Warning, and arguments not to buy an EVE:V


There is literally zero argument for anyone to buy an eve. For all practical purposes, it essentially doesn’t even exist.


Was any of you guys successful at cancelling the order (4th December in my case) and getting the money back?


I also ordered in the Dec flash sale. I’m about to start the process with my bank. I hope this money isn’t completely down the hole :frowning:

In addition to a laptop that I needed to replace a year ago, @Konstantinos really put me in a bad pinch this year.


I cancelled my order when the option became available.
I received no confirmation of cancellation, but now Eve just seems to not care about me at all. I have heard nothing from them since cancelling back in July.
I am at the bottom of their priority list.

Frankly, I’m not even sure I’ll ever get my money back.


was not a thing that I need, so im very envious now to people who have the choice to get cheaper products from this year now ^^


Their product is already obsolete once the bios becomes updated. You can buy devices at a fraction of the price for the same performance. The only edge eve has is the screen, but considering a lot of people don’t even have working keyboards–even that has become unusable.


I orders in March, when website said April delivery. When that got pushed back I tried to cancel and get refund. When they refused, I did a CC chargeback end of April. Received money 6 days later from CC company.

They are still selling units on website, claiming September shipping. Still scamming after all this time.


To be fair, the website only says “Estimated September Shipping”. Eve Tech doesn’t ever actually say that it’s the Eve V that would ship in September.


The estimation is a lie.


They probably refer to September 2019 :joy:


Or Eve Tech’s website is communicating that something will ship to you in September. It may not be the Eve Tech itself, but surely something else will ship. By this standard, they speak the truth. I think.


so what about the rest of us.i ordered 2 keyboards 2 years ago, only received one faulty one, still no replacement on the faulty one or even the attempting to give me the second one.logged two support tickets.Informed both Mike and Kon, still no update.


Contact them again. They probally go through hundres of support tickes a day and may have forgotten.


Don’t buy it: you will get no warranty service!


yess it was assured, that I will get the full refund by the end of September… well…I still can’t see the money on my bank account: I’m lovin’ it! :grimacing:


Bro, this isn’t Mc. Donalds


What happens when bios is updated?


thank god i cancel my order and i got the money back. eventhough less 200€ but still fortunate to get the money back.
I was the hyper early bird backer from 2016. after delay and delay and delay (dec 2016, jan 2017, feb 2017, april 2017), i couldnt take it anymore, because the technology change really fast. The spec that eve gave it to us in 2016 is medicore in the 2017. so i refund it. thank god back then eve wasnt released yet, thats why so many people still want to get it and there was many people in the waiting list. so it was pretty easy to get refunded. that was the best decision in my life. and the best learning curve.
now i own MBP 2017 and i never been so proud of that. the support is the most important one. just like when you buying stuff from amazon. the support is top!!!
im so sorry to all people who bought this but havent got it or who got it but the device is broken…


If you really are “so sorry” you shouldn’t have sent your post.


??? ??? Why Not?