Warning, and arguments not to buy an EVE:V


The real problem with the tablet not being self repairable is the difficulty of removing the screen, not replacing components. If you can safely remove the screen and re-install it, the tablet should be pretty repairable.

Also, if you want a small tablet as opposed to a full size traditional laptop, you’re going to lose repair-ability. I haven’t seen a single tablet that is easy to work on, and it would be extremely difficult for Eve to counter that. Making something smaller requires more complicated manufacturing techniques, and frankly, there just isn’t a good way around that.


Can’t speak specifically to the Eve V but many tablets are assembled using urethane-based adhesives which can be de-bonded using heat. I think there’s a heat loop kit you can buy for $20 USD which will set over the screen where the adhesive bead is located and allow you to pull away the screen and access the internal components.

Getting it back on is another matter…


@Jamil_Stafford i can totally understand this argument… but how did you come with this solution? Just because of that ?
Again look at how PRISM is doing. Yes they are doing a tablet, yes it s less good than the V but no it s not soldered. And prism is a startup as well and have begun at the same time than the V or even before actually… does nobody have looked at that before ? Or you were just all ignorant of that brand ?


I would wholeheartedly agree. I am about to post about the same type of issue. I have never had a working screen protector. My keyboard has not worked for months. Also, my computer itself is having a durability issue. Support has done nothing despite multiple contact attempts. I feel like I was ripped of bigtime. Don’t buy one!


yes - i think its safe to assume that nobody knows wtf prism is. link?


Finally a real answer, thank you for that.
Since you don’t recall anything about them I’m pretty sure that it never came up during the concept process.
Or maybe is it because of my typo because of we shorting it at work with prism which is as you may know one the nsa program, which for us it’s of course funny.

To be fair, the tablet is not already on the market it’s in the prototyping phase but the preorder is from before the 4th December flash sale since I was already reading the community forum at that time. And I don’t think once the fact of soldering up the whole thing came up.
And for more elements they are on the market for far longer than eve-tech with a different objective for sure.

So beside the problem with the screen, where there some other argument that would required the tablet to be soldered ? Where I need to point the fact that the iPads are not soldered and Apple has always been recognized for the best screen on the market.


Well… I sent my last “nice” email… my patience as run out… and will redirect this to my legal guys… I’m tired of waiting for feedback and non existent support from EVE and excuses on email they send every once in a while…


This is really crazy!! It is not normal to be waiting so many months and still have this kind of excuses all the time.
Last email didnt say anything about when are they going to be shipped, what are going to be the compensations( that should be huge, not something like $200) and nothing really about the refunds…


What ‘soldering’ exactly are you talking about? The device isn’t soldered together; most of the components on the motherboard are however.

Soldering small components (i.e. WiFi card, bluetooth card, amplifier, power supply, RAM) is fine. The only of those components that you would realistically be upgrading is the RAM, and the device is only designed to handle 16GB, so if you had 8 there isn’t a huge point in upgrading after the fact. I can’t remember if the SSD is soldered in place, but it wasn’t in the prototypes.

When it comes to repairability, having those small components soldered to the motherboard is a good idea because if you believe one is failing, it could be the fault of the motherboard. Even if the Bluetooth card seems to be the issue, it’s smarter to just replace the whole thing than the small component and hope that solves the problem.

The battery, case, kickstand, and screen are not soldered in place, and the device is actually repairable. Like I said, if you can get new components, and be able to remove the screen without breaking it, you can repair them on your own.

@mirv did a teardown of the V here, maybe @nawthor can open that link up for everybody to see.

(@nawthor’s notes: the link is open to everyone at Trust level 2, which only requires reading. The reason these old prototype topics are limited is exactly so that people won’t accidentally stumble upon them before they understand what is going on.


Okey then @Jamil_Stafford good for eve-tech because since
A/ I still don’t have the device in hand.
B/ people who got a problem need apparently a replacement device …

So I really don understand nor where are all those problems coming from
Why people does need to get a replacement device where they just need a repair action/assistance
Why people get to keep the old devices who doesn’t work…
can you explain that to me please ?

