Warning, and arguments not to buy an EVE:V


Just curious: why you lost 200€ when you cancelled your order?



Making fun (Rubbing salt in wounds) of those who are in difficulty --> meh


Seems more like expressing sympathy to me for those who are still fighting the up hill battle and less of the salt rubbing. Also, a valid point and warning for other potential buyers. I say thank you, Kelvin for putting the info out there.


@Kelvin_Zulian Another victim of Apple and someone who don’t look at Louis rossmans’s videos.
So actually you bought something that on theory was a good idea but in real life is just a broken design then got refunded, for in final buy the worst design ever from a company who is the most malicious business practitioner… Well done mate, I’m so proud of you. Clearly your learning curve have been rewarding.


Well, you’re not a great Apple lover one could say:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
However, as it is running on a kind of Unix, many collegues use it because of acces to the Unix commands.


I am because of their OS, huge supporter of them for that… At least when they don’t screw up
Like that https://thehackernews.com/2018/08/macos-mouse-click-hack.html
Or this
Or the most beautiful one

But clearly not their hardware because of the garbage design as demonstrated in Louis rossman video

Or because of the poor performance and choice of hardware as demonstrated many times by the hzckintosh community https://youtu.be/knMM9dRwIH4


I wish, But there are no V’s like there is no ice cream…