Weekly Update 01.02


BTW, I live in CA, it went from Alaska to KY (near east cost) back to the west coast :roll_eyes:
AND, nobody needed to sign :neutral_face::hushed: did you all had to SIGN?


I’m in Edmonton as well! Did yours go through a long and complicated shipping route as well?

Also which Flash sale did you purchase during? Mine was in January.


You can refer to this thread for more information - Will pulling off the screen protector will damage the anti-reflect coating?

For me, I chose not to use the protective film and instead place a microfiber cloth in between the screen and the keyboard when I close it.


I am in Toronto, and route was pretty straight:
China-US East, US West, Ontario


Wow, OMG!

That’s the biggest 180 degree turnaround I’ve seen on this site so far.

It’s so refreshing as well as good to see that you’re not afraid to admit and show your joy and relief.

That’s so reassuring after the posts of the last many months.

I trust and hope you get as much joy and reliability as I and many others have had from out Eve V’s

You deserve it after your wait.


I bought mine in December.

I can’t judge if the shipping route is really long or complicated because I’ve never bought anything like this before. It went from Shenzhen, China to Hong Kong, then Louisville, Kentucky and Sioux Falls, South Dakota before hitting Calgary. Then it sat around for a while, then going to Edmonton.

And it’s still not here! I’m kind of mad right now. The tracking data says “The C.O.D. amount is missing from the label. We’re attempting to update this information.” Which means UPS was trying to figure out if they could charge me extra for the delivery. Apparently they found the answer, but now it’s scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve wasted two whole days waiting around for this computer, and it seems I’ll have to stay home all day tomorrow as well. The last couple miles are by far the most difficult part of the trip.



First thought, oh my GOD (Green screen of death)?



Got my hands on the V at last. So glad Eve managed to pull through in the end.


Oh my, reading through this thread has sort of been like the tech equivalent of Bruce Wayne re-emerging as Batman after being a recluse for 8 years (Dark Knight Rises).

Got chills then, and chills here.

Congrats everybody :blush:


Very Batman, Very Vendetta. Very very good

The only problems with the V are Windows problems. God, updating and installing drivers for a new Windows computer is a full time job when you’re not a pro.

I just attempted to install a cannon Selphy 1300 (which gives amazing print samples btw) wirelessly, gave up after a few, few hour attempts , as others online have given up as well (whatever it works with a usb cord, i guess I’m fine w that), but it works effortlessly w my iPhone and iPad.

Then I tried using a Surface Dial, and herein lies why windows is whack; Windows 10 has annihilated “master volume” in favor of “in-app” volume controls only. The Dial still operates a “master volume” animation slider, yet this animation does not represent actual granular volume adjustment. As the Dial will only mute or unmute when the slider reaches its extremes, this is as-of an update last year, only 2 years since the Dial was released.
Ok so work around #1; go to every app and assign volume controls to the Dial. Nope! The Dial controls apparently can only be assigned to key commands up to F11. Volume UP is F12.
Ok so work around #2; as “solved” by Castorp and Snoozid on this board


Except, when I go to do this, no driver files or folders appear in my downloads folder. Windows seems to only want to allow drivers from inside my SYSTEM32 file ending in .INF.
Although (full disclosure) this did work on my Surface Pro. So I’m not sure what is going on, do I need to upgrade Windows to assign drivers?

Then there’s using an extended desktop, if use the start menu or tiles to launch a program in one screen, the window pops up on the other screen enough to drive you crazy, and every window wants to snap to resize before ever getting to the 2nd extended desktop screen.

Then there are these Windows graphic relics from the 90’s: WTF, there are literally like 32bit GIF images of like; a vintage computer that sort of artfully whisps off into little digital cubes in an image next to the driver update list, an image which is about 40 years old and has pixels larger than the punctuation and letters in the window next to it. It’s insane, especially contrasted with the new looks of Windows. The start menu and tiles are so modern and well designed, then you go to do anything deeper in the system and all the text is bitblocky like on a calculator, with these grey bezel boxes. Can you customize the system fonts and themes at this level?

Windows may be ugly, but it’s still better than Apple.

If anyone can get a Surface Dial to control “Master Volume” on their V to work w Bluetooth speakers let me know.

Plus here’s an idea for TEAM EVE:
Build an operating system!!

Computers are Dead/ Long Live Computers


I’ve been thinking actually if its possible to take Windows IOT, which is a super stripped-down version of Windows, and then build your OS from there.

Essentially you’re building your own Windows distro much like hundreds of Linux distros out there. The benefit is obvious, you get compatibility with (most) Windows apps and games.

That being said, there is a good reason why it hasn’t happened yet.

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China and usa west first no ?


Yeah, my bad, working nights all week


The EVE has landed!

I finally had the unpacking like it should be, it feels really wonderful!
Some people said before this is probably the most beautiful product ‘wrapper’ and I must confirm: The black box inside the white box is pure art!
EVE itself is offcourse mindblowing
The box and EVE together do have a high WAF (wife appreciation factor), so maybe we have to buy another one…
Unlucky for me, I don’t have enough time today and tomorrow to fully enjoy my new EVE, but hopefully friday will bring me some space to explore.
Photos and a first experience with EVE will follow shortly after.

Fellow community-members, talk to you later!
EVE is on the move


Unfortunately, I had a better experience in my life of unboxing lol


It arrived!!! The V is real and it’s here!!! There isn’t enough day left to play around with it, but it booted and it works! It’s so tempting to just stay awake and play around with it, but after three days of waiting a lot of stuff has piled up to be done tomorrow.

One thing I’ll say right now is that the keyboard must work by sorcery or something. It just goes snap! and fits right into the V, easy as pie. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Magnets, how do they work?)


Thank you for your questions and really happy to see people getting Vs finally! We will publish a bigger update this Tuesday on Feb 12 instead of tomorrow. In the update we will address all of the popular questions as well as future plans!


Konstantinos re surfaced ( sry fever pun)


Don’t want to be that guy but I hope we hear something about updates on Tuesday then.