Weekly Update 09.03


Hello Community!

Super happy to announce that as of now we have delivered Indiegogo Vs! (Few Vs are waiting for their owners at local DHLs or are shipped to a different address)

We are now focusing on production of the Webstore buyers Vs as well as on the next big thing!

This is the last Weekly update regarding delivery schedule of the Vs we will be making. We will kickoff with a live QnA and the next big thing soon.

So stay tuned :slight_smile:

You Rock! Have an awesome weekend!

V Keyboard scratches off anti-reflective coating

@Konstantinos - what about missing accessories? When those will be shipped??


@Konstantinos and when will the web store open up so that we can buy more goodies?


When we (FS buyers) will get any sort of piece of information regarding production of our Vs?


This information will be conveyed to you via the email you provided on your eve-tech.com account.


@samkri98 I asked about not how this information will be handled to us, but when.


My apologies, I assume more information will be provided as it becomes available. As far as I know, there isn’t a set amount of time between each update email to flash sale buyers.


@Konstantinos is there a timeline you’ve got in place to fix all the bugs :frowning: if I’m forced to keep this unit I’d like to know when it might become usable :frowning:


It seems to me like this is a process that will happen gradually


We have shipped missing accessories to a lot of backers already. We will keep shipping them this week and next week. Support will keep you posted!

@jwroczynski As for the flash sale buyers we are preparing to start making some shipments already. We will keep you posted through newsletter!


@Konstantinos - last reply from support (today morning) was that you (EVE) are still checking inventory and they will update me sometimes in mid next week … So who is right you or support? Those delays are really p***ing me off - thinking about returning V …


Hi Richard!

Shipping replacement units is completely handled by our support so since you already have a ticket just ask them in your ticket if there’s a replacement available. :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos Well, that’s really marvelous you’re already talking about shipping finished product. But why there were no update on production schedule?


Because all the IGG Vs have been manufactured and as frequently stated elsewhere flash sales will be notified by email rather than in the community


So some flash sale customers have received an email with a production, faulty ports improvement and delivery schedule?


I wonder the same thing :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos is it possible to give FS updates here? And updates for buyers in the online shop, too? You have listened to the community in so many times and was and still is the success factor of V and the coming products. People are asking for more information right here in the open space and not hiding secretly in emails. So, please, listen to the community again and give us the place to come together and no more secrets. Give us updates here in open spaces on FS and shop sales, too.


Further updates are going by email. If you haven’t noticed, the large majority of the posts in the community since production started are people asking about production, shipping, or asking for more updates. Should the community only exist for customers to get updates from now on? Or should it be about future products?

Emails aren’t secret. Only the flash sale buyers should be concerned about updates, and using email is a fantastic way to only involve those who are concerned. The contents of the emails aren’t top-secret, and are free to be shared and spread about. But there’s no sense in clogging the community with these updates and people constantly asking for more.

Even if Konsta set up a bed and a 24/7 live cam in the factory and dedicated the rest of his life to letting everybody know exactly what was happening every second in the factory people would still complain.

This is ridiculous. The community is meant to crowdsource technology (and a bag too), not give production and shipping updates to customers. And you might say “well why can’t we have just one thread dedicated to updates so it doesn’t fill up the community?” Because we’ve already seen that that doesn’t work. Giving updates about IGG batches here really seems like a mistake now.

We’re not here to run the company, only tell them what we want to buy. If you want to run your own business go ahead, don’t try to do it here.


I think he knows that but I think what he meant was that he’d liked some detailed information on what the plans will be for march.

I actually agree. I’ve received the email notification and I believe Eve will manage shipping end march, but I’d like to get to know what the team is working on when reading News&Announcements. This way customers will receive the needed information via email and the dedicated Eve supporters/community members will be treated with some extra information. I’d like to see more on what team is actually doing during a week, but I also understand Eve is a company and it’s not always tactical leaking every bit of information.

BTW, really enjoy the peace and quite while the “where’s my V?” reply’ers are enjoying their V instead of replying.


Where is my V?
Oh I know, it is Dead On Arrival…