Weekly update 05.10



Q: Any kind of compensation for the people who’ve been waiting months for a refund?

Q: What about Shipping (DHL Express) for €50.00. Hope do you return that too. Almost a year if its come before is not really what i think for Express…

Thanks you


I’m not really sure what compensation could be given to those waiting for a refund (other than issuing it ASAP of course), as for refunding the shipping? I certainly agree with that, in no way express shipping when you’ve been waiting so long! :wink:


Return shipping cost would be a good idea for the compensation!

Nothing to blame for the shipping company, but we may consider this as its problem

Can’t come up with anything better than this :clap:

NB: May return the amount that depends on the waiting time, quite more reasonable


Is there an emoji for a tumble weed ?


Here is my question: I place and paid for my order December 4 2017. If I actually get the V will it be a chip set that is a year out of date? If so wouldn’t I be better off getting a refund so I can buy a more current laptop with current technology. As far as saving any money that was lost a long time ago when the product could not be delivered.

How do I get my money back?


Yes it will be out of date in the processor side of things, the rest of it still seems very much up to date though. As for a refund I believe you need to drop them a message via support, think you need your email you used to place the order and the order number to get things started and they should be able to say what the next stage is.


I’m not sure why people think this? What does current technology really get you? I’m sat here writing this from XPS 9550 from 2015 and I can’t see how getting a 2018 XPS would make any difference to me.


If your V was delivered as promised, you should now have a V with the same specs, for the same price.:thinking:
Hope Eve get their problems solved soon, all the delays are putting too many people in problems though.


Unfortunately the CPU does matter in this case. Possibly the BIOS and motherboard chipset depending on what it is.
Because of recent CPU based vulnerabilities the older processors have to an extent been throttled because of the patching that had to be put in place. This would not be as noticeable on a Windows 7 machine but on Windows 10 it is unfortunately unavoidable.

Short of this, for the most part yes you would be correct.


Thank you for continuing the weekly updates. I think the responses, though not always positive, are better when communication continues.

A question for you (this may be available somewhere but I have not looked).
Question: What is the actual CPU part numbers that are going into these units?


You’re not me … you don’t know my software needs. You’re response is nonessential.


I wonder what todays update will bring?


Actually it is the opposite. The performance impact of the mitigation is larger on 7 and 8 than 10.

In addition to that, the mitigation doesn’t affect every usage scenario equally. Gaming, for example, has near zero impact, while VM with lots of I/O takes the biggest hit. For the average non-enterprise-server use, there is practically no noticeable difference.

This issue has been blown way out of proportion, especially regarding the performance impact. The media loves the clicks, and AMD (and their fanboys, which has been skyrocketing lately) loves to point out that their system doesn’t have one of the issues.


The issue of the performance? Or the issue of those breaches?
If it is the latter, man, I would really be curious to see the content of your thesis and to see the level of professionnalism you did put in it. Because, again, if it is the latter that you are speaking about, please just don’t talk about it until you tested,
1/ the PoC available on github.
2/ having a real discussion about it with jake Williams, Joanna rutkowska, binni shah and Alex Ionescu.
Then we can talk about it.
If it is the former, then yeah sure, the perf impact have been mitigated on most of the I/O transactions.

And the fact that AMD doesn’t have one of them is quite important so don’t undermine that fact because it’s actually a big one. And you shouldn’t use fan boys expression in this case, it doesn’t apply. There are facts which what we are discussing here, and there are interpretation.


To be fair, newer Intel CPUs are still affected by Meltdown. Intel needs a pretty big redesign of their architecture. As for Spectre, one basically needs to completely rework out-of-order execution to mitigate the issue. Something that will take a long time to be accomplished.


For the two still offered CPU choices the exact models are:
i7: Intel 7th Gen Core i7-7Y75
i5: Intel 7th Gen Core i5-7Y5

Data can be found on the V’s page under “Full Specs”.


I was talking about the performance impact, which I have stated more than once in the post. The vulnerability is undoubtedly serious, but as long as it’s been mitigated, the only thing left to be answered is the side effect, which in this case, is performance.


Exactly. And since companies spend many years developing new architectures, it may be over a decade before there’s a proper silicon fix…


In terms of CPU, it’s getting old. But there are still many other products on the market with 7th gen CPUs, especially in the thin and light arena.
And unless you want a quad-core U-series or higher CPU, there is little difference between 7th and 8th gen beyond slight efficiency increases… It’s still just a reworked 14nm with the same core architecture…

And if you’re worried about things other than CPU being out of date, then the V is still way ahead of almost every other detachable 2-in-1 with its multiple USB-A and USB-C ports, and its thunderbolt port. The Surface Pro still only has a single USB-A, a mini display port, and a proprietary connector… Which one seems more up to date to you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying you have no right to be mad, or to want a refund, hell, you have every right to both!
But it just seems like you’re focusing on the wrong thing.


I say, the fact that this topic isn’t even closed yet is not a good indication for when we are getting an update.

I’ve been spoiled by two noon-ish updates the previous couple of weeks and with the Q&As.