Weekly Update 01.02


Question: Is there a way for us to validate our email addresses?
I can see that it is correct in my account but have not received any emails, yes I understand it may not be my turn yet. But I did recently have a problem with one of my hosting sites that had added my email to a no send list due to an issue a while back with IXWebhosting being sold and Site5 screwing up everyones accounts.

Thank you for the updates!

Its great to see people posting that they have received unites as well!


I suppose you contact support.


Somewhat late to the thread, but +1 on the fix for the Goodix fingerprint sensor. It’s been a frustration for the past six months or so, where I’ve wasted entire days trying to debug the problem. Almost enough to make me abandon the Eve for a Surface.


Honor where honor is due.
Thank you for mentioning the refunds.
This must have been the first post in over 8 months by @Konstantinos that I’ve hit the ‘like’ button on!


There are a couple of fixes around, all working for some and not working for others.
Wich one worked for you?


Just a quick update. I’m currently writing this with the V! The cloth keyboard feels nice under my hands and the keys give a satisfying “click” when I press them. It’s actually quite nice for typing.

I also downloaded Spotify and hooked a DAC into the left USB port, so I can listen to music and write at the same time. Haven’t listened to the native sound without amplification yet, but it’s all good so far.

The battery seems to be holding up okay under multiple applications and a plugged in device. I’ve got a laptop that runs out of juice more quickly than the V under the same kind of load. The V had a half charge out of the box, but I burned that up on the first day. The recharge took a couple of hours, but I could still use the V while charging.

Oh, and the screen is beautiful! The first thing I did with the V was load up Comixology. Comic books look perfect on this thing. The touch screen in tablet mode took some getting used to, but I’m getting better at navigating from page to page.


no 08.02 weekly update this time?


Earlier @Konstantinos said, that there will be bigger update on Tuesday Feb 12.


cool cool, looking forward to it!


My order status is still unfulfilled.


Got my order (V-Pen)


:+1: yes I agree, one of the thing Is did not so much like with the SF4 (maybe the new SF is better) - teh V holds up much better (battery bar indicates ~ 5 h runtime, not 8 but oh well :stuck_out_tongue: )


At least the V actually seems to last for those five hours. On that laptop I mentioned it says 5 hours left, then half an hour later it’ll be 3.5…


Speaking as someone who was a December 4 flash sale customer (got a refund from CC/Paypal as I never received the laptop), I’d like to say congratulations and I am happy that you got yours.

However, I am also ambivalent and pessimistic enough to say that, ‘congratulations’ are in order for finally receiving an obsolete tech that is 3 years out of date. It’s sounds harsh but the the reality is, in the tech world, 3 years would be the equivalent of almost a decade out of date tech in the phone industry.

My new phone for example, Samsung Note S9 has 1Tb storage, with the same amount of ram as the Eve V and a blistering fast Snapdragon 845 octa-core cpu (4x 2.7 GHz) with a Super AMOLED, 1440 x 2960 pixels (516 ppi pixel density) beautiful screen. For all intents and purposes, my phone is more powerful than an obsolete 2016 laptop with out of date specs. The general rule of thumb when it comes to the tech industry is that 3 months after purchasing a new device, becomes obsolete which is why I decided to get a refund after waiting almost an entire year after December flash sales.

But I hope that you get the best out of your V device for what its worth. I apologize if I come across as harsh but this is my personal opinion on the Eve V situation.


sudoapt as much as I understand what you are saying (and I do being in the tech industry), there are still things about the V that none of the other manufactures have pulled their heads out of their asses to do. That is the reason I purchased the V, the options it provided. If many of us were after the fastest highest performing only we probably would have picked up i7 Surface Pros. Eve-tech being crowd developed and funded put in it what people wanted.
No it won’t perform to what is current but hopefully it will function for all the available uses of it.


Reserved when did you initially but the eve? I got mine in the Feb26 2018, everyone here seems to be a December 2017 buyer.

On that note, can everyone who’s received their shipping info reply with their initial order date?


No I don’t think it sounds “harsh”, however I’m sure those who have their machines now are grateful for your congratulations

Unfortunately you still sound a little "bitter and twisted’ and your words emit a definite air of “sour grapes” and feelings of someone who has experienced FOMO and actually MO.

Having responded to you quite some time ago I can see that you seem hold a grudge for a very long time and don’t find it easy to get over adversity or bad experiences very easily, if at all.

In my case I’m typing this on my V i7/516/16GB which I’ve now had for more than a year, and I carry it with me every day for work in business. It has been performing admirably and has been faultless in it’s performance in all aspects. Even the sound is good as part of my desk has an upright backing and the sounds reflects back. All in all I have no issues with my V and I’m about to order another one for my wife, because I can’t get her to stop using mine.

