Weekly Update 07.9


My payment processor (my bank) have advised me to file a report with the police against a seller who hasn’t kept his end of the deal. I will read more into the consumer laws.

And yeah, I know that technically we’re not investors, they are respected by the companies they have invested in. Whereas Eve is only able to mince words and muddy the waters.

Where is this company even registered? Is there a public record of this company? In Poland we can look into some of the companies’ info - tax number, address… Anything like this about Eve?

If @Team or at least @Konstantinos had respect for us, they would have given us a roadmap, a daily update on the progress, a name of an alleged investor or any crumb from the tablecloth.

Meanwhile in weekly updates:
"Hey guys, some people dropped by to check whether we can start mass production or not. More on the results - never.

In other news, you push us for answers to your questions. So instead of addressing your concerns we will tell you that we are pushing on our partners. You know, with your force. You push on us, we ‘push on partners’. Equilibrium here in the middle between customers and partners.

More concrete updates will follow next week. By that I mean that we will update the concrete on the floor in the manufacturing plant, because our business is slippery and we don’t want to skid until we hit a wall. Much like you guys do when hanging out on our forum."

Wow, writing this joke took me more time than it did for @Konstantinos to write the original post.


And it ended up worse than the update :stuck_out_tongue:
But I do agree, a timeline would be nice.


What confuses me is that surely giving a refund would be far easier than building and shipping a tablet, especially if they actually do have an investor to solve their financial issues.
So why are refunds the last thing they’re going to address?

I understand wanting to sort out the people who are still following them and haven’t lost faith, but surely it would be better to deal with refunds and satisfy those people to reduce the number of unhappy, unfulfilled customers.
At the very least, dealing with refunds would get rid of the most dissatisfied customers.


What’s interesting, no one from the company replied here for the last couple month except one weekly update from Konstantinos.

This time this was not even an update, more like a fact that something is going on but nothing is done. Where are those investors? I don’t believe that layers take more than months to make a document.


It’s crazy for me to think that I woke up early for the flash sale in December and literally bought an m3 like 3 minutes after it started, yet here we are.

Shoot, maybe even two minutes or less


Lol I feel ya, I stayed up till 3am just to get my order in. Here I am V-less awaiting a refund.


Same situation for me. Stayed up to 1:00am (not as late as you) and straight away bought the i7 model I’d had my eye on, after waiting months for the flash sale to go live.
And now I have no V, a dying Surface 3, and still waiting for a refund to afford a new tablet.


Yup, you’re right. @Konstantinos’ post is funnier than mine. Maybe that’s because I treat this quite seriously.

…unlike the redhead, apparently.


In the UK, we have very strong consumer laws. I got a refund with interest for my Eve V though my credit card when Eve failed to replace my faulty one in good time (over 3 months with no ETA). I did this in May/June, 6 months after I received it and almost a year after I gave them the money.


Eve, it’s time to tell us the truth and stop making fucking false updates to try to reassure us, it doesn’t work anymore! 9 months of blah, blah, blah, blah! Don’t worry, we’ll send them to you soon! I even suspect the photo on 22.08 to be fake and that no one is in China right now!

I think the community wants a real update!

  • We want to see the reports of your audit!
  • We want a live video to see the storage warehouses, manufacturing and everything else.
  • We want proof from your so-called investor!

Your customers are entitled to answers and it is not by spinning an unnecessary update per week that you will stop the problem! You should really be careful now, when your customers take legal action to get their money back, you won’t be able to stop the procedure.

You who have been coming to the community regularly for a while. You who hope to see an update coming to say that the v’s are made, open your eyes! We must start gathering and protecting ourselves.

  • Take a screenshot of your orders, the various updates and lies we received, support emails, etc.

It’s horrible to get to that! The majority of your customers in the community have long trusted you, supported you and forgiven you on several occasions. But today the anger is rising!
The fire starts to come back on but this time if you can’t put it out!

Eve wake up, damn it!


I don’t think so, but that anything happened before they went to china I doubt.


IMF @Team are not lying, they just made a really terrible mistake, and they have to spend time to fix it, which unfortunately, drag us too

I agree EVE should process the refunds rather than after shipping all Vs, those who quit queue save the Vs for behinds. However I don’t think @Team are going to realize that lol. Seriously everyone in this forum can be a much more better financial expert than those in @Team

@Konstantinos is that include all the orders for Dec 4th and later purchase on webshop?
I hope all the orders can be fulfilled in this production without any further problem, hopelly in this month. Whatever the auditing or checking components something else, the quality should have any annoying issue, especially when you owe us a LOT of time


You are falling into the trap that us HEB’s and EB’s fell into, eternal optimism, constant forgiveness.

Unfortunately it is now time to call their bluff. If there is an investor, then there should be no issue with people canceling their orders and using their CC companies or Paypal to get a refund.

If the Eve team are telling the truth, something I sincerely doubt at this stage, then you can order your Eve when they are actually shipping them.

If they have an investor they don’t need our money anymore, they will have the investors money to sort the whole mess out.

Since MAY we are have been told about the investor/s and then we were told about NDA’s etc. My guess they were hoping for a particular investor to come on board and were delaying hoping it would happen, but for some reason the investor lost faith and has pulled out. I would love to be wrong here, but now it’s about self preservation and not loosing your money.

The sad thing in all this is if Eve have actually been truthful from the beginning instead of continually bullshitting their way though the mess of the frozen funds they could have gone to the community for crowd investment.

I know I would have invested as would have others. The initial idea had the chance to be hugely disruptive to the current business models of many other manufacturers. Disruptive businesses are the best businesses to invest in because they offer the greatest returns, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Dell…

Tech savvy customers have been waiting on such a model for years. It’s just a pity they couldn’t pull off the same execution as Gemini Computers did with their relaunch of the PDA format.

This all started because Eve thought they could get grade A Samsung screens from a reseller selling grade C units.

I think it is time for the team at Eve to cop the fuck on and come clean. Go for crowd funding, get the devices out the door as fast as possible, go back to Intel and get serious discounts based on the lemons they have been selling up to now. The components costs for the Eve will have dropped substantially in the last 2 years.

Then it’s time to consider fixing, lets be honest here, the fucks up in the design, the wobbly USB c port, bluetooth and keyboard issues etc.

What has Eve in this position right now is their previous litany of lies and false promises.


He may be stretched so thin that making a roadmap is just taking away valuable time from the team.


This whole thing would be going so much better if the team just pointed a camera at themselves every day and let us know what was happening or not happening. It’s very scary to be in the spotlight but the community would have a much different outlook on things.


They would have to have money and/or an investor to give refunds, and apart from Kostantinos reassurances, there is little evidence they have either.


Ummm, forgive me if I’m misguided, but WE GAVE THEM THE MONEY. I don’t understand how they can treat us like this when WE ARE THE INVESTORS. If I were a potential new investor, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a part of this…


If the team is stretched this thin, they better file for a controlled bankruptcy, because they don’t know themselves what’s up next.


Even The investor has their right to see the progress… But kons only keeps copying and paste the useless update, with tons of broken promises :roll_eyes:


As much as this update isn’t useful at least they are putting an update out every Friday again as promised.

@Konstantinos can you comment on what happened from the post that said August shipments was the worst case even if investors didn’t happen. Has something new happened with either
A. investor change requirement
B. production/vendors
that has delayed that estimate?

I so want to say MS purchased EVE-Tech and we are going to see something like this on MS page for quite a bit more.
(Sorry just had to say it, its been sitting there in the back of my mind for a while, it would be the ultimate irony. Probably completely untrue)