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Two mini polls this week!

In 5 years, which company will be more successful?

  • OnePlus
  • Essential

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Assuming the screen size is < 6in, is a display with a higher than Full HD resolution (1920X1080) overkill?

  • Yes, it’s overkill. Why would I need more pixels in my phone than many laptops and TVs?
  • No, it’s totally useful (and/or awesome). Put those crazy high-res screens in my palm!

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Community Digest 02.12

Honestly, 720p is even enough for anything less than 6 inches, 640/540p for less than 5". What do you do on your phone that requires that density anyway? Texting with 4 million pixels is just ridiculous, especially when you consider how much battery life youd gain if you didn’t waste the pixels.

Also remember that 1080p on 5" still has twice the pixel density of the Dell/iMac 5K, a display thats actually used for serious contents and for prolonged usage.

The display density distribution is just ridiculous, Im glad companies are stepping up their game in the PC market lately after stagnating at 1080p for almost a decade, but the phone market has gone completely absurd.


Full HD is enough for sure. Samsung changed the default setting of the Galaxy S7 from QHD to FHD with an update (6 month or more ago) and almost nobody noticed it. And I think the guys who’ve noticed saw it in the settings.
So I think nearly nobody needs more than FHD on a phone except for VR.
Other things like the display technology, colours, power consumption and so on are far more important for me.


This is afaik the only reason for higher than FHD-screens on cellphones.
But I wouldn’t go lower than 1080p. I definitely can tell the difference to 1080 and 720 screen on a 13cm screen.


You might be able to tell the difference, but is it worth the power consumption and GPU strain of twice as many pixels to push (among other things)?

More practical question would be: Does it impact your phone experience by a significant amount? Remember, phones (for most people) aren’t used for editing videos, editing photos, creating a document, programming, or 3D CAD, unlike PCs where extra pixels can easily be justified.


The difference is way to big for me to even consider getting a lower resolution, in this day and age.


I second that. 202020


1080 umm… yes its useful for day to day use, but if someone will aftering VR experience then nope…
1080 with 120 Hz will be awesome (battery need to be reconsider i guess)



Even most TVs I see now are still 720p, which is absurd. People complain about a phone that is only 1080p, but are still willing to buy a 50" 720p TV? The 4K bump has been good, especially for big TVs, but anything <40" is still mostly 720p which I hate. My phone has a higher resolution than that. 8 year old Dell monitors have higher resolutions.

I find it amazing that displays that would actually benefit from the higher resolution stay stagnant for so long, yet phones just keep going higher and higher.


Nowadays I find myself on my phone for longer than on my TV!

Plus a lot of TV content does not take advantage of higher screen resolution

Personally I’ve been using an app to turn off pixels to save battery and I can’t really notice except for lower perceived brightness


I really like my Huawei p9 1080p resolution. I don’t see any pixels. They are so tiny, that you can’t see them even in water drop. It actually has low Rez mode, but it sucks. The layout gets broken somewhere, I don’t actually remember where, but it was disturbing.
Just looked at it. It is background image. I’ll need to make another one, that will fit this resolution better.


In phones it may be enough, but even 4k/5k is still not sharp enough for 27" screens in my opinion. As someone who works all day on screens looking at code lines I must say that 1080p is very tiring for my eyes, 4k is a difference like night and day. But If the characters were even sharper it would be an even better relief for my eyes. Because even at 27"/4k I can still see the pixels in all characters. All day.

I would love to have >500dpi on my pc screen, because it would be more comparable to very high quality printed stuff. Nobody would be ok with a printed document with less than 300 dpi. But I guess it’s still done years away to get something like 27"/8k @120Hz.


That only helps for OLED screens though, since LCD displays (most phones) retain full brightness and block certain pixels to turn them black.