Weekly Update 04.01


Actually, most of the negative users comments including mine.

Perhaps something on investors or Lew from Unbox Therapy checking time to time.

Well if somebody has backup please post it on Reddit evev.


I don’t have a backup of the thread but I think what happened was that after @Orion posted a handful of messages about his unfortunate experience, somebody posted a glib comment, intending to be funny, about what might happen if his Eve ever does arrive, and he ends up having two devices. Then another guy posted another glib comment, and then I posted a message chastising them both for making light of @Orion’s situation, and the next time I logged on, all the messages were gone.


I know it’s only Tuesday but no email as of yet to me, just keeping everyone updated


There is no room in this thread for humour, compention, meanness and others. Only room for information and questions


Unfortunately, the questions never get answered, because hey! Eve asked for money in exchange for devices, then asked for questions in exchange for answers. In both situations they held to their end of the deal in a similar fashion - barely and rarely.

Does sarcasm count as humour? I mean, I only know how to rub salt into wounds and right now Eve is all cut up in a salt mine.


Thanks to the Eve team for such a fast delivery.

I am happy to say that UPS called me at 11.57 am this morning to say they had my parcel in their possession, and I took physical delivery of it at 1.14 pm.

The new delivery system is outstanding in speed since it only left Shenzhen yesterday and was here in Perth, Australia less than 24 hours later.

Well done, and happy to see that things are indeed turning around.

Thanks again on a job well done.


Why do I get such a propaganda vibe from this guy?

Is it because no pics?
It it because he had his V before, as he claimed in other topics?
Is it because of the brown nose formulation of the post?
Maybe it’s the lack of answers to questions asked, so reminiscent of Eve’s tactics?
Or the fact that NOBODY ELSE GOT ANYTHING? Not even the address confirmation Konsta was so proud to announce?

I’ve been working for a news outlet who is forming their thoughts in a similar fashion. Suffice to say, most of the things they reported was not true and sometimes outright opposite to the truth.


Were you waiting for a V or just some accessories? If its a V then it sounds like good news for people still waiting for them.


I’ve got the adress confirmation a little month ago, but nothing since …
Still hopeful


yeah, I had that email somewhere too, I guess, but I can’t find it. Was it from support@eve-tech.com?

EDIT: I didn’t receive it :smile:


Coming Soon just for you.



I received that e-mail december 16, 2018 from Eve Support Team.
The mail asked for my adress confirmation, which I gave and stated that as soon as it was confirmed, they would send my V within one week.
If not I could reply on that message, which I did.


See? That wasn’t so hard. I bet that was easier than removing sand and scorpions from your crevices after a long day at an Australian beach.

Well sorry if your bloated, fragile ego was hurt by some Pollack suspicious of a guy with his head in a bag of a company that screwed thousands (I assume) of people out of their money talking like he’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

But I’m a man enough to admit that I might have been wrong. Happy for you, boy. I hope that the rest of us get the same quick treatment.

Thanks for the pic.

So to answer my own question - it was the brown nose formulation of thought and not answering questions asked to him on the forum.

Plus, the fact that he’s the only one to have received any contact from the company is not helping his case. But it’s not like it’s his fault EVE didn’t reach out to anyone else so far.

Fingers crossed for the rest of us! Enjoy your whatever-was-in-the-parcel.


It would also be nice if anyone receiving a V, will post it here! Gives us hope!


Did you get a replacement V? Isn’t that a V you bought at the flash sale on December 4th?


@Konstantinos where is my refund ? you kept delaying it every two months. Every time the date line is coming, I get an email telling me it will be delayed two months. This is enough !!! I have been waiting for more than one year for my refund.


I know it is only Tuesday but I still haven’t gotten an email from [support@eve-tech.com](mailto:support@eve-tech.com yet about delivery, and haven’t heard from them since August.


write them a mail, referencing an existing support ticket number if you have one and ask if everything is set.


I just created a ticket, so hopefully this will at least expedite them.