Weekly Update 07.9


I agree strongly with alomst everything you’ve said.

Yep the handling of this entire project was abysmal. Yes they have been misusing the good will of the community. Yes they have been hiding stuff to cover their tracks.

But, I’ve said this before the community is Eve’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

If you forcefully try to get your money back, through whatever authority , you may indeed succeed in getting your money back. But you may in turn hamstring others who are still waiting for their V’s. If you forcefully try to get your money back their will only be enough to fill a few pockets, however if you give them a little time to recover everyone may be able to get what they want albeit a year late.

I know it’s a tough position to be in but there are still a significant portion of people who are still patiently waiting for their V’s I know it wore thin months ago but they’re still hanging on.

Seeing as they’re starting the production process, as far as we know theyve done the audit. Let’s see what progress they make in September/Oct and then you decide whether or not to get the pitchforks out


Get a grip on the optimism. The reason for the comments in this post all have to do with the insulting and say the least shitty update we received.

More of a non-update than an update.

If everything was going well and to plan, the update would not have been so poorly written. The update was written from the perspective, we have more problems…

The update was to say the very least extremely disrespectable to all the extremely patient and frustrated customers.

@Lin, You only joined the party in the middle of July so you have no idea of what has been going on for the last 2 years, 2 years not just 7 months. I was the same as you when the deadlines were missed 2 years ago, telling the community to be patient, but…well you know my position now.

To be honest if Eve survives this, every single customer up to now should be offered an updated hardware V version 2 at cost price, when I mean cost I mean just the component cost and assembly cost, no admin cost no shipping cost.

The way customer money was used, flash sales specifically is considered fraud in most jurisdictions. Non delivery of paid for accessories is also considered fraud…need I go on.

Eve has only itself to blame here, the update above literally screams we are taking your all for granted and we think you are too stupid to read between the lines.

Try reading the updates for the previous 2 years, you will see the pattern…Then be optimistic.

As I said old hardware at new prices!


All the above regarding Eves handing of this is very much true.

But the optimism (seems more like pragmatism) is commendable. Because everyones hands are tied and unfortunately all we can do is wait.

Also are you asking for a refund after having received a damaged V? If the screen wasn’t damaged and the keyboard unreliable would you still be asking for a refund?


My cc company is waiting until end of September, because Eve has promised refunds. They say this is a weird case, usually the company just disappears with the money. I’m ok, well off and just received the alternative (I returned to the laptop world and chose Huawei mate pro X). I am slightly suspicious, though, the refunds will come this month and for some individual that can be a substantial amount of money. I hope Eve proves me wrong.


The what if’s are not important, it the as is that’s important.

But to answer your question, I never asked for a refund just a fully working device. Logged a support ticket and had to log an additional support ticket to get an answer to the first one. Then I had to go public on this forum to actually get an answer to the second support ticket and a commitment for a warranty replacement. Was promised I would receive a replacement with the flash sale shipments, but did this happen, no, it was completely forgotten about until I publicly called Mike and Konstantinos out on it.

My intention now is to get my warranty replacement, sell it and along with the 5285 I just bought and buy a Dell 5290, simply because I know I will be dealing with a company that will have the resources to update drivers and replace faulty hardware and missing accessories.

My question to you is, did you receive a fully working Eve with all the accessories you ordered?

If so when did you receive yours?.. before Christmas, after Christmas, after the new year, on as late as March the 6th.

Reason I took the plunge on the 5285 was I had to send the XPS back for repair for a faulty SD card reader, not a deal breaker really, but guess what, Dell is replacing my one year old XPS with the newer model. But there will be a two week delay from receipt of my XPS to me receiving the replacement new one. A delay I cannot have due to the nature of work I do.

We were sold a device at the time as being the latest hardware, that is far for the case now. In the intervening 2 years, things have moved on.

All I am doing is calling out the obvious here. And that is there is a very real risk of Eve folding now. We are now into the middle of September.

You also mentioned let’s see the progress they make in September and October, what about the guaranteed progress that was promised in June, July and August.

Then Eve makes the announcement, as a previous poster pointed out, that refunds will take place after fulfilling orders, a very very illegal statement to issue to EU customers. Something that could get both Mike and Konstantinos banned from being officers of a company registered within the EU. But lucky enough for them non of the community are that pedantic.

An announcement which came just over 180 days past the flash sale date, making it impossible to pursue refunds through PayPal, something which is unlikely to be a coincidence, and more likely to be a deliberate tactic to trap people in this abusive relationship.

Is that respecting the community that funded the launch of your product, or is it saying between the lines we are taking our customers for granted and we are maneuvering as such…

All companies have problems, but there is no way this can be blamed on changing screen providers or the payment providers withholding funds. This is plain and simple poor management, more specifically non existent RAID analysis, which any CEO or company officer worth their salt should be familiar with, it’s management 101…

RAID analysis is a project planning technique for identifying key project Risks ( R ), Assumptions (A), Issues (I), and Dependencies (D). Project teams should complete an initial analysis at the beginning of the project and then monitor the issues via a RAID Log


I agree with everything you’re saying and I agree that there is a massive risk of Eve folding. But if Eve does fold no one gets what they want and if we help keep eve going then maybe everyone will get what they want.

