Warning, and arguments not to buy an EVE:V


Hello dear EVE-Fans and interests,

writing this post for all those people who still not sure about “to buy” or “not to buy”.
And from my side, just can say don’t do it, better get an surface / iPad whatever, from a REAL company

Why do I tell you, okay, well, here is the story:

I bought my EVE at the first flashsale in december 2017 (guess it was the 04th… don’t remember at all).
Focusing that my studdies will start in March, and EVE will delivered in Jan-Feb it was written, so was the perfect match to decide for EVE instead of MS / Apple or simmilar products.

Then I was sad about the first delivery delay from EVE because Chinese NewYear and several technical points. But well i was fine with it (luckily my courses didn’t start for studdies so now september is the next point).

So far so good, the V arrived in April, right 4 Months after i bought and paid it!
I was completely happy with it, for 2 weeks, then my keyboard started a problem…

Whole row from “Q” to “+” stopped working anymore… after like 2 weeks of using it (rarely with keyboard)…
Starting to look into the forum and found that ppl have simmilar problems.

Ok now the real sadness starting: EVE “Service” (would not call it Service at all, but that you know what I mean)

17. April: my First E-Mail to EVE with the service issue

20. April: EVE replied and told me to make an diagnostic video

21. April: Diagnostic video is done and sent to EVE

01. May: no reply from EVE yet so I sent another email asking for a status update

07. May: still no reply another email from my side (service issue = 100% important, in my eyes)

07. May: first Reply from EVE (not original text) :
“Eve is sorry, and figured out its not an software problem, so it is the hardware causing the problem. They told to arrange replacement keyboard fast, and let me know when is the shipping time line”
–> ok i was happy, finally my problem will be solved soon (I thought so ahahahah)

23. May: again me, asking for status update and a shipment information

28. May: reply from Eve (just one part of the E-Mail) : > That being said, we expect to ship your keyboard in the next 2-3 weeks. You should expect your keyboard mid-June.<

25. June: still no shipping information, so I asked EVE again to give me Information

12. July: Reply from EVE, but without any Information, just weired and indirect apollogizes, also no offer for an compensation in any way… simply bad bad bad service (shorted version, not original text):
“Eve telling they are very sorry about, and now they will focus on the replacement. following some apologizes no more detailed shipping informations.”

16. August: Sent another Mail about the status for replacement. Asked only for timeline and not apologizes.

17. August: Reply from EVE:
“more apologizes, still no detailed information or explaination. just the information there is a shipping delay atm.”
–> i aggree shipping problems, maybe not planed to have spareparts for exchange, guess so…

anyways, I’ll keep this thread updated lets see if they will make it 1/2 year to ship a stupid keyboard from china to germany xD
i am pretty sure now this “company” will get it :wink:

I just want you to get sure, if you still want to buy an EVE, better buy 2, and atleast 3-4 Keyboards so you have also an exchange one in stock, because there is simply no service at all…

With best regards,

Stefan aka. Pixolution aka. ex-EVE lover (2 weeks yeyyy)


It’s now officially half way through August 2018 my scheduled delivery date just states; “August” starting to wonder if they meant 2019.

I still don’t have my V which I also purchased on the 4th December. Now starting to wonder at what point the technology I purchased on the 4th Dec is no longer worth the c. £1200 I parted with.

one of the main reasons to support Eve V was the offer of high spec for cheaper cost. The irony now is that if I spent the same money now I would probably get equivalent or better from a big brand.

The other reason to support Eve was the alternative they provide from the big brands… either way they are failing, especially if my delivery roles into September… October. …2019


Very sad to hear you have not got anything right now :open_mouth:

As you say, you get now same HW specs for the same money, or even better ones!

And you are totally right let them fall… as long as there is no benefit and just spending more money, waiting longer time, to have a more unique product, it is simply not worth it…


Very sorry to hear about your situation @Pixolution, yet thanks for writing this out. I’m sure you aren’t the only one. For most consumers, this level of unprofessionalism is extremely surprising and outside the expectation we have when paying for a service.

I’m still waiting for my eve to arrive (9 months since december flash sale!), to replace a laptop I use extensively for working. I’ve had to go on several business trips and excursions without the eve that I bought specifically for mobility. I couldn’t purchase an alternative because I budgeted that amount of money already. Really shoddy.

I’ve already gone above and beyond telling everyone I know that eve is a scam and to look towards other devices. This company refuses to take responsibility nor communicate with people they owe money too. @Konstantinos writes long apology posts without metrics of what’s going on behind the scenes nor does he offer a concrete compensation program for those he’s wronged. I saw a few threads where they were planning class-action lawsuits and I hope they find some success. The EVE team will keep this charade going as long as they can, causing more and more people to get stuck in this baloney of a situation. I would never wish this experience on anyone.


Im also sorry for your situation, but well, it seems to me we felt into this too fast. Next time joining product from a startup i would be very more careful and probably wait till the 2nd gen of the device will come…

It is sad, we all spent so many money and now have only electronic trash at home as it seems, always scared to break it because there will be no service (how to feel well then and work with the device?!)

