Weekly update 07.12


Cool. It looks like waiting it out was the better choice if refunds are still a way off.


Except you get an outdated device with high degree of faulty parts which takes months to even dream of a replacement.



For broken accessories (that they probably have in stock now the got back some of it from 4pixel).
A Kickstand and a Keyboard to be precise. I already have my V.


I’ve had mine 6 months now, no issues.

I don’t see how it’s outdated either? To computer geeks maybe. I run an XPS 15 from 2016 and the Eve V. Never once have I thought they were outdated or not capable of doing what I want.


It’s literally running a last gen processor. For those waiting a year (like myself), I’d be paying full price for something that no longer commands that price.

But at this point, I just want my money back. I gave eve $1700 last year and still haven’t received device nor refund.

Konsta, just give me my money back!


For the actual V or just accessories? Another user posted a few weeks back that some accessories had been shipped (can’t recall if it was replacement ones or not) and I thought things were finally looking up for everyone but there has been nothing since then until your post just now from what I’ve seen.

Edit, just seen it was accessories, good news but not great considering in my opinion.

Still I would be excited that this means I’ll be getting my refund in a few weeks after everyone has their V or their replacement V and all the accessories have been shipped but it sounds like the folk who opted for the refund will be waiting a while longer yet :frowning:

Still, for myself the decision still feels like the right one.


I’m waiting on replacement kickstand and got an email that it is about to be shipped.


Well, Eve removed my post about the video posted on YouTube asking for a response to the taking of peoples money. And (more disturbing) they seem to have taken down the topic about gathering info about people still waiting on Eve for refunds or other items. And the poll.

Eve, if you are honest and telling the truth to us, all you have to do is respond but your silence is proving your guilt. These aren’t malicious topics people are creating. We just want honest and open discussion about what is going on. These updates are neither.


It can also be said/perceived that…

  • The silence just means there’s nothing new to report.

  • The actions of Eve aren’t malicious. They’re just doing the best they can with a bad situation and unfortunately there isn’t a quick/easy fix. They are working hard though.

  • The updates are open, honest and include everything that Eve can share but not everyone is willing to accept that and instead chooses to call it all lies and deceit.

  • Post removals have followed the rules/guidelines of the community and have these actions have been explained several times.

  • The requested response to the YouTube video has already been given. Things have been repeatedly explained in the community and updates have been given as things change. There is no need to ask the same questions again and no reason for Eve to respond again just because someone new is asking the same thing in a different manner.

I don’t begrudge anyone their anger or frustration at the state of affairs but that is not the only opinion out there. Just beacuse you feel that “they are criminals” doesn’t make it true. Bad things do happen to good people with good intentions.


We were told that the investor money would arrive no later than Nov 5th. It didn’t. Konstantinos said then:

I intially said:
There hasn't been any communication from Konstantinos since then.
This statement was wrong. he has posted twice since then.

There’s been no explanation about what happened. I’d hate to see opaque and dishonest if this is what open and honest looks like.

This is just not true. @Phil 's poll was removed (twice?). I’ve had posts that I am sure didn’t violate the guidelines but were removed. I’ve also asked for clarification (weeks ago now) and not yet received any response.

You surely don’t need to explain this to people who paid for devices in good faith, and who have yet to see anything for it - they’ll be keenly aware.


There has been further communication from Konstantinos.

9.11 update-
"Hi Community,

Sorry for taking longer than some of you expected to get back to you. Though we were told that the money is on its way there were some issues that prevented the transfer. I am constantly trying to get in contact with the investor, and will get back to you with a detailed update when I have substantial news."

16.11 update-
"Hi community,

I’ll be meeting in person with all investors and the manufacturer next week, and it looks like things should start moving again soon. Once we have more specific information and can plan ahead concretely, we will update you guys. Until then rest assured that the team is still hard at work to make sure all customers get what they’re waiting for."

And then from Helios.
23.11 update-
"So, what is happening in China?

That takes some time, because it requires people to meet up with one another. It’s not just Eve and investors, but also suppliers and our manufacturer who are involved in these talks. You’d think that in this day and age, international business could be conducted swiftly through phone calls and digital conferences. After all, that’s how I deal with my colleagues, most of the time. But Asian businesses (and Chinese in particular) still favor face-to-face meetings to conduct deals, and getting people from different companies in the same room takes some scheduling at times. Since his arrival in China, Konsta has been in a few such meetings, and everything is going well. Shipping-things-soon-well. How soon? Very. We’ll make more specific promises once things are more specifically confirmed."

30.11 update-
Just read the whole thing. It’s pretty clear that further negotiations were needed to get the investment money to come through but that Eve is tackling every little detail they can until then. It’s also obvious to me that they have learned from the past and are being wise and trying very hard to not make promises or giving us too much detail until they are certain so that they don’t end up misleading us.

