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Let us know your thoughts about how can we improve our videos! We are planning to record a video for the next week!

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Thanks a lot for that session.
It was quite a comprehensive one, and you didn’t deflect hard questions, it is very much appreciated on my part.
(a bit of a backstory on how the FFS production/delays was handled would have been great though)

Congrats again for your wedding mate!


I was able to watch the whole thing on my phone well away from any WiFi without any audio or video issues. This most likely means if anyone had trouble it wasn’t due to anything you guys did.
Content wise it was pretty good. Only a couple of issues as far as I’m concerned. It was a bit rambling in nature. Stick to your notes and spit it out and you’ll easily come in under your time limit next time. There was some confusion about a question that another viewer and I asked, but I think that might have been due to a language barrier. When you were addressing the hinge issue someone asked why they didn’t just put a couple of drops of Locktite on the screws that were coming loose. That kinda went by y’all and when I reiterated the question you guys thought it was a customer service question I think. Do you know of the miracle that is Locktite?
Other than those two very small quibbling issues I thought it went very well. Good job.


Really great live stream, much improved from the last one I watched where the room was poorly lit and the audio kept cutting out. You’ve come a long way! Maybe look into getting an external microphone for future live streams, just to improve audio quality further.

I’m definitely looking forward to the more frequent and focused live streams!


Sad that the shipment issue wasn’t addressed but other than that it reminded me of the old videos which were the very reason I decided to go with EveTech in the first place.
Keep your answers real and honest, especially with the topic next week. Your disappointed customers - like me - will appreciate it and might become enthusiastic evangelists once again!


Oh and if someone had the time to add timestamps to the YouTube video that would be highly advantageous.


Quite good quality of livestream. For future you can work to increase a volume of stream audio.

@Konstantinos, thank you for your answers. But I’m quite sure that you didn’t read my topic about V. I am no longer this funny guy that would like to have better speakers. I have good speakers on my second V that I really like. They are not like boom sound but they are clean, quite loud, no distortion. I bought big speakers for V and I listen music on them. You have a big problem with QC. On two deviced from three I had left speaker was totally broken, distorted as hell. (I believe music in hell sounds like on this speakers). Third V was soooo distorted that it is buzzing and cracking. Also two from three keyboards are unusable. That are not my feeling, something I like or not, that are ISSUES. On my second V (that one that I liked very much and we are still best friends) speakers are good, keyboard is good but there is problem with noise on cable plug in (there is a video) and yesterday some stains showed on screen. Community said, that this are scratches from keyboard keys on antireflective layer or something. I am not quite sure but I can agree with this. Why? Please read my topic.

Who I am? I am guy from Poland (yes) that loved your ideas about best laptop ever. I believed that this will be perfect device for me and it could be. But for now I am guy from Poland that is sooo tired of this kind of posts. Please, don’t see me as a hater. Please don’t treat me as a guy with so big expectations that can’t be fulfilled. I am guy that has some much of patience that still wants to talk with you after so, soo, soooo bad relationship with you. Sometimes I see myself on this community as a wife that has a husband who beats her every day and she always loves him so stupidly. So please decide: do you have balls to send me fourth and propably fifth [ VV ] device? Or refund? Believe me Konsta, I am not funny guy anymore and I have no other (technology) dream that to have perfect V with no issues. Peace.

EDIT: One more thing. I saw you read my question about DAC/AMP. I know this will sound like conspiracy theory but it looked like you teammates stoped you from answer. Why there was no answer about this case?

I also put this novel on my topic.


He spent ages talking to you directly, I think his approach was the best; should the livestream be for 1:1 customer support, even if it sounds you’ve had a nightmare with your vs?


When did I say that i need more time?


IT’s NOT a good livestream.

First because you didn’t analyze a lot the questions we did make.

You’ve been responding more on a customer ground. I don’t care about customer ground because it’s most of the time useless informations. Because information like:" a lot of customers are happy about the V generally" -> What’s that as information ? Really?

First is not @Masters888 questions, once again he made a bad move and as I said he didn’t re-write very well our questions and frankly we don’t care about what he thinks it’s important.

So let’s be clear :slight_smile:
When I ask for data about the customer satisfactory, it’s not a company secret okey? Other companies won’t do anything with that information. So you can easily put a satisfactory inquiry in the V when it get delivered and like that you have a specific appreciation of the general quality of the product.
Or maybe you didn’t do that and so you don’t have actual numbers? Then it’s simple, you analyze the data from the customer support based on the mail address and you compare that to the number of V already delivered and so you will have a general appreciation…
AS I already emphase many times, it’s important to know for us how the V performed because we can like that act differently and not be the rants that we are sometimes. It will also gives us a better understanding of the problem and the importance of each and every one of them!

