Weekly Update 04.01


I received some of the accessories I ordered a long long long long long time ago - unfortunately I’ve received the (spare) plugpack adaptors but no plugpack! Oh well - I guess it will turn up one day!




Dear all, I’m also a buyer from December 4th 2017 still waiting… I haven’t received so far any email for confirmation of my address or any answer to my tickets in support asking for the status of my order… anyone from Europe has received their Eve?


I tried to put a poll up so we, as a community, could track delivery progress now that items are starting to be shipped. The first time I did it, I was told it was removed because people had added comments below. So I added it again telling people not to add comments, and it was still deleted.

It’s pretty clear that Eve does not want any actual facts about the current situation being reported in this forum. Only the unverifiable information provided by Eve management in their weekly updates is permitted.

This is very disappointing.


If they are deleting all the negative feedback and don’t want the honest issues to be listed here they should always disable comments from theirs updates and disable posting any thread in the forum. That way everything is taken care of.


What about warranty replacements for chargers?
I am waiting for quite a long time… :confused:


Big maybe. Eve could have sent him a box of rocks for all we know. The shipping label doesn’t prove anything other than that he has a box or piece of cardboard with a shipping label on it. It doesn’t even prove that the “parcel” was even handled by the parcel service because the tracking codes are all obscured—“to protect the innocent” no doubt. The filename is a particularly uncouth touch that hopefully gets him some disciplinary attention, but I won’t hold my breath.


Yeah, yeah. No reason to trust the guy, I mean, he whined about posting this obscure pic. Maybe his phone cam has a monthly limit on taking pictures, who knows.

But yeah, it would be nice to see what he received. Although, he might start another one of his tirades.

In other news, has ANYONE had any contact from Support asking about them addresses?

I know I haven’t.


Or maybe he got delivery of accessories due to his overfriendly (fanboy) behaviour at this forum …


No contact from support, lets see what tomorrow’s update brings !


Ah, it seems that the lack of trust is so strong now that whenever a tracking number should arrive the first thought could well be “fake tracking code”.
If afterwards a packet will be delivered the thought “Sure it is filled with straw alone” will try to pass by.
And then when a 2in1 comes out . . .“Must be a cheap plastic imitation” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup, that’s exactly right. Because if nobody even got the question about addresses and some rando gets a parcel and is protective of the contents and of the shipping sticker, it doesn’t exactly reassure about things being on track.

Let’s see what petty excuse we get today.

EDIT: I thought I’ll reach out to our reigning empty promise champion and share my message with you guys.

"Hi there, CEO. So you promised contact from Support asking for the updated addresses from the vast majority (or whatever the exact words you used) of users who ordered the 2in1and yet nobody has been contacted.

Just so you know, nobody wants to hear excuses, even though they do want to hear what’s going on with their orders. So you better get stuff organized and send out the emails before TODAY’S update. Show us that you are a competent leader.

BTW, my address on the order page is correct, so go ahead and send out my order and forward me the tracking number."

EDIT2: I encourage you to reach out to @Konstantinos and confirm your addresses in a DM. This way we know that EVE had received their confirmations, so they can proceed with shipping instead of using smoke screen excuses again whilst we wait idly for their merciful contact.


I don’t know what to expect from the updates anymore, it’s still very hard to stay positive about mine and anyone’s current situation (unless you have a perfectly working V then I guess things are pretty good for you compared to everyone else waiting for a V, replacement V or refund) throughout this ongoing and seemingly never ending process.

As always, hoping for some good news today, however I can see refunds still being a few months off sadly as no one seems to have actually got their V or replacement V as of yet :frowning:


Well, today would be another revelation of the delay tactics it would seem. Like anything they posted in 2018…

If they waited till Friday to post an update = it’s probably another delay.


Thought I’d share this to you guys:

This is a replacement keyboard I was initially going to get in the summer(had one with the wrong layout up until now). Unfortunately they got the wrong address as I never got an address check email from them.

I’m actually very surprised to get this, but it seems like things are starting to move. Now they just need to pay me back the 400$ they owe me for a downgrade as well.


I opened a service ticket to find out where my computer shipment stands on 1/4. This is the reply I received today…

Team Eve (Eve)

Jan 11, 11:33 EET

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out to us and for your continued patience. We understand it’s been difficult, and truly appreciate your understanding throughout this period. As soon as your device is ready to ship, you will be contacted directly. Please stay tuned for more news and information, as we do expect your device to be shipped this month.


So today I received the email, (I know I am being harsh), but why when they say you will get a notice during the week of xxx do they wait until the last day to send it? If that is the way they are operating, why not just say I will send you the email on this date, rather than the week of, if you are early all the better. It might actually bring good will, I have never had a customer complain because I communicated ahead of schedule. Just a thought.


It’s coming! :rofl:


Anyone had any issues updating their address btw? I did get an address check email, but when I tried to update the address for the order I get an error


Looks like I’m gonna need to email support as I didn’t get an email