Weekly update 05.10


Dear Community,

I am now boarding the plane to China for next week’s meeting. According to our European private investor, everything is on track for the week of October 15th. In the meantime, I’ll be meeting Emdoor, our manufacturer, and with the big international investor, face to face next week to work on shipping the units out before the investment hits the account to speed things up as much as possible for you. We will make full update on the situation next week!


Dear Konstantinos,

Thank you for your updates.

Glad that you would take the risk even the investors is not yet 100% finalize. :+1:


Why should we believe you?


Yay, no hideous disasters or problems this week :smiley:


Glad that the 15^th is still set as a fallback. Let’s hope together with the investor you can convince Emdoor.
Regardless of the result, after the meeting let us know how it went.
Have a save trip!


@Konstantinos, no Q&A this week?


@Rzabadabadoo sorry for not answering a question if it was listwd last week. I didn’t notice any new ones. Would it be possible for you to list it here ? The easiest way to spot questions for me is when it starts with Q:


Solid update, hope we can hear how the meeting went and if we can expect an email saying our order has been shipped.

However one question, are you still planning on some form of compensation for the people who’ve been waiting nearly a year when we actually get our V’s? Or is the previous voucher it? I understand this question sounds kind of petty and maybe a touch sarcastic but it’s not meant in that way.

Regardless, thanks for the update.


Don’t. Believe what you want to believe.


Problem is that @Konstantinos misinformed us too many times … He is still owing me info about Mozo magnetic sleeve …


oh, yes, your magnetic sleeve should be the biggest problem of konsta these times… sorry for that, flag it, but I just can’t understand how someone cold be this whiney. you should join a bed with cluskey…


Why flag it? This is maybe your “normal” behaviour … It is not about problem with sleeve, but about keeping word and about accountability a personal integrity …

In bed I prefer my wife … so do not project your desires/dreams …



Q: Why haven’t you answered any of my questions?


So this update is, basically, nothing.


What dibadibadu pasted :wink: thanks.


it is positively nothing


I seem to remember lots of people asking for an update every week even if it was to say sorry no news this week…


True, but there were some questions posted in the previous thread, I hope @Konstantinos finds an hour to answer them.

It’ll take an hour if sb collects the questions for Konsta for him earlier.


Can we please have an update on the refund timeline. We should be close no?