What’s more I love it more that the the latest Surface Pro 6 - platinum i7/1Tb/16GB which I recently added to my work machines. The Surface may be a little bit faster than the V but it costs a lot more money and I don’t think the Surface offers any better value for the dollars I have expended. The only advantage the Surface has is possibly the pen and software for which I have little use anyway

In regards to value for money and overall performance for every day business use, I would put the V in front every day of the week. It is certainly NOT “out of date or obsolete” as you put it.
And Yes I strongly agree with you on the fact that you are "Pessimistic"

On the other hand I strongly disagree with you that 3 years is out of date, when it is NOT.

I simply do not agree with this statement it is actually not out of date when properly compared and all things considered.

The V is indeed still very relevant and it is still in step with technology that’s available today!

Some of the people who have just received their “Out of Date” machines already have attested to the quality and performance, despite what you have said.

The fact that it’s fan-less and completely silent is one of it’s best features and the CPU performs much better than I had anticipated. I do lot of spreadsheet work and for my daily use, t’s faultless and completely reliable.

I feel the general technology in the laptop/2in1/tablet market has not advanced very much at all in the last couple of years in screen, CPU and RAM performance.

The V is still up there with most of the best, probably because it was so far in front in the beginning, even before it even started. Many forget it was advanced 2 years ago compared to almost everything then in the market.

The phone market on the other hand has indeed improved, and is not really comparable when size is an issue as a work horse machine.

The Eve V looks like it may have avoided the so called general rule of thumb in relation to tech advances and obsolescence. because things have actually not advanced as much as previously.

I trust and hope you are at peace with your refund and I hope you find the machine you desire.

The above as usual is my personal opinion and a small reflection of my happy experience with my V.


I am simply speaking the honest truth about technology which doesn’t age well after a certain period of time.

No I am not bitter about my experiences with Eve but I am more reserved about purchasing products from new start-up companies from this point. To be honest, I’m happy with my phone which is a good replacement for what should have been my Eve laptop. Even bought a VR headset where the phone powers it and sits snugly inside and it has been an amazing experience for both entertainment and work aspects.

I assure you, I have no grudges as I understand the reality of corporate business are not always a smooth process. :slight_smile:

I am glad your V is working and performing smoothly. From what I have seen on the forum, 3 in every 10 laptops shipped out to people have no faults and functions as intended so it seems that your V laptop is in that category. Good on you for winning the silicon lottery :smile:

You can agree to disagree with my point about the V being “out of date or obsolete” but as it is your opinion on the matter but the truth is, the laptop is three years out of date with obsolete specs. Eve was actually in a very unique position which is unusual in the tech industry because there weren’t any laptop brands out there matching the V’s specs back in 2015-2016, and even the Microsoft surface in 2017 was barely matching it while being substantially more expensive. However, since then, and now, the specs are grossly out of date. If you purchased your V i7/516/16GB during the flash sale in Dec, and only received it this year in 2019, then you got ripped off with the value of the V decreasing from the time you purchased it. If I were to estimate the value depreciation, I’d say we’re looking at a 55-60% decrease. Not good…

You’re right that the technology in the detachable laptop 2-in-1 market hasn’t advanced that much in the last few years which is why Eve was in a unique position to be dominant…which again is very lucky from a corporate standpoint. However, nothing lasts forever and since the V’s launch, there have been new 2-in-1 laptops that either matched or surpassed the V’s specs. We’re now in 2019 and I am still seeing posts about people not receiving their V laptop from the Dec flash sale, which is unbelievable.

With that said, the V’s cpu architecture is 2 generations ago still sporting that obnoxious Spectre and Meltdown exploit even though the patch fixed it (has resulted in a performance decrease by as much as 40-60%), with an Samsung SSD running into software and firmware issues and battery deficiencies as a result of the batteries being discharged too long while the V’s have been sitting collecting dust for over a 1-2 years in the Chinese factory during the Paypal crisis assuming that the assemblers didn’t maintain half-cycle discharging and recharging while the units were waiting to be shipped out for 1-2 years after the flash sale customer originally purchased it. A deep discharge for that long would have shorten the lifespan of the batteries and in some cases caused some of the battery cells to short circuit which is why some people are experiencing issues ‘turning on the V’ even though it’s connected to a power charger.

So yes, in short, the V is obsolete. :sweat:


It’s a warranty replacement because my keyboard flexible cable snapped in half.


I’m really surprised my assumption was probably wrong.

What I expected. Some time ago they annouced 65% of the devices to be shipped. I assumped this includes around 50 % backers. For this reason I assumed that they would need some more months for the delivery of the remaining devices.

But from the looks of it, my assumption was wrong. They really seem to have picked up last year’s orders. Apparently only a few local adjustments like a German keyboard etc. are missing.

So it really looks to me like they’ve really worked up the order queue.