Weekly update 07.12


Well, bois. I think it’s clear, the chances of getting straight refunds for 2018 seems dark.

Wow! A full-year. Issues of the 35% undelivered products was around mid-year 2018… Customers have a right for refund if the products aren’t met for 3 months via paypal, but they trusted Eve and lose it all (by the mean time).

This is a very hard situation for Eve as an indie company, as the problem is, THEY CLEARLY NO CAPACITY to issue refunds. Their aren’t any documentation/plans/agreements/termination dates to users for a refund when the USER doesn’t receive the product.


I mean Idk, what’s going to be the plan…

  1. Pre-order $1000-2000 (raises fund/profits for creating/RnD)
  2. Eve processes the money to make the devices (inventory)
  3. 65% delivered and 35% (???) = money depleted/some profits (???)
  4. Delays for month to a year… no devices for 35%.
  5. No money/capacity for refunds cause it’s spent???
  6. Wait for project B/Some investors to save their butts in 2019.

Either way the 35% are screwed for the meantime… cause there is no fund to refund.

I see conflicting issues here. The option to raise project B/2.0 from the crowd/customers once again seems to be a crazy idea if the current refund issues aren’t solved yet.

The crowd wouldn;t have a say if they don’t trust Eve anymore with actually handling the business side of it.


@Helios, I have a question:

  1. I order a V along with extra cables and int’l plug converters (don’t remember what they are called) in a single Dec. Flash Sale Order inv. 1537. Will my extra accessories be shipped in a separate shipment before eve ships my actual V? Or will they be shipped together in “one” shipment as I had ordered them?
  2. I have the $50 coupon notice sent to some of us this year. Is there an expiration date on using it (I don’t recall seeing one)? I ask because I don’t want to use it until after I receive my actual V computer for obvious reasons. I’m also afraid to order anything right now that might delay getting my V as soon as possible.
  3. Will Dec. 2017 Flash Sale V be shipped by 12/31/2018? Or will it be in 2019? Would be nice to get mine for New Years since my laptop died about 5-6 months ago.

Thanks for your time.


More or less my situation, this last update didn’t make me less worried…
With all the explanation done, I do not really understand why my PayPal-paidedmoney cannot be used for my laptop… Paypal ensures payment after Eve sends the V I geuss, so why not feel secure and send me the thing…


You can not start with project B if u have not refunded any money. No one will trust you with this!


In my opinion you have to do three things to gain the trust of your customers again!

  1. Sell replacements
  2. Ship the remaining V’s
  3. Pay refunds

Otherwise no one will ever trust you again. Dont start with another project before. Even from an investors perspective it is not the best way to do so. (Sorry for my english)


On the other side if they don’t continue with project B then the investor won’t give them funding -> no money for refunds.


1. Ship replacements - Good.
2. Ship remaining units - Very good.
3. Sell more accessories to generate income - Uh, ok… Understandable.
4. Continue development on project B, 5. Start NEW projects - ??? What ???
6. Then start thinking about returning the money you stole - ok.

I don’t know what i expected. I think i would have preferred to be spit on and slapped in the face weekly than to come and view such impotent and meandering updates, only to then be finally told that i basically opted to throw away the product i ordered as well as the money i spent. The refund form offered all those months ago was actually a delete money button in disguise.

I envy those who were smart enough to jump ship early on and press for their funds through chargebacks. It’s not fun getting constantly baited on with the promise of “next month”, “next week”, “soon” – and now, "eventually".


We have been told all along that the money is there but need something extra (in the form of an investor) to get all the cold cash released from it “holding status”. If that was really true than I would think the investor would be happy to make that happen and than the money would be flowing again to meet the obligations outline in this response. That is why I held on and waited so long before cancelling my order for a refund. What happened to all that money!!! NOTHING here makes sense the more you think about it. AND they are still taking peoples money!

I also think @Konstantinos is gone. Either fired by the “Investor” or run with our money and left us high and dry. I don’t follow any of the other forums here. Can anyone confirm they have any discussions with actual Eve Staff? It feels like a ghost town with occasional drifters discussing times of old at the bar and promising a better tomorrow before passing out with their last drink.


I posted a thread with a suggestion on how we, as a community, could respond to the current situation. It has been removed by Rob Windhouwer (Eve Community Manager) and am awaiting feedback on precisely why it has been deleted. I hope to repost the thread shortly once the issues that Eve have with the thread have been resolved.


Yeah that is strange. Thanks for the update.


hmm sounds like i’m getting the v in January. (hoping for christmas shipping :stuck_out_tongue: )

But ohwell Goodluck with this step eve!


@Phil - you might be better off posting on the Eve subreddit :



Look on the bright side. We all have festive holiday hats above our forum icon.


The real laptop was the friends we made along the way


I agreed with your thread! And even though they blocked it to keep anyone from reading it, i voted that i will not purchase or support eve until they treat the customers legally as they should. Thank you for your post, and i hope there are more like you!


So here’s something I am kind of curious about, is the Christmas theme another way to minimize our rants, because it seems like if we are truly angry putting a hat on the person’s post is a little demeaning. Those of us who haven’t cancelled, believe in the device, and hope that it lives up to the hype, but at this point, we are getting tired.


Cool hats, …Tis’ the season!

Glad to hear some small steps might be inching things forward. Hopefully the Eve team has a warm place to sleep this holiday season (Frosty balls and toes hurt no matter who your are.).

…Best laid plans of mice and men, well intentioned announcements, it all sucks. Real life, things go wrong, I get it. The price of development and learning international supply line navagation can be costly. Its not Walmart or Amazon, it’s been painful for everyone concerned.

I’ve given up getting a working keyboard or the accessories I paid for, it would be nice though.
…As an attorney once schooled me, “You got screwed, get over it.”

No need to let my Christmas be anything other than a good one.

I hope you all enjoy Happy Holidays


Things seem to move.

Received shipping emails as of today!


For accessories? Or V?



The larger the censorship on this site, the bigger the diaspora to the subreddit. Except when they leave, they are even more angry.

Like a Chinese finger trap. Gets tighter the more you resist and fight back.