When I ask that you explain the problems, you do that sometimes well sometimes not at all.
For the quality process it’s important what you’ve explained so that was actually great or for the keyboard explanation. Especially details like the script or the difference between the test platform and the new windows update and software updates.
Because now, WITH MORE INFORMATION LIKE I SAID ALREADY TOO MANY TIMES, we can now understand that the problems we are having can’t be detected by your QC or testing platform and so we can maybe even think together of a better testing platform. So yes most of the problems we are having are cosmetic ones and not necessarily a component problem.
When did you not explain very well?
For the speakers problem. So on paper is one of the best, so what’s the actual explanation of why it performs badly ? was it a bad firmware of the supplier? or is it an structural problem because of the case? You didn’t provide any useful information beside the fact that the firmware will be updated and would be a very good one. So we actually don’t know if it was a bad choice (this model of speaker), or if it is anything related to the supplier or maybe the case and the speaker doesn’t mix well together because of the material?

This gives me a great transition. You didn’t at first address the problem globally (about the different problems of the V). I’ve asked you about the documentation. Did you and do you document all your problems? Some company does not that and they still manage to sell a ton of products so not it’s not a stupid question.
If yes, then I think it should be a good idea for you to release or to make some wikis for the people. And NOT FORGET the explanation part of why the problem is happening!!!
For example:
The ghost touches or the battery drain. IT would be important for people to know which program or why this is happening, because then you are appealing to the community intelligence which is way better than any customer service. For those problems if you give some leads and explain why this is happening then people can start looking on their own and share their ideas!!!
And that’s important for a lot of problems so…

You didn’t answer to your partnership with intel and my more general questions, about AMD, things like that.

Also, maybe you could implement the fact to do more little livestream when you have an idea and when you want to say something about a specific subject. And it could be on youtube or snapchat or twitch, any platform able to stream from a smartphone for example. Maybe it would ease things for you, and I’m not talking about answering our questions at the same time when you do those little videos.

Submit your questions for the May 4th Q&A here!


After watching the livestream (sorry, can’t join you live :frowning: ) I have one comment:

You are trying to improve the battery charge speed: my concern is that this could potentially reduce the lifespan of my V. Is there a possibility to keep the current speed? (eg.: could there be a bios switch? fast charge <-> normal charge?)


It will have pretty much zero effect on the lifetime of the battery


Are you sure that “high performace bios mode” (therefore more heat by cpu + other components) + “battery high speed charge” (therefore more heat by battery) won’t have any effect? (i’d love that to be true :smiley: )

My case/point is that i keep my computers for much more than a phone (2-3 years for a phone) and except for my macbook pro 2009 which still has almost 2 hours of battery (for reals!), no other computer’s battery has lasted for so long.

Plus: my usage is “long time connected to plug” then from time to time while travelling battery only until it is depleted (but my travelling is still not over => switch to phone).


What is your use case that you would need to use that setting?

I assume you’re always plugged in because your battery life is about 5 hours?

Just curious because I think if you used Intel XTU to create a 4.5W tdp on battery profile, with ~10hours battery life you’d probably be a lot less careful with plugging your V in and hence it would drain more.


I am plugged in coz i have my V connected to a second 27 inch screen :smiley: (hence i also get power)

Plus: i don’t have any battery life problems now, what i was worrying was ~the future~ (i intend to have my V for at least 4 years – it’s costs a lot of money mate!) .

And also: when i am on battery, i run on battery saver with everything as “off” as possible (i got more than 10 hours of life – all is also good here).

And really: my only real problem with V is bad touchpad while on bluetooth (no keys missed though) which i have raised here (but nobody seems to have noticed/have this problem except me and another person). <-- That’s all that really frustrates me. The rest of the issues (V cannot sleep, ghost touches, hand ignoring while using pen), i have already mitigated (use hibernate, use hibernate, use a sock as a “drawing glove”).


aye, i thought if you had longer battery life you would be more inclined to go unplugged, cycling your battery more often.

i bet you everything except the palm rejection is from the keyboard.

never fear! i’ve got a vendetta with the fkin keyboard. i’ll find a legit reason to blame them one day!





Finally watched your livestream from last Friday (13th)…
Maybe a LITTLE more concrete preparation needed?
Have some questions written down (printed out) on paper? :rofl: there were some moments where you seemed to be lost :wink:
EDIT: oh and… the audio seemed to be … ?? how to say, somehow like echoing? Like Konsta is in a big hall or something, I know that is normal if you don’t have egg-boxes on the walls :smiley: but sometimes I had a hard time to hear/understand…

Otherwise thanks for facing the whiny and complainy community :smiley:
looking forward to next friday… I submitted two general questions on the other thread :wink:


Great quality and good job!
Maybe give an outline of what you’re going over before hand.


They did! Yeah, it was “we’re gonna tell you what been up, then we’re going to take some qna”.

Problem was when time for QNA the only questions things in chat were basically “what’s in the future box”, #touchthechicken, and Artur the pole, lol.