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You left out the best part:


I still believe I’m going to receive my V, and I don’t think eve-tech is consciously trying to cheat anyone. I think they got in over their heads and are trying to sort out a situation that grew too big and too fast for them to deal with.

But that said, you are right about this. They shouldn’t be selling new V’s when they haven’t yet delivered any of the old ones. Not until they can be sure the existing orders will be fulfilled.


The fact that Eve Tech has been continuing to mislead new buyers about the delivery timing for several months is proof positive that you should weary about the likelihood of that this company will honour in good faith any warranty issues that you might have.

It has been several months since people like me first suggested to Eve Tech in these forums that they correctly communicate to potential new buyers the real delivery timeframes, and Eve Tech has ignored these suggestions.

It’s one thing to run into problems after you have taken people’s money but the fact that Eve Tech continues to take people’s money after they have run into problems is a strong indication that they are not the customer-oriented company that they claim to be.


Maybe they need to sell more devices to get the funds to build and ship the ones in their backlog, and they’re hoping to keep selling enough to get back on top… A bit like a ponzy scheme I guess.
Sell tablet #1000 to afford to build tablet #800. Then hope that the profit is enough that by tablet 1200, they’re building tablet 1100, then manage to build tablet 1300 or 1400 as it’s ordered.

I have no idea what the real financial situation of Eve is, but this would fit the observations… It would produce the same outcome as the claimed slow unfreezing of funds… But I hope that if this is the case, then they catch up with production soon. It would be really bad if they went under with unfulfilled orders…


Not to repeat the same thing over and over again, but…wait, actually yes, that’s exactly what this is. You’re all still trying to crucify the wrong people. This situation wouldn’t exist if the original screen supplier hadn’t screwed Eve over, payment processors hadn’t frozen funds, etc. Yes, Eve could have had a better plan but the fact is that they are a young company and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they made some mistakes. To blame them for everything that’s happened is to blame them for being optimistic and fault them for believing the suppliers who said they could help Eve make us a great tablet. Without that optimism (as naive as it may be at times) Eve never would have come into existence, taken a chance and started shaking things up. You don’t get one without the other.

Eve has had (and still has) good intentions from the beginning. They didn’t plan to take people’s money and leave them hanging. They got forced into that situation by the actions of others. Yes, they are responsible for some of it and I’m not trying to defend Eve so much as I’m trying to point out that there is so much more blame and lack of caring about all of us that can be laid at the feet of the companies that actually created this problem.

If you’re not willing to take those companies to task for the current situation then you are not helping anything and are ultimately contributing to enabling something like this to happen to other start-ups and their customers in the future.

Investors step up all the time in these types of situations because they understand that companies like Eve just catch a bad break sometimes. To anyone who is saying there can’t be an investor or that you don’t think it’s true; don’t be surprised if you’re proven wrong. Eve isn’t the real bad guy here. They’ve just been cornered and forced to choose the best actions out of a pile they never wanted to draw from.


I am reading so many ifs that make me feel that we are at a brain-storming session… what would happen if V had more money, if Eve had calculated more profit margin for cases like these, if V wasn’t a startup etc etc…Many ifs could have happened, and things could have been totally different… But let’s stick to reality please!

I admire the fact that you are supporting Eve team, but for me all these arguments are just invalid. I don’t know you personally but if you have a company I would like you to be my boss, honestly! Supposingly if I were a project manager, and I had delayed the project for 1 year (like for the HEB) I would have got a pass. If after that, I had brought another project to a halt due to trusting wrong suppliers, lack of planning, money tied in other resources etc and I hadn’t delivered the whole project 9 months later instead of 2, I would have got another pass, because I am supposed to be kind guy and my intentions are pure. :slight_smile:

This company is still a joke and the ship is sinking day by day even more. I feel really sorry for the guys here, because realistically I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel. For those waiting the refunds from Eve, if the refunds come, they will have to wait until the end of the year (being optimistic!). For the brave ones waiting for the V, they have to wait at least 2 months (being optimistic!) to get their Vs and hopefully they won’t run into any troubles. I doubt that anyone here would be satisfied by getting a product 9+months later and having spent more money than the device actually costs, if it was assembled today.


