Weekly Update 01.02


You forgot that it tells too they are all sitting at a tropical beach somewhere because they are tired of all those packing filled days. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least you aree getting an Eve. My order is now a year old and I have been told every month its coming by the end of that month. At this point I’ll be receiving (if I ever get it…which I truly doubt) a computer that has an outdated processor…among other things. Since EVE cannot be honest with me I am cancelling my order. I have little hope of getting my money back but my attorney is very good and persistant and he’s working pro bono on this for me. I truly wanted this product and was sincerely interested supporting the company in their venture…so much so I was interested in becoming an investor. Unfortunately EVE is more interested in getting orders and the cash input from those than providing a great product it seems. If EVE can prove me wrong…I’d love to hear from them but I doubt I will. Good luck on receiving your computer and I wish you great luck with it.



Everyone’s order is a year old and they’ve been through the same wait you have. The fact that Vs are now shipping to others means you’re not far from receiving yours. I’ve heard folks talking about evidence/benchmarks that show the processor in the V really isn’t that outdated. Plenty of people have come to the conclusion that the new gen processors don’t really offer a noticable performance boost and that the V still offers things you can’t find in other products. I think it really depends on what each person is looking for but if you choose to wait just a little longer you’ll have a V in your hands and you might just find that you really like it. If you’re over it though, no biggie…just thought I’d throw that out there.


That’s interesting, but I, in a way, can do you one better.

My V is also on its way to Australia, and took a more direct route, but not until it took a tour of Asia.

-It started in Shenzhen, China
-Went to Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong
-Then on to Taoyuan, Taiwan
-Back to Shenzhen, China, where it began its journey
-Quick stop over in Changi, Singapore
-And has been sitting in Melbourne since Thursday night.

It was hilarious watching it makes its way back to Shenzhen after travelling to two other countries.


:astonished: what’s the problem??? Hope you get it soon…


I am from Singapore :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos . Do you have our money or are you selling items to get our money?


Thanks, I’m sure it’ll arrive this week!

The odd part was its loop of Shenzhen China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, then back to Shenzhen before starting its journey for real :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah it sure did take it’s trip time. Though mine is not as bad as how yours is and arrived in Australia, to my house literally just now.


Received my Eve i7 512GB 16GB today, funny mine come from Shenzhen to Hong Kong to Taiwan to Shenzhen (yes full circuit) then to Melbourne bazaar! But I have it now, have been using it for 2 hours and I got to say I’m very impressed. Now to do the updates and put on Antivirus.
Still 13 months is a long time, but now I have it I’ll try and block that out of my mind.


I gotta concur, it is working like a charm so far for me too. Only pain point so far is the speaker, the audio gets crackled sometimes :thinking:


I havent recieve any confimation email… should i ask the support?


Indeed every order is a year old but those without shipping code have no shedule when to recieve anyrhing beside the “next month” endless loop.


Glad things are moving forward but not feeling much love for wanting a refund. @Konstantinos don’t throw quotes like this " I really want to emphasize that long term we will generate a lot of value to everyone who supported Eve at this point." around trying to make people who want a refund feel less important. Remember, refund people DID support EVE. It was YOU who lost that trust in us. 110% EVE’s fault. Don’t treat the rest of us like we are not important.

That said, I look forward to getting my refund and glad things are moving in that direction for everyone! Not just the V owners.



isn’t there written “Cluskey Smith” at Konstas Lambo in Helsinki?


Arrived at yupi!!! EVE V owner from December 4 - now typing from the eve keyboard and glad :slight_smile:


It’s alive


Just received my Eve V seconds ago.
Carefully unpackaged everything.
Doing initial checking right now due to reading of many complaints about defects from past.
But so far…everything seems to be perfect!


…how to understand that your keyboard is charging + windows battery…does it shows sum of two batteries or only a tablet one?


Argh, so close! It was supposed to be delivered today, but it’s still “… awaiting release from the clearing agency.” Translation: some Customs guy didn’t show up due to the extreme cold.

This whole thing has been quite a saga. The excitement, the anticipation, waiting, more waiting, depair, regret, hope, triumph! And then they say it’ll be delivered during the very worst part of an extremely cold Winter, like the climax to an epic novel. But then a Customs Agent appears…