Weekly Update 04.01


Awesome to see some movement happening! I hope the pace continues to pick up.

I am curious why you think this will help? Sure, you can say that you “sent your info directly to the CEO” but how is that going to be effective in helping to move things along? I would imagine that the process of getting that kind of info from his DM’s to the order distrubution system would take so much time and require so much manual entry that it would end up costing more and taking more time than just going through the proper system.


Sent a ticket in may last year because keyboard stopped working. I forgot about it because I don’t use my V that much anymore.

And today I get a notification that it will ship soon. Great!

As I’m getting a new keyboard I’m asking here. Is it a new revision? ( I’m asking here while I go search the forums )


No update today?!?! Did Eve run out of BS?


Out of nowhere I did get a message from eve-tech store today containing a receipt for a replacement pen!
It also says, that the shipment is free (as is the replacement pen) - so I guess, it’s on its way to me (from Hongkong to Berlin).


New update topic here.