Out of curiosity, how do you reconcile this statement with the fact that they still advertise an estimated shipping date of September for new customers? From what we’ve seen it’s highly unlikely flash sale buyers will see their devices shipped in September, much less new customers. I would have a hard time describing this as the behaviour of an organisation with good intentions.


Good post. However, I am not sure how calling someone a lair is going to solve anything … but then again that was not the point of your post.

I ordered my V in Dec 2017. And I paid cash from my checking account. So, I have no recourse for a refund from the credit card processing service. I have saved up again so I can buy a portable computer from another company like Dell or Lenovo (my preference BTW). I know I will need to reformat everything to get rid of the bloat ware. It used to be you could request a computer with all the stuff left off,but, those days seem to be gone now - if anyone know of a manufacturer who will do that I am very interested.

So, here is my reason for wanting the V: it is suppose to come configured with just the OS - no bloatware; it is somewhat light and portable; I have a bowling ball pro shop and I wanted to use the laptop for managing the business; I also coach bowlers and new bowlers and the V seemed like a good alternative to the Apple iPad - if I could actually get it that is!; and the last reason is the price comparison the Microsoft equivalent !

The last reason is the most laughable - I can get the Microsoft unit in a day. With the wait I have experienced for the V I could have invested the $2k and had enough to purchase a Surface with the same configuration with money left over. And, again, have the unit in a day!

I agree the transparency issue is has been abysmal. I am sure the real reasons for the lack of performance from Eve is it would have collapsed the company and any potential investors would turn the other way. And I am almost certain that is what has happened.

Rather than be sour at this point I am hopeful at some point I will look at my Eve account and it will say “Full Filled”!!!


I could disagree with this post more. When you embark on a project this large it is your responsibility to research all the partners your are going to be working with - from the keyboard / case manufacturers to the credit processing agents.

All those decisions are the company’s (Eve) owners / managers responsibility. The fact the suppliers failed is not the purchasers problem (although it has become that at this point - not that any of us can do anything except wait or move on).

Kos is the figure head of this company - he has earned the criticism. Does he deserve it? Yes he does to the customers who have paid for a product they cannot get any clear answers from him or any of the staff at Eve.

This is no way to treat your customer base.


According to your logic I should sacrifice myself so EVE does not have suffer for their misdeeds ?


Sooo… the fact that EVE was naïve (if that is their only fault) justifies that we pay for their mistakes ?


Hmmm! So what are they actually doing right now taking orders at this minute on the website and assuring customers that delivery will take place in Sept, Same in August taking orders in August and assuring delivery in August. I think that is the definition of taking people money and leaving them hanging. Factually correct. Misleading new customers from the get go and being fully aware that they are doing this. Yep we are all wrong to criticize and forewarn others, that’s it we all must be wrong and you and Eve are correct.

They got forced into that situation by others. So what about all the money spent on marketing videos, trade shows e.t.c paid for with customers money, then having to use new customers (Dec 4th Flash Sales) money to fulfill orders that were over 2 years old.

So we are all trying to crucify the wrong people, do you mean the people who have consistently lied and lied and continue to do so…read what they say on their own website about delivery time frames.

So lets be honest here, you got your V. Great for you. Tell me what are the consumer laws in Washington about taking new customers money to make old customers good again. I think in the US it would be described as a ponzi scheme. It is not the customers who have misled Eve and used someone else’s credit cards to buy their V’s.

At the time (2 Years ago) when we have not had to endure misinformation and lies for 2 years we could actually believe that the original screen supplier screwed them over.

How about this take on things, Eve thought they could procure the screen they spec’ed for the V but nobody actually checked with Samsung if they could actually get Grade 1 screens in the first place, because maybe, Samsung being the global manufacturer they are needed all the Grade 1 screens for their own devices.

Whereas Sharp don’t nearly produce as much consumer products as much as they produce excellent components that other manufacturers buy and then incorporate into their consumer devices.

We only have Eve’s word that they got screwed over by the screen supplier and could not say anything because of NDA’s. Let’s be very clear here, NDA’s are only worth their salt when you intend to deal with that supplier again.

