Weekly Update 04.01


Dear Community,

As suppliers are getting back from holidays we are seeing good progress with shipments. Next week we will send out emails to confirm shipping address to a large group of the customers still waiting for their Vs, as well as to those waiting for a warranty replacement for keyboards and pens. Stay tuned!

Weekly Update 28.12

This statement sounds good, but we heard this quite often, didn’t we?

Q: When will I be able to send my device in for repair ?


Great, facts only and no promises :ok_hand:


Thanks for the update, please really send the emails, I don’t want to hear about Chinese New Year holding up the delivery.


A very grumpy comment
I just don’t want to spam with unhappy messages here but I have things to say. Meh you can look my last few messages if you so want to know what I feel.

I still remember that a year ago I wanted to make a simple game about waiting our V’s. But my V’s screen died and since replacement next month was unsuccessful, I didn’t get back to development. That project is still there somewhere on a zero stage with that truck model and few scripts for it’s semi-realistic movement.n Few people even liked the idea. But I didn’t want to get back without my V working.

  • any investment or purchase is a risk. Even buying a Dell or Microsoft machine from a store…there’s a risk.

  • sometimes in business, things don’t go exactly to plan; that’s business - and for anyone who says ‘oh but it never happens to x company or to me, etc.’ most companies don’t put everything out there; a lot of stuff is private or behind the scenes or proprietary or private

  • I put in a support ticket and did hear back after a few days; I am not saying this happened to everyone…but if you haven’t heard back and you’ve waited a LONG time, a follow up email may help. Posting in the community is the wrong place for your support ticket specific to you and your purchase (privacy, practicality, etc.)

  • everyone has to make their own choice for what works for them; I waited over a year for my V. Currency changed, opportunity cost changed, etc. It was a choice I made…but it was a choice no one was going to make for me. If I needed a machine THAT badly for work, school, etc. - a brick and mortar store is probably your fastest bet.

  • KK is a good guy but he can’t point a gun at someone and make them do something (example if there is a bad supplier, etc.). He’s gotta handle it professionally


Generally I would agree with your statement but you are misrepresenting the facts.

Eve royally messed up with the payment processing and had a large chunk of funds withheld without doing the proper amount of due diligence.

To add fuel more fuel to the fire, after their liquid balances went to zero they thought the best way out was to use new buyers to pay for the components of previous batches, essentially running the business at a rolling negative, they would never be able to claw back into the positive because their profit margins are too thin.

Simple fact is Eve failed to build any contingency into their price and made a poor judgement by spending so much of their money on fancy packaging etc. All of the packaging and shipping bubble wrap etc probably came to $25+ which is ridiculous.

Also they failed to properly plan a burn rate and thus ran out of money before securing further investment. They have basically spent the last year looking for investment and still have yet to receive funds.

Both of these are basics of business. sell devices at a reasonable profit (better to overprice initially and then put the devices on sale then to crash an burn by underpricing and not making any money). Don’t run out of money (always be looking for investment at least 6 months before you run out of money).

Unfortunately, both these problems are down to Eve poor planning/foresight not due to any third parties.

So yes buying products has risks, but you would not expect the company to run at a negative to the point that they have essentially been bankrupt for nearly a year and thus cant offer refund to the people they’ve screwed over. For most people the price of a V is a significant amount of money and it is sadly ironic that a company that aims to flip the pyramid should have looked at how those ‘evil’ companies do basic business.


1st question is do you absolutely need the pen in the field of graphics design?

If you do, I’d recommend to buy the 2017 Surface Pro and be done with it. 8th gen ain’t that worth it, and in 2019 or 2020 Microsoft is rumored to revamp the Surface Pro line. Thinner/lighter Surface Pro… Perhaps 10nm, USB-C, extra I/Os etc.


What about refunds? I really am no more patient.


Hi @Konstantinos
Fantastic news about the remaining devices who are still waiting however any update regarding to the refunds for everyone who are still waiting? I am one of the original Indiegogo backers.


I’ll continue to try my hardest to be patient and wait for news about the refunds, hopefully it won’t be too much longer before you can provide an accurate estimate as to when we can expect them.


Dears, please do not hold back from posting about receiving shipping numbers. I’d really like to see “a large group of the customers still waiting for their Vs” receiving those.

Oops, just took a second look on @Konstantinos’ post. He says nothing about shipping numbers, just announcing that they will be confirming addresses :rofl::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What’s next, confirming the validity of the order?


My adress was confirmed about a month ago…


And you still did like his post ^^ go figure ^^


Yeah my wife and I picked one up for our Canadian business, for work and to have something versitle in meetings. It cost a lot in CAD.

My biggest worry is the reports of device failure, and I’m afraid to turn on windows updates because of all the reports!


Hmmm. how about peripherals ordered and paid for in November 2016???


And don’t forget Chinese New Year is Coming!


Just as I expected, I received my tracking number from UPS 40 minutes ago.

I would safely guess my stuff should be here in a couple of days.

Thanks guys.


@Masters888 Correct me if I’m wrong - you have your V, you’re waiting for accessories?


Just as you expected?
You expected to wait one year, one month, and three days?
Did you also expect to be the only person with any information? Did you expect anything for anyone else?

BTW All my posts have been deleted.
Thanks guys.
Freedom Forever…?!