonkey link) before 1/16.

It was for my Dec 4 Eve V order!! (not accessories or warranty) So hoping to get a shipping confirmation email by end of next week!


I don’t! But I can’t imagine it will hinder things if @Konstantinos is so busy that he doesn’t read DMs. I mean, if he’s so busy that he can’t read/reply - good. Keep working, Konsta. Get those items delivered.

If he reads the DMs, he probably has 2 seconds to forward it to sb on Support responsible for confirmations. I mean, it’s not a 3 thousand people corporation. If I remember correctly, they justified some of their actions with being a small organization, the face of which is Konsta and whose Support, for the most part, has been mum.

Haven’t got the email so far. Maybe it is connected to my activity on the forum, maybe not.

But if keeping your mouth shut gets you preference in getting a product you paid for 13 MONTHS AGO, then that says plenty about the company’s ethics.


I’m still asking every update and didn’t get an answer yet. When will somebody be able to send his/ her device in for repair ?