How can I surmise this, how many suppliers do you think Samsung works with, 1, 100’s, 1000’s. So if Grade 1 screen were available at all then they was most definitely 100’s of suppliers globally to choose from if the first one failed. In supply change management you use multiple component manufacturers (if the component is not special) and plan for multiple suppliers of special components. Risk management…Business 101

Now that that supplier is by the way side and if they were out to screw Eve then come clean with the documents. There is not an honest supplier that would punish Eve for doing this for breaking a NDA with a unscrupulous supplier. And guess what in China the courts would not give a shit, it’s not the way the Chinese do business.


You are of course right it does not solve anything. But it’s the truth. Quiet a lot of people have an issue with using the word liar, I don’t. I call it as it is, in fact for the most part my clients pay me very good money to do that, they want to get to the route of their problems and solve them, period. Sensitivities don’t come into it, being a success in the business field they operate in is what they truly care about.

Not taking a dig at you, just explaining my position on the use of such a strong word for many people. Nobody likes being called a liar, but I think I have used the word correctly in this case.


No I’m not saying that at all I’m saying any attempt to harm or get even with Eve will only be harming other community members.

All the money eve has belongs to the community. If someone takes legal action or forces eve to close for business then you will all loose your money. If Eve survives however you will get your money/device in due (late) course.

I’m not saying anything eve has done is right, wrong or justifiable. All I’m saying is you need eve to survive so everyone gets their money back or a device.

Harming eve isn’t harming eve it’s harming the chances of all the people getting their first V, getting a replacement V or getting a refund.

I’m not saying give eve a chance for Eves sake I’m saying it for yours and for everyone else who is patiently waiting.

I know it sucks but it’s better then nothing.

In the case of Eve not suffering, I have a feeling eve will suffer dearly when they try to sell their next product, if they make it that far. This is the beauty of a free market. You get to vote with your wallet.

Every company lives and dies on one simple Metric. Net promoter score. This is the lickelyhood of a person buying a companies product again or convincing others to do so.

What is the likelyhood of anyone who has bought a V buying another one of Eves products and what is the likelyhood of them convincing others to buy their products? I bet Not very high at the moment.


Thanks Joe, I took no offense. I am as frustrated as anyone with this. I’ve contacted the consumer protection agency in Finland (I think) and they were not helpful. My first inclination this was sham was the first delay because of the Chinese New Year. When I requested a tracking number I received nothing. I think we all paid for this guys wedding and honeymoon. Nothing else. And I think folks are correct when or if the computers do get built it will be with outdated hardware.

Keep on posting.


I reconcile it as I stated above.

What do you think it would have done to investor confidence if they halted all sales? I think they had to pick the least bad option in this case. That doesn’t mean they have bad intentions. They’re just doing the best they can to get through this and not leave anyone hanging permanently, rather than giving up and leaving people with no V and no refund.


The reality is that other entities took actions that put Eve and it’s customers in this position. The reality is that they don’t have access to the money that they would be using to complete shipments, issue warranty replacements and provide refunds because someone else is holding it hostage.

I also doubt that anyone here would be satisfied if Eve decided to give up, leaving people who are still waiting with nothing…forever.


True but it’s not that black and white. Many suppliers and card processors have very similar contracts yet they don’t all execute them the same. Some operate with leniency and goodwill while others will pull the rug out from underneath you when given the chance because it’s legal.

It SHOULDN’T be the purchasers’ problem but it very well can be and that’s my point. The suppliers are the ones who don’t care about us. They are just fine with doing soemthing that hurts Eve and in turn hurts us because they can hide behind layers of separation from the end user and let Eve take the fall for it. Blaming Eve for everything is essentially “shooting the messenger”.

But you don’t care that the suppliers and payment processors are treating their customer, Eve, that way and hurting all of us in the process?


If the guys at Eve Tech are so noble, why do they continue to take orders for new products without adequately explaining to potential customers the true timeline regarding shipping?

EDIT - Clearly a waste of time asking this question of @Smyler316. It’s been asked of him three or four times already and he doesn’t even acknowledge. This guy must be somehow connected to Eve Tech.


It doesn’t justify it but that’s the reality were living in. Let me ask you this; Because Eve was naive does that excuse unethical actions on the part of the screen supplier and payment processors and make this all Eve’s fault?