Weekly update 07.12


Hi community,

One more update from me before it’s time to fly back home…

The case of the missing accessories

Last week I mentioned that we were moving accessory stock from the 4PX warehouses to our new shipping partner PCH International. Early next week we will start sending out e-mails to people still waiting for their missing accessories, with instructions on how to double-check their shipping information in our web store (many of these customers do not yet have a web store account). We have arranged with our new shipping partner that the shipping of these missing accessories will begin soon after that.

The plan from there

Following these accessory shipments, the plan is to:

  • Ship outstanding warranty replacements for Vs, keyboards and pens
  • Ship Vs to waiting customers
  • Start the sale of accessories to generate new income
  • Continue development of Project: B as requested by our investor
  • Start new development projects as requested by our investor
  • Process refunds as funds become available

These are roughly in the order they are currently planned, and some of these may overlap. Some of you may be wondering why we’re moving inventory instead of paying out refunds, and to explain I think I’ll need to clear up some misconceptions about what our investors do.

Investments and how we make them work

‘Investment’ doesn’t mean that someone’s just giving us a sack of money to do with as we please. Some of the investment comes in the form of goods or services or guarantees. Of course there is also money involved, but that doesn’t always mean it’s an amount that will instantly solve everything.

What it comes down to, is that we can’t spend the money willy-nilly, and that every buck we spend must be carefully considered to get the most out of it.

In the end, investors want to make money, and to do that Eve needs to be a healthy company. To get there, we must take care of our existing projects and customers, and work on new projects to enable future growth. If we don’t do both of those, there is no value for investors — or for us, or really, for you.

In the case of the accessories, spending some money to get our accessories back means that we can ship them out to hundreds of waiting customers (taking care of our existing customers), and sell remaining inventory that we’ve already paid for (reducing the amount of money tied up in stock), to make new money (which means we can take new steps forward).

We’re moving forward

So even if Eve seems slow to do anything, please remember that we are taking many small steps forward, and we are working hard to ensure all our customers will be taken care of. The alternative is to give up and then everyone gets nothing, which I doubt anyone will find preferable…

Also, festive hats!

Santa hats are back this year! It doesn’t have anything to do with investors or any of that, but, well, they’re here. There’ll always be someone muttering ‘bah, humbug!’ but judging by the enthusiasm some community members have shown toward expanding the theme, it seems we put a smile on some people’s faces.

We will of course share information as more confirmations come in on our end — until then, enjoy a mug of glögi by the fire and have a great weekend!

Weekly update 30.11

People waiting for refunds are screwed!

What about ALL that (customer) money sitting in all those bank accounts you have been talking about for so long? Listen, I appreciate the update but seriously for the people wanting a refund I am going to guess maybe next summer if we are lucky. I get that the investors want what you have outlined above. It is the first “real” thing you have said that I believe but there are so many unanswered questions. Especially all of our cash that is being “held” in the bank. ???

There is no “Festive season” here for many folks who paid for their Eve in 2017.


What about the $1700 I paid to eve? That was quite a bit of value that hasn’t gotten me anything except a toxic year of lies and deception.

Festive hats? Nothing about this situation is festive except that I have neither a refund nor laptop which has been a financial pinch this entire year, putting me further in the hole as I had to buy another laptop after already spending what I had budgeted.

There’ll always be someone muttering ‘bah, humbug!’

Nice. So apparently wanting a refund after a year of waiting makes you a scrooge. Good to know that if you don’t give endless praise to eve, that makes you a bad person.

I’m confused that you say refunds are last to maintain the company.

In the end, investors want to make money, and to do that Eve needs to be a healthy company.

Eve has legal obligations to the thousands of customers who are still waiting. Perhaps this is avoided by having all sales go through the hong kong company. Regardless, refunds should take priority over new customers. Much less, this snafu isn’t being communicated to new customers, meaning they will join this horde only to realize the company has not been truthful to them when they made their purchase.

The alternative is to give up and then everyone gets nothing, which I doubt anyone will find preferable…

This sounds like blackmail. Eve currently is paying salaries to a full team. It’s not like there is no money available. So it’s not the option of “wait for refunds” vs “not at all”. Eve has made a deliberate decision to sidestep people waiting over a year.

Let me off this train… please! I’ve been waiting a year and just want my money back!


When will broken Eve‘s be fixed? I got the e-Mail to double check everything over a week ago.
Don‘t get me wrong but I‘m waiting to pay for a service by employed people for quite a while now.

Or is this assumption wrong ?
Is there any form of progress ?


