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Community Digest 28.05

That’s so cool my avatar is there hahahaahahaha

Just the little things. Thanks @Team


much hype building for a event where you cant even announce the prices to the folks who are interested in the V :confused:


I like it! Keep em coming Konsta!


Don’t forget some things a company can’t reveal for strategic purposes until it’s the right time - if there were leaks and a competitor caught wind of something crucial, the rich ones could adapt to slaughter the little guy. Eve has been pretty open about most things but understandably aren’t going to show their full hand just yet.


Yeah! My Avatar also made it into the image :slight_smile: very nice…


Who said they wont announce prices there? :wink:


Ooo I’ve spotted the Master Chief :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:


I’ll admit I’m more worried about potential copyright on some of those images. I’m not worried about avatar images on a forum (nobody cares) but promotional material to be distributed? Whole other ball of wax!

Be careful guys. We don’t want our good thing bogged down by predatory lawyers!


Thanks for having me in the picture:D

I really like those teasers:)


Am I really such an outlier :wink:
Great picture.


yeahhh i found my avatar :smiley:

almost 29th… can you say before hand what is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


As they said, surprise :stuck_out_tongue: it’s part of the hype xD


My guess is that they’ll tell us the price :slight_smile: that needs to be done before Computex!