And finally, this current update explains to us that investment isn’t a simple cash injection and has a lot of strings attached. There has been a constant theme of “we’ll give you more news when there is something substantial or concrete to report”. Well, the conclusion that I think we can reach here is that there isn’t any further news they can report on the investment right now but that they have made other forward steps, which they have shared with us.

In conclusion, when someone says “there hasn’t been any communication” or “Eve isn’t doing anything to fix this” and then I go backnand read the updates, I can’t help but wonder if some people are just refusing to believe what has been presented in the updates or they are simply unwilling to accept anything except the answers/info that they want to be given.


What eve is doing is the exact opposite of open and honest. This, is open, honest and succinct from a kickstarter-esque venture…



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My mistake - I searched for replies from Konstantinos and missed that he had posted these.

Just read the whole thing indeed:

Konstantinos said the funds had been wired. I don’t know how you would carry out further negotiations with a wire transfer.

Either Konstantinos was not telling the truth, or he was being misled by the investor, and didn’t ask for any proof when the wire transfer was sent.

It is absolutely not clear to me that Eve have learned from the past and are being wise - they claim to have made the same mistake with payment processors during EB/HEB and Flash sale. They have repeatedly communicated delivery dates and have repeatedly failed to meet them.

That is certainly something noone could accuse Eve of.

In conclusion, when someone says Eve are ‘just doing the best they can with a bad situation’, that their “updates are open, honest” or that they have “good intentions”, I go backnand read the updates, I can’t help but wonder if some people are just refusing to accept what has been presented in the updates or they are simply unwilling to accept anything except the answers/info that they want to be given.


I’m typing this on my brilliant EVE V. I’m very happy to see that things have progressed at long last. I’ve just received an email about my accessories order has now been confirmed. Not sure if that also means they will be shipped soon or not but he it’s better than no news at all.


I guess that is some improvement. When Eve delivers, it’s pretty good, but so far from my 2016 perspective they aren’t so reliable on deadlines.

I for one, am glad I didn’t order anything this risky from Eve, sitting here with a Surface Book 2 bought abroad (it did hurt my wallet, but not my feelings).

even Eve V redditors are saying that after the initial Indiegogo campaign that this site is a gamble.

@ngarkat I’m not saying that there are many Survivorship bias, but to those who have waited 6 months to 1 year in the dark (with a loss of $1000-2000), it’s not a fun train to be in.

Some probably are hanging on to their stone-age laptops/none in this 6months/year.
Some are anxious because they will probably be given a 7th gen (Dual-core, Y processor) in 2019, when something is bound to happen in CES 2019 [Snapdragon 8cx, LG gram 2-in-1s, etc]

I mean boi, 14" 2in1, 72Wh with 1.150 grams and full I/O ports…

That kills Surface Laptop, the only sad part is LG didn’t make it 3:2 and higher resolution.
Seriously, tho. If Eve is considering a PROJECT C, this would be it, because LG Gram ain’t cheap and can reach $2000 at max settings.


For the purposes of refunds Eve Tech at this point is a pyramid scheme, there is no other way to look at their explanation that they need new purchases to have money to do refunds.


They have funds frozen that might be released when they start shipping the devices sold during the flash sales, so the money to pay the refunds doesn’t need to come with new purchases.


Stop spreading this misinformation.
If a money processor holds your funds, you can not withdraw them, but you CAN task a refund. In fact that is your best choice in order to avoid lawsuits and the easiest choice to settle claims.
The processor holds your money for a given period - you can google that paypal does so in extreme cases for 6 months, not for a year.

Eve claimed issues with Paypal already in spring 2017 when they could not deliver IGG systems, why did they continue to use Paypal or collected funds to a frozen account? Or, if the account was not frozen at the time of the flash sale, why would Eve leave funds on that account and wait for them to be frozen again? Especially when that happened to them already before?

And, what payment processor would hold money and claim to unfreeze them when products are shipped - why would they take onto themselves the added logistical and legal burden to verify that units really were shipped?
And what sense does that make anyway, if the bulk of your money is in that account and you need that money to deliver, then there is no way out - and the account will be frozen forever…

Why would Eve not immediately email customers, refund them and for those who are still willing to get a V, collect the money through a different channel?

Why would they wait for a year in the hope of an investor, and why is there no investor? If there are money that are frozen, an investor pays the amount to build and deliver the missing ~30% of orders, all the money are unfrozen and the investor can be immediately payed back with some interest as profit…


“Start new development projects as requested by our investor”, really ? Where is my money ? Asked for refund months ago.
You can’t even deliver or refund and you’re talking about “starting new development projects” ??


Still waiting for my Eve V :cry:
I order and paid on monday 4/12/2017, 14:05- 1 year already passed and my order continues to say “Unfulfilled” and the Estimator says “Estimated Shipping: November” of what year 2019 or 2020?
Please deliver the Vs of the waiting customers, who have been very patients!!!