Weekly Update 01.02


In the box, is it a regular USB C cord or Thunderbolt 3 to USB-C cord?


where are you??


In Edmonton, Canada.


Just received the package from UPS now at the office! I’m in Europe (Portugal) and the first delivery attempt was yesterday, so it’s really fast shipping :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait to get back home and unbox everything :grinning:


Hi @Konstantinos,

As you guys are already completing the delivery, in next update can we have something on the software update for existing V’s. There has been absolutely no news on anything about the software update from pretty long time.


So at the moment I’m checking the information on the Invoice for Customs. Kinda weird that the value of V is 279.9 . The information on it is also not-so-perfect. But if I change the invoice, UPS will charge me ~120. Lol.


I know it’s been already said multiple times, but the V unboxing experience it’s the best I had so far for a tech product :grinning:


My V was scheduled to be delivered today but it hasn’t and UPS just says check back later for delivery schedule. Hoping it’ll be soon seeing how it’s already arrived in my city.


Holy cow these guys turned things around FAST!
I’m really relieved, to say the least. 13 months is a long wait, but they came through, I’m impressed!

I’m so glad I had returned the surface pro 6 I had bought within its two week window, and after using that, and then this, the V is so much better!
The black finish on the V is way nicer (the matte finish on the surface was scarred and oily looking after 1 week of use), and the amount, selection and placement of ports is incomparably better to the stifling lack of ports on the Surface Pro.

  • Even the port orientation is better, as it’s the reverse of the Surface, and the V’s USB orientation allows you to use a 180 degree USB elbow adapter to better wrap cords around to the back, which seem to only be made in the curve that compliments the V’s USB orientation, but blocks the Surface’s screen! :smile:

The build feels better, the edges are nicer, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, one of the nicest designed boxes I’ve ever seen, starting with their white-gloss on white, micro-pattern on the throw-away zip-tear paper envelope FOR the packaging. Damn Eve, I see you. Opening the thing became it’s own little unboxing ceremony, it all looks beautiful and perfectly organized before you even turn it on.

And I’m not sure if I had gotten a lemon of a Surface pro 6, but it was crashing all day long. So far, so good with the V. No crashes! Despite putting it through all the same tasks w all the same programs and equipment, with 10+ hours straight, using a second monitor extended desktop!


Thank you EVE, I’m sorry I doubted you.


Can’t wait… V is on it’s way, departed from Helsinki yesterday!
Many years ago I visited that beautiful city and flew home a happy person.
Now V is gonna enter the Netherlands and make me a happy person again!


So does this mean you got your issue fixed? Did I guess correctly on what might gave happened? I’m really glad your V is on its way!


@Namiste, I’m in the same boat here. I don’t want a scratched display but have heard negative posts about yhe film so I have not put it on yet.
Can someone post thoughts on this issue? Maybe new thread?


Mine arrived on Monday as well.
Had to unpack it and play around so no time to post.

Now it is download my files and I have time to post.

so it is the EVE V running EEVEE renderer from blender3d.org.

So much fun!


It will have a “T3 20Gpbs” on the cable tag. I got both Thunderbird and regular usbc charging cable.


Yesterday I received a parcel in the including my 2nd V including all accessories and my replacement pen and replacement sleeve. Right after signing for the package (about 30 minutes later) I got an e-mail with my tracking number.

Long story short: Don’t worry if you do not have your tracking numbers, your V could arrive before the tracking information :slight_smile: which is a great surprise! Thanks Konsta :smiley:

And for the naysayers:

It will show only the tablet battery. The led below the right arrow is for inidaction of the keyboards battery (and other things too).


Typing this on my V! Everything is working well so far :grinning:


@Konstantinos I consider buying a second V for my wife. Any idea when we can see some firmware and other driver improvements?


With the V I got first, something went wrong at the shipping-company. It was not in the original box and incomplete, but the supportmail I did sent was picked up the same day and they really took good care of my issue! At a certain point Konstantinos himself made this his issue and I got personal mail from him with a really satisfying result. This and other things that went bad, are not what Konstantinos and his fellowworkers at EVE want to happen, offcourse not!
Some things must have been completely out of their reach, happely things have changed for the better now and I’m sure not only buyers feel better, but the EVE-team must feel much happier these days.
“item is on it’s way to the destination country” is what I can read today in the Track & Trace
I will let you know when my V is on my desk!


euh euh . . . . didnt some posts try to explain this when the Eve team bashing storm was at full strenght? :hugs:


I absolutely do not try anything near to bashing, just the opposite. The explanations where all clear to me!
The tone in some of the comments back then, and sometimes also now, was negative. I don’t want to be like that, I’ll rather be positve and I know in the end I will always meet the positve that way.