Weekly update 07.12


Same here…
Still feeling positive towards Eve, but also a bit sad.
Hope for good news any day now.
Really hope Eve as a company, as a community stays and will be able to make beautiful gear for a very long time. If so, I will be a follower, despite this long wait.


In my crystal ball, I’m guessing today’s update will be,

“Hey crew! We’re hard at work! Things are moving and we’re on our way! We’ll provide updates as soon as possible!”


But jollygrin, you forgot all the open, honest, and transparent details they always provide as well with each update. :rofl:


I’ll post this, if it’s ok lol. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer Eve.


How were you able to get accessories??? I’ve been waiting over a year to get JUST an extra charger block and cable. The order page for those items still doesn’t function.


Do we get a 14th of Dec update in 2018,2017,2016…


New update topic here.