Weekly Update 07.9


Hello Community,

This week we finished the warehouse audit needed for mass production of all the outstanding orders. This is needed to produce and ship Vs at a substantially higher volume. We continue to push our partners on all fronts and are doing everything possible to get things back on the right track. More concrete updates will follow next week.


Same question like every week:
What about the refunds?


So the audit is not good?


You mentioned the audit last week. Now we are still facing issues with it? I guess September means that if lucky and nothing else happens the actual beginning of your shipping cycle will START on 23:59:59 on 09/30/18. Rather than COMPLETE at that time. 2-3% would be acceptable but not even beginning to ship by now means that you probably won’t ship anything this month. That isn’t a question, and you @Konstantinos should just be honest with us know, or post a Gantt chart of your project in order to show us, and your investor that you have a plan and not just HOPE. I think your intentions are at least possibly good, and you aren’t scamming us, but that being said, as I have posted before, you aren’t posting enough, and your posts make you look like Donald J Trump.


I don’t think he said that the audit was good or bad, he just said that they finished it now.

@Konstantinos I think the community would appreciate it a lot if there was a Roadmap of things that have to be done, instead of stumbling from one task to the next, feeling like an eternal limbo.


Good to know. I have been doing sth similar in other factories as well. Sometimes the procurement and warehousing arr messy.

Btw since the auditing is done, let’s grab a beer. :beers:


I want to know,
When will EVE come

That’s all there is to it!


Sadly this does seem like a non update :frowning:

Sure it’s good that the audit is done, but are all the components still good to go? Do a lot need replacing? If there’s a lot of components that need to be replaced then this will push back shipping, probably much closer to October than late September (which amazingly is nearly 25% over already! Time sure does fly these days. I’m guessing late September as I very much doubt this will all be sorted in a week although it’d be ace if it was!).

How long do we need to actually wait before we get a concrete shipping date?

Have you decided upon any form of compensation as a team yet?

I want to believe in you, but I’m finding it quite hard to right now :cry:


Throughout August, @Konstantinos guaranteed that it was a conservative estimate and reassured the deadline would be met. Repeatedly.

This entire company is in free fall. No roadmap. No numbers. No accountability. Barely 1 update a month from the CEO who marketed his company as transparent, accessible, community oriented.

The sad thing, is that despite delays, increased transparency actually would alleviate a lot of the anxiety for people who spent $1500+ on a device almost a year ago. Not having access to those funds has seriously jeopardized people who placed their trust in @Konstantinos. Despite this, he barely gives a vague overview and lies extensively.

I’m at a loss. This entire eve experience has soured this year. Checking for progress on a device that I need with all this deception consistently leaves me feeling in a bad mood. This has been a toxic experience.

Yet, I was foolish and put my faith in @Konstantinos. He extended beyond the point I could do a charge back by asking me to trust him. And I shouldn’t have but I did.

So here I am, writing pointless rants on a board without any feeling of control over this terrible experience.

Thanks @Konstantinos.


It is a non update (following last weeks saying the next update would be a real one btw :rofl::joy:).

Basically saying the Vs are not even in the starting blocks to be assembled.
So it gives you good info for you people still waiting for your Vs -> The time for them to be assembled and sent: aim October if you are lucky.


Was my post deleted?


Do you tink we will get our refunds till the end of september?


I have the same question. A couple months ago there was an image of a truck being loaded with boxes and also there was an image of shelves of items. This is getting insane at this point. I was ok with the delays as I have previously posted but at this time I would like to take the money and put it towards a MBP, which I should have done in the beginning.

Way too much circular communication and nothing is clear. Starting to sound more like a politician than a startup CEO.

I am sure that there are very good intentions, especially in the beginning, but lack of experience is rearing its ugly head here.

I am done with this and would really just like a refund at this point.


You think trying to get a refund is being done with Eve, that’s cute.


To be honest if people were getting their refunds through already I’d probably be very tempted to do the same, heck I still feel like I should start the refund process sometimes despite how perfect the device is for my needs and opt for another device.


Folks lets be honest with ourselves here. Konstantinos has become a pathological liar.

How many Eve’s are there to ship, a few hundred or few thousand. They finished an audit that should have been over in one or two days. Lets talk about the components list, mainboard, case, kickstand, harddrive, screen, power adapter, power cable, add on circuit boards for camera etc. One person could could count 1000’s of these over one weekend, never mind a team.