Lets just see where this will lead… also just read EVE trying to get some new investors (i guess they need support to get out their situation)…


i know this won’t help. but just to keep you slightly sane, as of 19:22pm (Australian eastern standard time) 16/08/18, my REPLACEMENT keyboard just got delivered after waiting since march. MAN it feels sooo good to not typing on a screen. i was told by EVE that they were supposed to get a shipment of keyboards in late july. so apparently, EVE got a new shipment of keyboards last week. but i definitely know support forgot about me, cause i waited 3 weeks for no replies. THANKS Konstantinos for taking the time out of your busy day to sort through this problem. anyways… i personally think if you have waited more than 6 months, then you should contact Konstantinos directly… mind you, please consider the time zone difference… ONLY call him during business hours.(monday-friday 10am-3pm helsiki time). i can garrentee you, no one will be helpful to you if you wake them up 3am in the morning.


@tld8102 thanks for your reply and informations!
Wow now, I finally think i still have a chance to get it :wink: else I would probably turne the V just as a local device, and get something new as mobile possibility…

But also thanks for your suggestion to make a direct call. I will do that right after that 6 Months have passed :wink:
Also here is now my post at the community board, first to let others know to be careful about EVE and second, to make EVE paying some more attention.

ps. congratzs to your new Keyboard, just dont break it now! ahahah


well, i didn’t break my keyboard. it broke and then it also broke me. (btw. eve thinks that the internal ribbon cable broke)


I’m a little in the same situation. I also bought it on December 4th except I’m still waiting for it my V. I found myself like an asshole for a school year without a computer, tablet… With a part of my savings 2000€ which is now lost in nature…

After all the late announcements and problems, I was always understandable to Eve about the difficulties she might have. But now I’m really starting to lose patience… And really start to think we’re being thought of as dumb sheep.


@Konstantinos and team only make apologies with words, not actions. They advertise this as a collaborative community project yet only post on these forums once a week (if that).

At this point, I honestly don’t even believe their frozen fund story. It doesn’t make sense that if they have 65% of the devices successfully shipped, that they wouldn’t have the remaining amount unlocked to finish the job. I think they dropped the ball again regarding logistics and just use frozen funds as their ability to deflect responsibility.


i keep my fingers crossed for your situation! that is even more worse then expected, hearing so much negatives here right now again…


yet people aren’t talking much about the positives


You waited from March to August for a replacement keyboard. Where is the positive in that?


knowing that eve finally has replacement keyboards


What I mean, be careful now with your new one :wink:

But you are right, one positive thing = there are new parts now, and EVE is still making some steps… not stopped completely


I am reminded of my experience with Lenovo when I purchased a Miix 700 tablet/laptop (Surface style detachable keyboard).

The keyboard had a problem with one of the keys. I think it was the “S”.

So I called Lenovo on a Wednesday, and informed them that the keyboard wasn’t working. The phone call took like 30 minutes so it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but they took my details. Sure enough, by Friday, they had couriered to me a new keyboard.

But a weird thing happened in that the corner of the keyboard’s wrapping had a tear in it, and as such, the fabric at the corner of the keyboard was torn a little bit. Very small but this was a new machine and a new keyboard. So I called Lenovo on the Friday. Spent too much time on hold, so I switched to their Customer Support Chat, and after about a 30 minute chat, a new keyboard was on its way.

On Tuesday, I received the new keyboard. And lo and behold, it also had the strange corner tear. Again, really a minute tear, but not pleasant for a new keyboard. Since the tear was in the same spot, it was obvious that whatever machine tool Lenovo was using in its warehouse to grab the keyboards in their packaging was damaging the edge of the package and the tearing the edge of the keyboard fabric.

So, I contacted Lenovo again, and explained the situation. And by Thursday, I had yet another keyboard. Again, same problem - so I called Lenovo and explained that not only should they send a new keyboard, but they should EXPLICITLY INSTRUCT the warehouse that the keyboard retrieval method is damaging the edge of the aftermarket part.

And by Monday, I had yet another keyboard. This keyboard in immaculate shape. Ironically, at no time did Lenovo ask for a video of my keyboard or that I ship back the other keyboard.

Over the course of less than two weeks, Lenovo sent me FOUR keyboards.

Exactly what is the pyramid that Eve Tech claims to be flipping with their ridiculous endeavour?


Weired storry, I have also no Idea why they make it that complicated.
It ist just so easy to replace such a “cheap” part as a keyboard.

Also I wrote EVE also that Service is one of the most important things about a Company and a new Product. If the product is broaken, but the Service is very great, noone will bother afterwards. But noone will buy again with the knowledge having almost 0% support.

Everyone doing producing business knows that… and a start up, atleast, should know it better then anyone else…

I have no idea still why it is not working, and why they are not working on it… it is sooo sad for the whole big and nice idea about V


I got my keyboard shipped in 3 days. They shipped in from Finland.

@Smirdex take a look into this please


I believe this topic should be closed, because you showed private conversation. This is private violence or smg. Or maybe this rule is only for me?


Because you are the HEB and they have spare parts… not the EB or flash sales who struggle to get the device assembled.

Perhaps you should ask for a keyboard replacement NOW and see how it works.

@Patrick_Hermawan take a look into this please