Weekly. Update 10.8 2018


Lol “hell will come to your feet”. Jeez bit over the top don’t you think?


The great oracle revealed the prophecy to me on the night of the full red moon of blood :joy:


There absolutely should be compensation for the 9+ month delay. At the very least give you larger storage than what was offered. Yet I doubt they would even bundle an SD card. Konsta said they would make everyone happy, but as this forum knows, his words aren’t worth anything.


By the way if anyone is looking for this friday’s update, just re-read this post. He’ll post this exact same message again. They’ll keep kicking the can down the road without any real updates.

In a previous post, @Konstantinos said 60% of devices have been shipped. If they are working hard everyday, why not update that number or give any metrics that can show actual work is being done? Very disappointing. I don’t think they quite comprehend how much of a dent purchasing a device that never comes can do to someone’s wallet.


Didn’t they pretty much rule out any changes to the internal specs of the device? A 256GB micro sd card to boost everyone’s storage would certainly be nice (I actually thought this is the option they’d take, can give everyone the same item and it’s probably the easiest option as well).


i came back to check in and saw nothing has changed. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy: its just so sad that i cant help but laugh at the situation to the point of losing fine motor skills momentarily.


I hope you have an update tomorrow, by the way, my ship date states August. To an English speaker, that means August 1st NOT the end of August or the 31st. Heck, I am worried that you didn’t put a year, so I guess August could mean August 2018, 2019, etc… Please address this.


Sorry, but August shipping date means - anytime in August - from August 1 00:00 till August 31 23:59 … Problem is, they did not specified year …