I understand the earnestness of @Helios, and it is at least telling that we are seeing some information, but honestly I just want my device and my accessories, and him not being willing/able to state WHEN THE DEVICES WILL SHP is disheartening…


Seriously, why are refunds now a topic you’ll only address as funds become available to you? At the end of the day you still have my money and I have no product (which I was weirdly fine with when refunds seemed to be assured once all of the replacement V’s and new V’s had been shipped). But now you’re saying when funds become available? That’s irked me to say the least. There is now at least 2 more stages folk who opted for the refund have to wait to happen to get our money back?

Which of the two investors have dropped out? It certainly seems like one of them has?

This has certainly sapped a little of the festive mood from me, so I guess I’ll be one of the Scrooges on here :laughing:


Are there any software updates coming to address current issue? My V developed ghost-touches and the auto-rotation switching issue makes it unusable sometimes.


Have I understood correctly between the lines:

“Process refunds as funds become available”

As far as I understand “No refunds will be paid out”?!
Paying out refunds when funds become available seems like when Project B comes to life and generates income, or when customers from future projects get all their orders and their refunds, that might be when we the First Flash Sale customers from 2017 get our money back. Which year might that happen?

How would future customers even think of purchasing in this scenario when there are past customers left behind?

Something is borderline wrong here.


Hey, if you ever keep your promises from the list, how about giving the ones waiting for 2yo tech a substantial, say, 50%, discount on the next gen V?

What does

mean, exactly? Can you be a little bit more specific?


It has always been what you stated, but it might have missed you.


This update has made me lose any hope that @Konstantinos or eve will ever give me my money back.

The team treats valid complaints like petulant children, and less like people who deserve at the very least more transparency and accountability (numbers of devices shipped each week, money current available, with evidence).

I have asked this question several times, so perhaps using the proper format will help the team track this.

Q: What happened to the bank wire? It was said months ago that the wire was sent, and waiting for it to go through the pipes. That’s not an easily reversible transaction. What happened? (Plenty of customers who purchased over the summer likely passed their ability to chargeback while trusting promises.)

Q: Are funds still “held up in paypal”? How is it not possible to resolve liability by clicking “refund”.

Q: What about customers with credit cards? I naively passed the 6 month period where I could initiate a chargeback and couldn’t. Thus, my money (and others who have lost chargeback ability) would be in eve’s bank account.


I was under the impression refunds would be issued after the V’s had all been shipped, not once the new project is well underway (maybe even on sale?).


Agree on that one post and 20 chars
But that’s not what i quoted.


Since you have my money, I don’t have an order for a V, and you have my returned device and are using it for whatever it is you’re doing, that by definition makes me an investor then? How do I go about taking advantage of this to know more about what you’re doing and some actual data? @Team @Helios @Konstantinos

Since your support also blatantly ignores this question, what is the contact information for your legal council?


Wow. I like Eve and the V but this update is rather poor. In fact, it’s a terrible update for anyone who waiting on a refund as the way it’s worded the investment deal must be that no investment money is used for refunds. It’s ring-fenced purely for growth and development. I can’t believe you are being so blase about it though? I hope pending refund customers have been contacted directly here with more info.

I wouldn’t say a refund is spending money willy-nilly really either. Develop Project B: Backpack, that could be a total flop is though.

I don’t think the market is huge for V accessories so is it really going to raise funds? Or are you going to FBA them on Amazon as generic products as a cash raiser? I guess the charger, cables and pens etc. can be sold as standalone items.

Obviously, we have no idea how many refunds are pending. You’d think if it was a nominal amount relative to the overall investment and the investor had a conscience he’d take the hit…


As someone who’s been waiting for a year, I have not received any outreach or info.

investor had a conscience he’d take the hit…

Not even conscience. If they are investing in a company, they probably want legal obligations to be followed…


Sorry, I don’t quite get what you’re trying to say with that reply? Has it always been the case that the new project would be started before people got their refunds? If so then yes, that information must have slipped past myself!


The only thing that I loathe more than this organisation is myself for ever getting involved with it.

It is now over a year since I paid money to Eve and I am so tired of hearing excuses; obfuscation; reasons for waiting; and accusations of moaning by other forum members for daring to ask where the Eve’s / refunds are.

Dealing with Eve is like dealing with a paternalistic, patronising government: let’s give the proles some Santa hats, smiley faces, YouTube videos and then moralise with the dissenters when the arguments for stealing their money no longer work.


So no V’s and now no refunds? Not surprised I guess. Time to start filing police reports.


Great to see posts being deleted again. no time to explain what’s happened with the investor’s transfer of money, or why people who were sent faulty/no devices will have to wait until some other poor saps buy from eve before being made whole. no time whatsoever for those trivialities.

but all the time in the livelong day to delete posts from paying customers, or point out that we have santa hats now. Well done everyone. I’m sure you must feel incredibly proud to be part of the Eve organisation, and to deliver such consistently excellent service and honest communication.