Weekly Update 01.02


Dear community,

We have made very good progress this week shipping with PCH. They are the secret to our 2-day shipping. But one video is worth a thousand words :slight_smile:

We are super happy that you are finally getting your Vs! I am super sorry for all the long wait you had. I really want to emphasize that long term we will generate a lot of value to everyone who supported Eve at this point. I, the support team and the rest of Eve can’t wait to see your hands on posts! Thanks a lot!

As for those waiting for repair, warranty and refund: we remember you guys and will work on it once this first hurdle is cleared!

Community Update 02.12

Glad to hear your positive updates.

How’s about the software team? Are you working on fixing driver problems with the Goodix Fingerprint on the V?

The support told me today, that they gave me all of their availables drivers including the recovery image with the V pre-installed OS. They are trying to find a solution and think it’s a software issue.


Might be related to Windows.


Thanks again Konstantinos! Things are really moving with the V’s and also Support is working great now!
The respons I got again and again really worked out for the best, I’m gonna get my V now, it’s already on it’s way.


And Eve’s responsibility to find a solution.


Really glad things are looking up for yourselves and for everyone else, whichever choice they decided to opt for.


Glad to hear things are moving! Should I be worried that I have not received an email asking to confirm my shipping address? :wink: Fingers crossed I’ll get my V soon!


It’s really heartwarming to hear you this positive in your posts again :innocent:


This is the first update I gave a like in a while now. Mostly, because of the one-hurdle-at-a-time attitude. Don’t get me wrong, Repairees, Warrantees, and Refunders, I want you guys to get sorted as fast as possible. I myself am still waiting, after all. I see proggress, though not on my desk yet. But it’s coming… I can feel it in my elbows.

And if they take on more that they can handle… Well, let’s just say that it might not exactly speed things up.

I’m happy that Eve sees this. Despite oh, so many communication mishaps in the past, they’ve given us some quality information this time.



Im looking forward to refunds. I still have a lot of hope! It is looking great at the moment! I just hope Eve has got enough money to send refunds! I never lost hope i just dont need that product anymore. It is a sad road but i am still full of hope!


Happy to see that things are finally moving forward. I hope that everyone gets his V and everyone else (me too) his refund. I hope that eve can successfully overcome all their issues and that new innovative products can be produced in the future, I will not get any Eve V, but I will keep an eye on the future of this company! Cheers


My Eve V is going on a world tour before coming to Australia

In Transit 02/02/2019 5:20 A.M. Roissy Charles de Gaulle, France
Arrival Scan

02/02/2019 4:30 A.M. Koeln, Germany Departure Scan
01/02/2019 9:58 P.M. Koeln, Germany Arrival Scan
01/02/2019 7:19 P.M. Dubai, United Arab Emirates Departure Scan
01/02/2019 4:21 P.M. Dubai, United Arab Emirates Arrival Scan
01/02/2019 11:42 A.M. Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong Departure Scan
31/01/2019 8:39 P.M. Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong Your package is in transit. We’re updating plans to schedule your delivery. / The package will be forwarded to a UPS facility in the destination city.
31/01/2019 8:34 P.M. Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong Your package is in transit. We’re updating plans to schedule your delivery.
30/01/2019 6:30 P.M. Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong Arrival Scan
30/01/2019 5:30 P.M. Shenzhen, China Departure Scan
Past Event Shipped 30/01/2019 3:58 P.M. Shenzhen, China
Origin Scan


but at least it is coming


Mine is in Cologne as well… But for me Germany is already the right country. Interesting that Australia is shipped via Europe from Hong Kong.

Once had a parcel from the US that hat a longer stay in Corea …
It is really great and exciting to see things move.

And the speed is impressive to me. Even so I know it is possible to ship such a distance at this speed.


A shame it came down to a refund for me, but I’m happy for you guys. Here’s to hoping everything wraps up soon.


Just received my V in good condition. Dec 17 buyer :slight_smile:

Read some negative reviews of the protective film before, so I am thinking if I should still go ahead and apply it.


then we should think they shipped all, I mean ALL 4th Dec FS??
Wave whoever is 4th Dec and the V had not shipped (not talking about deliver, but shipping)…

Namiste, where are you?


Dec 4th FS buyer here. Still waiting for email to confirm shipping address. But I’m glad to see things moving right now :blush:


Same here.

I guess it would be time to update the shipping estimates.
If they are on track now, shouldn’t be that difficult.

That they don’t do it, tells me that either

  • they just don’t care
  • they are unable to even half ways understand how it feels to be an eve customer
  • there still are not on track (and then it’s probably better to not make new promises that will be broken)
  • they are on track but progress is so slow that they prefer to not say something.

At least they cloud be open about the progress (how many units have been shipped last week? How many are still waiting?).


I have just received my V thanks to Konstantinos responding to my previous post promptly.
Thank you Konstantinos and support team in making this possible.
Just wondering how does the warranty count? From the day of received?


I remember have seen a couple of post in the community with info about a whole bunch of different screen protectors.