This is all just more delay tactics. We were told there was a investor. Well any investor would most likely want the announcement to happen sooner rather than later in order to stop the PR nightmare that exists for this product now. That is if they wanted to protect their investment! It is old tech now, plain and simple, 2 years old for everything except the screen and the 1tb hdd’s.

All the bench marks mean nothing now with all the issues that have recently come out in relation to Intel chips.

Some of us are waiting for 2 years for a working device now. My guess is the investor we were told about is not on board as we have been led to believe.

The only group of components that was ordered in advance in large amounts were those that were needed to complete the HEB and EB orders, which still have not been 100% completed. Quiet a few of those orders are either waiting on warranty replacements or refunds?

Eve ran into severe cash flow problems due to the many many issues “that were outside their control”. They tried to use funds from the flash sale to complete the HEB and EB orders and this created more problems than it solved.

For the flash sale devices it is most likely these orders were fulfilled on a batch basis, by this I mean they ordered for example a 100 sets of components, delivered them and then waiting for the payment processors to release the funds just for those devices delivered, then “rinse and repeat”

Previous photos of Eve waiting to be shipped were just PR exercises to try to stop a revolt among the many waiting customers hoping they could stop the tide of refunds. The Eve team continued to accept orders on the website even though they have been unable to deliver on previous orders.

If you want a device that will actually be delivered and actually get regular driver and bios updates go with a dell 2 in1 5285 or 5290. The screen is obviously not as good but at least you will get the device if you order it. But other than the screen, both devices are far superior to the V.

There are many problems that have not been addressed with the Eve and are unlikely to be addressed until much later. Simply because there is no priority on updating drivers or bios, or replacing such simple things as faulty keyboards.

Then we must consider the Eve’s teams inability to ship the missing accessories to customers, accessories that do not require assembly???.

If you have been on this forum from the beginning you would now be well aware of the blatant lies that we have been told as waiting customers time and time again.

The modus operandi here is lie, then lie some more, make a new promise or commitment, break that, then lie some more. This pattern is very clear when you have been on this forum long enough.

If you can, go to your payment processors and cancel you order and get a refund. If there is a investor Eve will not need your funds until they actually have some V’s assembled and ready to ship. The so called investor, if there actually is one, should be able to provide the cash flow to assemble all remaining orders and warranty replacements.

The problem for a lot of us is we can’t go to our payment processors because we ordered 2 years ago, we must wait for the mythical promises to come true.

At this stage for all new purchasers it would be prudent for you to cancel your orders and get refunds through your payment processors. Don’t worry, if the investor is actually real then as soon as you see Eve start mass shipments that you can confirm from forum posts and the tech press sites then you can order in confidence knowing you will get the device you ordered in a timely manner. Reduce the risk to yourself before you end up like many of us HEB’s and EB’s.

I really wish things were different but they are not.


I feel like despite not being public, i.e. on the stock market, we are investors for this Titanic and deserve explanations and updates on a daily basis. As @Team doesn’t care for us not getting any (this week’s update is a dud, there is a certain orifice in your collective body where you can shove updates such as the one issued today), I too do not care who or when should be preparing them, but every day we should get an update on what has been done today and how does this take us closer to receiving the V and never hearing about Eve again.

Now, I hate micromanaging, it is a sign of a weak boss who doesn’t know how to reach his employees. But this is different. @Konstantinos owes us. We gave you money, we expected a product. We don’t have a product, so provide a service and write the update every day. On top of that service we should still receive a 2in1.

What else is there, going to the police all of us around the world and filing a report against Eve? A collective lawsuit? Internationally? Any lawyers in the house? Can we pull it off?

You guys, hit me up on FB (Dominik Twardowski) if you want to organize. Let’s take the discussion away from this forum so they cannot erase our posts.


Refunds? Or maybe another delay till the NEXT September? If you can’t produce anything, refund. Don’t waste people’s time with delays.


Unfortunately not, we are not investors. We either gave them money via IGG on the premise that we get a product in exchange, or pre ordered a device via a flash service.

Suing the company is fine but doesn’t guarantee you get your money back because it is based on the assets and debt that the company currently has and/or having the cash to actually fund a payout.

You are best off going through your payment processor and check your country’s consumer laws.


ah… I can’t express the following idea in a simple sentence.
My thought: good auditing —> eve will share a glimpse of ‘exciting news’ in this update to keep us from moaning.

Bad auditing —> hide the results of auditing now, try to fix it behind scene so the community won’t be flooded with negative AGAIN

The team tend to report all sorts of news no matter good or not, but… it bit them (like @Masters888 proposed times before). They didn’t learn much in the past experience. Except this time, they know how to selectively reporting to us