Warning, and arguments not to buy an EVE:V


covered and shortened, guess it is fine now :slight_smile: atleast that wasn’t a helpful community answer but thanks anyway you mentionend it!


Yea probably as @Ho_Yi_Lee telling cuz you are HEB :wink:

Maybe there was not a plan for any spare parts about first batch of EVE Flashsale :thinking:


Maybe it was calculated too tightly



I would leave the same recommendation. Stay away from this “company”. I waited around 1 year for the device and only 2 months after us received via not booting ( probably due a falty ssd).
Reported 3 months ago and many troubleshooting excuses to gain time I’ve just received some emails explaining how sorry they are but without clear ETA.
I have a 1500€ brick that is completely useless and when is back to work ( starting to have my doubts will ever be) will probably be obsolete in specs.
They should be ashamed of treating customers ( yes, because at the end I was a customer that trusted the project and give the money in advance) like that.



Feeling with you, and I hope something in EVE will move soon (lets see Thursdays update)
Hope also you will get a replacement atleast with a working V then…



By the time I realize is already too late to jump off this ship, being LB I got 2 year of warranty but their turnover time is totally unacceptable. Their thousand of apologizes offer no help at all with my queries of my repair status! Gd luck to those who still want to purchase this.


I’ve been waiting a similar amount of time and had a similarly poor experience. I’m still waiting for my replacement keyboard. No news as to when delivery will take place.



How long have u been waiting? I’ve been waiting since march for my replacement keyboard and finally got it last week.


Same here mate. Replacement keyboard too


I’m 99% certain it was March when I submitted the diagnostic video and they promised a replacement keyboard. I’d have been happy to buy a spare keyboard to tide me over and to have a spare, but there’s no web store either.


Well that would be like to buy a 2nd car because you are afraid it will get damaged… think a 2nd keyboard is not the solution of this problem we have here. It’s the need of an service department @ EVE stil


I was a very early backer. Almost a year and a half later I got my V. Driver issues, long startup based on screen color software that runs every boot cycle, bluetooth problems. I bought it to use as my daily driver. After a couple months of undependable service I bought a machine from a mainstream supplier. I wouldn’t buy a V unless you like playing with your computer instead of using it. If it was a car, it would rarely get you where you want to go, and you’d spend more time underneath it than in it.


When @Konstantinos was getting our money he was so involved in this forum, now there is virtually nothing.

Forgetting where he came from much.


Same problems I have. The keyboard disconnects all the time. I had to buy a second mouse/keyboard. After waiting for a new keyboard for 3-4mounts now, I had to buy a new computer (EVE shit is not usable with an extra keyboard on the move). Now I am still waiting for no a new keyboard for my EVE. I am thinking of contacting the Creditcard company for a refund. I’ve been waiting too long now. Also, I’ve been more patients with EVE than any other company I’ve struggled with.


By discoonect… what do u mean? May i can help.


The video explains it:

The keyboard lights up, but won’t connect to Windows. EVE says it’s an hardware issue where the magnets are to strong and interferes with the connection. My problem is, that I can’t use the machine, since this happens all the time. Disconnecting and reconnecting don’t fix the problem. Rebooting, same thing! Bluetooth won’t activate or charge either, so that’s not an option.


assuming u’ve tried reinstalling the drivers, yeah… best wishes and good luck mate


EVE said there where no drivers to be installed. If there are, I would like to try it. Do you know the name of driver or du you have a link for it?


For those looking to engage with a course of action, this is the link to reporting International Consumer Fraud/Scams/Issues - https://www.econsumer.gov/#crnt Finland is a participating country


I don’t know how and who got the idea and I’m addressing this message to all senior creator here, of building a tablet which is glued or soldered.

Of course this analysis is based on the aftermath but I honestly think that some and myself included would have tell you that it was a bad idea. Now you see the consequences! It would maybe have been difficult to have enough contact between the case and the heat dissipator but at least we would have been able to do an ifixit tutorial to replace spare parts ourselves for all those who have magnets problems, ssd problems, etc etc.

Now when your devices is bricked you are basically screwed. Does prism make a soldered tablet ?