Weekly Update 01.02



It had been clearly stated that it did not include backers who all had their devices at that point in time… how can one make assumptions like that… :thinking:


really? Haven’t seen this statement.
But as I already said I’m happy to be confident to be wrong :wink:


This is essentially “true” for nearly all devices I’d say… if you want to rely on the forum-posts in the cyberspace, you will always have these overwhelming numbers of people having problems. Why would the great satisfied majority take time and write on a forum?

If a phone can do what you wanted the V to do… then you really made the better choice I’d say!


It looks like it’s time to say Good-bye to the old style community which evolved into something it sometimes wasn’t meant to be,.

Now lets say a Hello and Welcome to the new revamped Community with a whole new world of EVE yet to be discovered and enjoyed!


Back to the future

without an obsolete De Lorean!


I think that you have done unfairly removing the entire forum, all topics. I understand the idea of this action, fresh start. I think you should have put all the old topics into the OLD EVE category or something similar and not delete the whole thing. This is part of Eve’s story, an important part, and should not be removed this way.


As mentioned in our community update once the restructuring is complete, the forums will be once more available in full. You will be able to access old topics as well.


fine for me. Good luck to you, mate.


Congratulations @Konstantinos, it was a rocky road and still a long way to go in terms of order fulfillment, warranty claims, refunds and winning back community confidence, but it would not have been easy to persevere through the (well deserved) backlash.

Best wishes for the future and I do look forward to your next product but might wait a bit this time before pulling the trigger :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed the new community update. I hope it’s the end of an era and the start of a new one where crowd development will be again the focus of this forum and that the community together will come together and help design some new amazing products like the V is.

I really hope the problems of the past won’t happen again and that Eve can become a company every customer can trust.

The last year wasn’t easy for both Eve team and flash sale buyers, but I have to congratulate you all @Konstantinos and @Team for not giving up and solving the situation.


Well that’s interesting… I still have NOT received any word about my system shipping or confirming my address.

Yet, today I received an email where I can go online and order a new Eve system with the same features and add-ons and get delivery in 2 to 4 days???

Should I put in for a refund and order the system from scratch?

Something is seriously wrong if someone can order and get a system before me after I have waited well over a year!


@gesteves could you elaborate at “solving the situation”?

How is it solved? It’s a year now that the devises sold on december 4th 2017 should be shipped and people are not just still waiting, eve does not even care to say something about that. (And I was still so stupid to expect @Konstantinos would finally change that today)

The estimated shipping for me has changed into Shipping information will be provided by email (why would I need to know when). The problems of the past (as you name it) are problems of the present and - who knows how long this will continue - the future.
Eves chances to become a company I’d ever trust again are hard to distinguish from zero.

Glad for you if your experience was better and you enjoyed the update.
I didn’t.


@tesseract: Sorry to hear that you still haven’t received your device!
If you haven’t received an address verification mail yet, there could be something wrong indeed. The best thing to do is to contact our support team directly through the contact form on our support page.

@mow: We are of course aware that the delays are an inconvenience, and we are doing what we can to improve the situation for everyone. We will get everyone the device they ordered.

We did find that the shipping indicator ran into a number of technical issues where it showed incorrect information and for some customers no information at all or an error. We opted to remove it until we can get all of that fixed, but you should definitely also contact our support team about your order.


This post indicates that everyone should have expected to receive a shipping email by now??? As yet another who has not, yet has had no previous issues with emails from Eve through last Sept, simply stopped hearing anything at all, which is not something identifiable as unusual when dealing with “Eve Support”. How about something actually informative like "anyone who has not received contact conformation by Feb 12 should reach out immediately as it is apparently a surprise to you too.


To my knowledge it’s normal. Konsta have told me that mine was going to be sent this week so I guess we are all in the same chain


In the last months, we had nothing getting shipped and the future was uncertain for the buyers, the backers that needed repairs and for those who opted for refunds. But in the last couple of weeks, we witnessed lots of devices being shipped (warranty units and devices for the flash sale buyers).

I understand that not everyone got their device yet, and I know first place that it’s not a good place to be at. But it’s different to not have a V but no units being shipped for months and lots of uncertainty, or not having the V but things being on the move again.

So to me, the situation is “solved” as things are moving and Eve, as a company, is starting to look at the future.

Of course there’s still lots of things to take care of untill every customer has their devices/refunds, wich I wish they get soon


Hi, well done on persevering and shipping. I may want to purchase a V now that they are being sent out (I bought a V in the Dec 4 flash sale but had to cancel due to delays). Can you please indicate approximately when:

  • All Flash Sale and warranty devices will have been shipped such that …
  • A new purchase will be shipped within a week.




Yes, some people are still waiting for their devices. The advice remains the same: for order status updates, please do not ask in the community, but contact our support team directly through the contact form on our support page.


Are all the post of people who received their V’s fake news?

Hope you get vour V soon! :hugs: