Weekly. Update 10.8 2018


Hello Community!

As you know we have been meeting with potential investors for some time now. The search is finally at an end, and we are in the process of finalizing the paperwork to make everything official. This development also means that we are on track to ship everything by the end of August as per the most recent schedule.

I cannot post the full update yet as the announcement is still being reviewed by our Investor’s legal team. We will get back with a new update regarding the situation next week.

As we continue to work on this over the weekend, I wish you all a good weekend.

Firmware updates

Im glad to here that the search is finally over and with that probably the shipping delays. But just for clarification does that mean that the annoucent ‘big update’ will be released next friday or later this day?


I’m thinking that was their big announcement.


No, it will come soon tho I think


I really like this update! We have the information on where we stand and on what the next update depends on.
As soon as the legal team of investor A clears the anouncement, they can post it. It is out of their hand, hence it would make no sense the give a date on when this anouncement would be made.


I think more importantly this will allow them to provide the proper support for the product.


Of course, the big announcement from Eve would be that the big announcement from Eve is soon to come.

How in the heck did I not see that coming?






This is a big thing - it is the right step and the have the information most necessary. That they are still on the schedule they gave us this time and that other details will be revealed after clearance by a legal team.
I am just think of what that might be ? Besides who it is ?!
We know what we wanted to know - no further delays on that side and a good chance of getting our V’s shipped.


I have not lose faith in the @Team


Thank you for the update, even though you don’t have a lot of information, you did mention delivery. Could you post a planned delivery schedule based on order numbers? If that is too revealing could you send me specifically in my account what end of August means? My ship date said August, now you are stating end of August. If that is what it means, great, I will be happy, but please be more specific, instead of end of August state August 31st. Will we get a tracking number on the 31st? Will a package just show up? Let us know please.


EVE is asleep, I am the start of a lonely summer vacation. ε-(´д`;)
When the summer vacation is over, I leave the sleeping EVE at home and go out on business trip with old machine.

ξ゚⊿゚)ξ I wait without buying a new PC, so Let’s hurry.


Shipping was in eves case always meant as “leaving the factory” not “being delivered to the customer”


And it can take over 20 days from “shipping “ to actual delivery…


Let’s rephrase the last two weekly reports

•Big update next week
•Actually it will be the week after this about something


Clap, clap… What about refunds?


Not as big of an update as I was hoping but it’s still overall positive. Exciting to think we might have our V’s in our hands come the end of the month (well hopefully).


To be fair they finally did now confirm that:
a) they have an investor now
b) shipment for the new august plan is on track


a) for the past 3 months we still don’t know nothing real, no names, no strategy, no details, let’s be serious…
b) :joy::joy: I’ve heard this 4 times since January they’re always on track, if by their definition on track means totally miss the target, Tell me, how much faith and trust did you had when they said about end of July delivery? I had a lot yet here we are
Do not misunderstand me, but saying words is easy, doing what those words meant is hard :frowning:


We’ll see the real facts by the end of August.
The ‘struggle-some’ history we all know. :hugs: