Weekly Update 02.03


Hello Community!

Some of the latest shipping updates for you! I’ll deliver it in my favorite Q&A style :slight_smile:

How many V’s have been delivered so far?

91% of Vs have already been delivered to their owners. The rest of the Vs are being delivered as we speak this and next week! All of the Vs that are being delivered are at the couriers and none of them are at 4px warehouses anymore so it’s a matter of days until all of them arrive!

My tracking says info received what does it mean and when will I receive my V?

If your V tracking says info received it means that you will get it in few days. Based on our experience info received means your V has been dropped off at DHL. This status can take a while to get updated as DHL takes time to process big bulk of shipments if they arrive in one day. It can also mean that 4PX is about to drop off the shipment at DHL. In any case you will get your V shortly!

What were those ‘Pending’ shipments that some people spoke about?

There were few shipments with Pending status those had some errors in address or needed additional paperwork to be sent by courier. It means that 4px tried to drop it off but they couldn’t because for example Zip Code and City wouldn’t match, etc

We have reached out to those few people with pending status and have received correct info from most of them!

Some accessories from my order are missing. Great job team…

We are terribly sorry for this. We have already started shipping missing items to people. Make sure to check you backer kit account for second tracking number to see if we have sent you yours already! We are sorry about this, after analyzing what happened we found out that 4px was in such rush before CNY (literally working on Chinese New Year Eve ) that some accessories were not added to the package to speed up packing of some orders. We will get you your accessories shortly. Our support team will help you get your missing items!

Chinese New Year is over, what are you up to now?

We will soon get back to you with some new exciting firmware/ driver updates (i used word exciting intentionally as I think they are :smiley: ). We are also starting the production of Flash Sale Buyer orders. We have more exciting stuff prepared for you! :wink:

Is there anything I can help with?

2 things!

  1. Have a look at the latest Project B developments
  2. Share your V experience. So many of you got Vs yet so few shared your thoughts! We really want to hear what your V exprience is! You can share it here!

P.S. There is a pretty cool new skin for the V available now from Dbrand :slight_smile: I got one already :smiley:

Thank you all! Stay tuned!

Weekly Update 23.02

How about the people without tracking numbers?


There should be no people without tracking at this point. Please message our support team if you did not get a tracking number for your Indiegogo V! If you are a flash sale buyer (after 4th of December) We will keep you updated through email updates!


I have spoken with them. Was supposed to have a message back from them Wednesday but nothing so far.

I’m a backer :neutral_face:


The new camo skin is indeed very nice. I am tempted in buying one but I have doubts in my ability to put it correctly on the V.


It’s super simple. Especially with hairdryer as it evens out any mess you make during application!

@dartarian1 we will take care of it and help you out. Let’s continue in a PM


I’m trying my V out for a bit longer before I share my experience but will just reply here to say I received it 2 days ago with my accessories and I’m very pleased with it, good unboxing experience, the screen looks incredible, any minor niggles I’ve had with it are forgiveable and getting resolved and I’m overall very pleased with my purchase. GREAT job on this product team :smiley::+1: good to hear everyone still waiting should have them in a few days and I hope the flash sale production goes smoothly.

Looking forward to seeing the new firmware/driver updates, sounds intriguing!


When I buy now a V through the online shop - when will it be produced and shipped?


Same problem here, still no tracking for my HEB 1TB.
Was told on wednesday I would get the tracking number this week or next, but now you said we should have it already so idk

Sending you a PM, @Konstantinos


You should see that directly on the order page. At least it did for me in the first flash sale.


The store says march shipping, but I personally doubt this come true… And shipping should not be mixed up with delivery!!! Imo you should better expect delivery mid/end of April… Hope this will fit for you and you decide to order one…


Ready to ship on Backerkit and Unfulfilled on the order page


Yes, but can also see that HEB - buyers of the first hour - still don’t have their device and that there have been a lot of delays. Therefore, I think my question is understandable: When will this really happen?


When we HEB ordered the device there were just raw prototypes produced. We were the Guinea pigs for the flash sale buyers… There’s no more testing now. Everything is fixed and ready to start… The only issue I see is the always very optimistic timeline of eve… Buy this will be a thing about weeks now, not months…


@Henrik, sorry the quote was my fault, I wanted to quote MacGraw

@MacGraw Yeah there were many delays, but the V is great and now there should be everything up and running in China, so no more big delays are to be expected since the V is a finished Hardware now and mass production started.


When can we expect the missing add-ons to ship? Not a high priority for me, but wanted to keep a lookout for it. Thanks.


Conxtat support so you will get a timeline


Ah, okey :sweat_smile:


Well, this is my first post from my arrived-today V. All accessories and HEB goodies present and correct. I’m hardly pushing the boundaries yet but the only niggle so far is that I don’t have the HEB engraving.

Early days yet but was it worth the nearly 16 month wait? Emphatically yes!


This is the best news I’ve seen in a while, the CNY made announcements super dry! It’s exciting to see the ball rolling again, I can’t wait to see how the new firmware and driver updates will take the V to the next level, especially the palm rejection with the pen! I’m definitely going to have to order that black camo skin when my V gets shipped, its like a match made in heaven!