I agree that this was very poorly managed and communicated. But as you say its more are the ‘as is’ than ‘ough to be’.

As it stands as is, weve basically been waiting months for an investor to bail eve out otherwise eve folds. Everyones hands are tied.

I agree that the bullshit they pulled with the refunds and stalling tactics was immoral and almost certainly illegal. However as it stands no one’s getting their money back if Eve doesn’t recover.

BTW I didn’t order a V because I have a surface pro 3 and can’t really justify the cost of upgrading. I’ve always been around for the community and was hoping to help build some really cool devices, we’ll see how it goes


I understand your feeling, but in this case, what can we do to get things back

You can see that I complained in previous posts, but I am still being optimistic, because I realized no better things I could do now. I may contact my cc company to get money back, or ask V to get refunds, but I think the V is still worth waiting. As I have a much older laptop than V to work well now.


There is a time when you need to stop hoping. It’s like being on the deck of the titanic and hoping they will find more lifeboats in time.

We were told there was an investor on board, so let’s say we all believe this to be true.

Then there is no need for the community’s money. It is that plain and simple.

The most prudent thing for people who have not received anything is to reduce their financial exposure now.

For myself, it would have no effect on me financially. But for the vast majority of people it’s a lot of money. Money that was was hard earned and even harder to save. One of top reasons many people took the plunge was getting a good device cheaper than any other supplier to the market.

That was not my reason, my reason was to back a crowd developed model.


I think the whole idea of a white knight investor is hogwash. Why would anyone or any company want to invest in Eve? What does Eve bring to the table? Liabilities, poor reputation and dissatisfied user base are all I see. Seemingly, there are no assets, intellectual properties are minimal at best and the product they would like to sell is two year old technology. What is the pay back for the investor? Shipping units gets the investor no reward, the units are already paid for. It would be in an investors best interest to not even ship already paid for units.

People are looking at the whole investor thing incorrectly. Instead of looking at what an investor would bring to Eve, what would Eve bring to an investor. Seemingly, not much.


Very well said, reduce you risk now if you can


I venture to guess if we look back we can find other people stating this before and it will be said in another 2 months.
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on you. Fool me 9 straight months…
I think the time is well due for people to. pursue consumer fraud protection.


If that was the case they wouldn’t have found investors.
Brand reputation is saved easy these days, hold the ball flat for a few months, rebrand and you are good to go again.


Have they? What evidence do you have that they have found an investor?
It is more than just reputation. What does Eve have for an investor to invest in? The investor would want a return on that investment. Eve has nothing.


I highly doubt they have an investor.

What investor, with analysts checking through this form, seeing the massive amount of fraud that eve is committing, the hypocrisy of their branding and lack of transparency, and rising legal lawsuits stacking up… would want to invest?

It was just @Konstantinos lying to the community to prevent chargebacks.

Brand reputation is saved easy these days, hold the ball flat for a few months, rebrand and you are good to go again

This is beyond a brand fluke. This is wholesale scamming a large amount of customers who have neither device nor the funds used to pay.

I’ve tried going through support which has wholesale been abandoned. I have never received a response. Thus recently I’ve reported them to the finnish consumer protection agency and going through my bank to try and get some of my money back. I hope others are able to reclaim the same.


Here is a prime example of the dishonesty and cravenness of the people running Eve. You can still order a V and they claim on their website that it will ship in September. Still scamming.


NP, I’m a non-delivered flash sale as well and have put up with all of this b/c I’ve accepted that no resolution at this point will get me anything useful (i.e. device, refund) within any useful time period, but the fact they continue to advertise for new sales for this month and have never stopped taking new orders with false shipping “hopes” is disgusting and why I post this about now. No provider has the right to expect a new customer to act upon any other information than what is posted on the actual site, not have to come search through a forum community to find out what is really going on.


Any investor who’s investing isn’t investing in eve they’re investing in the community. The community delivered (designed) the V, eve failed to deliver (manufacturer) the V.

The most valuable thing that eve has as an asset is this forum and the many smart people people in it. Unfortunately eve seems to be hell bent of burning every last bridge they have.

Only the community is worth investing in because of its potential. No doubt any investor will want to restructure the manufacturering side of things from the ground up

Eve doesn’t have a design issue, it has a manufacturing and communications issue. If they can partner with an investor who has some serious wieght on the manufacturing side then we should be okay for the time being. They also need to hire some sort of PR agent and become the faceless corporate entity they once railed against

Lodging complaints with any authorities won’t get all of you your money back, an investor bailout just might


@Konstantinos does not care, he has our money and is no longer taking part other than a bad update every so often to bait us.


I will wait forever. I did not pay for a computer, I paid for an idea.


I imagine the investor would be playing the long game, and looking at what Eve could be rather than what it is. Sure, the launch of the V became an absolute disaster, but the idea behind it is a great one. It’s a crowd sourced device which isn’t a mess. It’s a great device, and the ideals and goals of Eve are good ones. There wouldn’t have been so much hype around the V last year if it were a bad device. And I imagine the investor wants to help them move on from the Eve, and be a part of whatever comes next, and be able to provide the support and knowledge to help things run more smoothly.