Since when a repairable device which you can apparently, according to what you say now, open the case, need to be replace by a new one and not sending the old one for refurbishing and repair ?
And I hope that everybody here has the intellectual honesty that is required to not force me to list all the incident cases where people keep their old devices …

I don’t even see why eve tech doesn’t send replacement parts to the people and even do an ifixit vidéo or work with them to do a tutorial…


And just for rectifying If there is a misinterpretation…
I don’t deny there is a tear down tutorial, but I would expect something a bit more official with ifixit maybe… that would be a good thing to do…
and also that goes in the other way of meaning if people get to keep their old devices …

And again, maybe it’s a misinterpretation by me… I don’t deny that if that’s the case, but that’s I understand for nearly every incident I recorded on this community…


The likely reason Eve doesn’t provide a teardown/repair tutorial is because they don’t want people to try and fix it themselves. Any problems should be a warranty case, and nobodies warranties have expired yet. I don’t see any good reason for them to provide a way to fix anything yourself at this point, they have bigger problems to worry about.

Why are they simply replacing devices as opposed to repairing them? I’ve no clue, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it.


You do know that some companies does provide the possibility to go to any pc repair shop in the world, and that they will authorize this repair shop to do repairs on their Behalve if there is enough documentation about the device itself, and so they would send parts to that repair shop to make the repairs themselves to expedite things a little bit…
It’s actually a good strategy when you don’t have the funding to open distribution center and recollection center all over the world or brand’s shops… decentralization…

So in your opinion, based on what we experienced so far where dozens of cases get stucked because of fortress to not have the funding to provide repairs or replacement unit, they should wait ? Just because the warranty limit is not over ?
Seriously ?
Man, I don’t even know in which field you are working but would you accept it from anyone ?

Anyway that s not the point, I think you are crazy to think that and completely next to your shoes, as we say in French.

But you didn’t answer the elephant the room… WHY people get the opportunity to keep their old malfunctioning device when they do receive a replacement unit ?


You don’t have to send it back?!


Well did someone hear Arthur for example send each one of the 4 V he received ?

We can scroll the forums together if you want and write every case where people didn’t get to return their damaged V … if you have the time no problem, but I recall clearly that many people are referring to their dead V as

  • paper lip
  • book shelf
    Etc etc

Which means that they didn’t receive the order to return their V nor did they receive a return tracking number, nor did they actually send the old device to be repaired …
i m sorry but to my knowledge, it doesn t cost a lot at least get the V back to the factory to examine the problem in place of leaving it to the client… even if they lack of funds, I guess they had to pay people right ? It s not an NGO and it’s not with voluntary work right ? So people are on the payroll every month… so there are actual people working in Finland or for fortress every day of the week.


And again there is absolutely no valid reason to no repair a product or at least diagnose on factory site.
@rdc i think refer to a « second most costly paperweight » in his office, by mail. And the support told him that they didn’t have anything to warranty with…
You are a company and you leave a broken device which has not been diagnosed properly even at the client in place of askin it back to at least diagnose it ?

So the business plan is to replace any dead V with a new device in place of repairing it ?
You are teelling me that, even apparently if it’s not soldered as @Jamil_Stafford said it, a 600 euros or even or 2000 euros in my case for example, would not be economical enough to be repaired in place of being replaced ?

Guys we are not talking about inkjet printers here… we are talking about an object that for example someone as Louis rossman is working on every working day and making videos about… something where he actually replace chips or condensators or capacitors on the mother boards for object who have actually the same price…


My email trail with problems starts from January.

I’ve been really patient considering I REALLY needed this device to replace my current setup, for health reasons. I can’t carry around a lot of weight. Not only has this not fulfilled my needs, I am in a position where I don’t have another $1500++ to spend on a new device because I spent it on this one.

Needless to say, I’m a little disillusioned by the whole process, but there is no recourse. Just hope that it works out for me.

My email trail start January 16th with problems, it’s September 7th and it’s still not resolved.


unfortunately same here. difference :I order the replacement a bit later (maybe May or something like that) and didn’t get it.

If I knew a warranty replacement would take so long…
This is certainly not worth the saving over a Surface etc.


Absolutely correct, also regarding surface price are now almost equal (if you are not going for i7, but i5 is now nearly the same)…

Also there is a Surface Go now, for half price, or the new iPad for half price (with Pen function)…

for my side, it was the wrong decision to get the V


although, for my use case… it need to be able to run legacy apps such as full ps and cad